QANON and other updates – May 23/24 2020

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS. ARE you rockin’ the ENERGIES? LETTING GO of all that does NOT serve and moving-on.?Latest QANON military updates for the secret WAR between GOOD and EVIL. EVIL LOST and are fighting to keep their power positions but it is failing and they are going down, bye-bye.

3D relationships tank as NO one likes POWER and CONTROL interactions. So much for KARMIC relationships as they teach us and we pay it forward. For those heading into 5D loving twin-flame & star-seed relationships, have FUN !

For those – still trying to figure it out = PRAYER to Mother/Father God helps

TIME to REJOICE our NEW found FREEDOMS as the SATANIC cabal goes down ! Was this another suicide weekend or the Godfather deal or GITMO ?

The WAR is between GOOD and EVIL using POLITICS for soul WARFARE.

POLITICS will be PHASED out eventually as it was absolutely ABUSED against us. YES – the LIGHT FORCES hate POLITICS we have COUNCILS !


1Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Thessalonians 2:11

We Went to Tom Hanks Address in Pacific Palisades



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Benjamin Fulford and Red Dragon Ambassador interviewed on The Goldfish Report – 5/22/2020 (vid 1hr)

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 23-May-2020 15:01:48

Streamed live on May 22, 2020

On The GoldFish Report No. 497, Louisa and Steve welcome the Red Dragon Ambassador and Benjamin Fulford from the White Dragon Society to discuss the present Battle for Earth and the current geopolitical status including the global lockdown scamdemic and the global economic crash and subsequent reset.















#AndrewCottonballsGoad and Pedophile Jodi Whyte, Cover Up Extortion of Herb Hilderley and her 🍕 SON


Premiered 5 hours ag

THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL Listen as Herb Hilderley of 1850 Rednersville Road CarryingPlace Ontario, as he attempts to ‘sell’ his testimony in the false charged brought against my in 2006 by #OPPizzagate criminals Darryl Foulkes and Ben “Drive by Colonel Sir.” Beatty, and #AnsdrewCottonBallsGoad of the pedophile laden and child traffickingpositive #OPPizzagate in Picton, covers it up. That’s ok…. Herb is an 80 year old pedophile now (you hear the porn playing in the background in his message) … with a short life expectancy,… and his younger McGill educated MK Ultra minded wife Camille… awaiting a new lover. Meanwhile Crown Pedophile Jodi Whyte has been trafficking this young boy since she ordered him through ‘her friends’ in the crown. This is not surprise, as this criminal has been linked crimes against me and my family, and also to the Colonel Russell Williams Conspiracy, through her brother in-law and suspected C.B.C. pedophile Timothy Appleby, who knew ‘just a little too much when he wrote his book on Colonel Russell Williams,’ the bastard child of prince Philip and the step son of pedophile Queen Elizabeth Regina. Jodi was also a pathological liar and had to cheat to even try to best me in court. I humiliated her, as you will hear here, in future videos, as Pedophile Judge Brian Abrams screams like a little pedofaggot from the bench. Brian and his home will be featured in a future video as a result of our discovery that the Superior Court of JustPedophiles, is a fraud. Jodi has a long history of stinkyassness, chain smoking, and criminality as seen in this response to #AndrewcottonballsGoad, who didn’t have enough guts to arrest, the soon to be deceased Herb Hilderley, nor the brains to realize I was never charged with anything relative to Herb. As a matter of fact, Mike Maneiri of Barrie, who is currently hiding in the Crown’s “Witness Protection Program” of the #OPPizzagate, for the past 15 years, since setting up two men (Tiger Lindsey and Ray Bonner) in Barrie Ontario, was the man tho stole money from Herb and myself….. however the police lied. You coppers…. better “move Mike and his family” as I am going to expose them in a future video. However, if you don”t move him, and the Angels find him and whack his lying ass…. it’s on #PaulCottonballsWard‘s head. See how that works my English tart cop? We will post a large number of police notes, that crown pedophile Mark Mehan of Eastern Avenue, sent me, illustrating how I played Jodi, and got her to shut down the Picton Court over a Kleenex, and a letter, I delivered to the court late at night…. lol. This woman is a danger to this little boy, and will be arrested, and exterminated, under USMCA 27.5 All Child traffickers and pedophiles will lose their assets and be executed, if American law is required….. Hanging Jodi would take a THICK PURPLE ROPE! PS: Jodi we know you are a pedophile and are trafficking that young boy to your pedofaggot crown friends along the shore of the long reach…. not for long. You will be arrested and exterminated like the vermin you are…… after we expose all your pedofaggot friends.

#NormTraversy for Grand Poohbah of #NewCanada, As #PaulCottonBallsWard Brings Heat on THEM ALL!

May 23, 2020

This is NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL Until #PaulCottonBallsWard stands up and complies with the order of The Superior Court of JustPedophiles, he is going to be the GUY who stands up and cleans up #OldCanada by exposing pedophiles in the system….. right to their front door’s. Speaking of which…. you PoPo in Gotham City, better begin to think of relocation if you are worried about people you have screwed, coming to talk to you about the games you played with their lives. To prove this commitment, Canada’s ‘soon to be’ most famous cop, will have the entire country know where he puts his pedofaggothead on a pillow every night… by the end of this weekend, if #PaulCottonBallsWard does not let me know he is complying with the courts request, and not trying to get me killed by #OPPizzagate Crown Pedophiles who are hunting me, like they stole from me, and manipulated my life, while pedophiles like Bonniface, Fantino, Lewis, Hawkes, and others….. turn their backs to the pedophile symbol on their bosses Family Foundation Annual Report. Really #PaulCottonBallsWard? Wait until your ‘words’ flow for all to know, you and your lifes work INTIMATELY turned into a circus, you ass-swipe-roll of English Tart Faggotry! ..: turn your back on my ❤️,… better be prepared for me to own all of yours.

#OPPizzagate Criminal ChrisTUNA Reives Can Obviously Clear a $90,000,000 Court Room! #smellypantscop

Premiered May 23, 2020

Click here: here: to DOWNLOAD the $90,000,000 Statement of Claim, which outlines the crimes and conspiracy as charged against #OPPizzagate DirtyCops and Pedophile Protectors: Andrew Beatty, Darryl Foulkes, Commissioner Julian Fantino, Superintendent Ken Smith, Inspector George Miller, Inspector Pat Finnigan, Inspector Earl Johns, Inspector Carson Pardy, Mark Zulinski, Mike Smith, Paul Beasley, Chris Newton, Baldassare Nuccio, Brian Hollenbeck, Jayne Pellerin, Christina Reive, Vern Crowley, Al Doubrough, Dennis Desjardins, Brad Robson, John Bakelaar, Bernie Gaw, Kevin Knowack, Al O’Byrne, Conner Durkin, Jeff McKinnon, Brad Burkholder, Mark Allison, Don Davies, Troy Bellehumeur, Terry Penlington, Andrew Goad, Kevin Conner, Matt Casie, Tom Whittaker, Dan McAuleys. Here to DOWNLOAD the Rule 21 Motion the Crown used with lawyers Darryl Kloeze and Judith Parker to defeat me in court. Two lawyers, against me and they had to cheat and find a pedophile judge to assist them. All these people are pedophiles, not even by their sexual orientation but by the indivisibility of the crown. Darryl and Judth manufactured a forgery CPIC to beat me in this civil action and may well face prosecution under USMCA 27.5 for this because of the number of Colonel Williams tie-ins to this case. Clearly many of these cops were on the “Project Haifield Protection Detail” which was keeping Williams from arrest in Scarborough when the girls were being raped in the 1980’s. Russell’s step momma is the Queen after all. All of these people face the threat of investigation and prosecution under USMCA 27.5 as this corruption of public officials was never dealt with honourably. Many of these named people are conspirators in the Colonel Russell Williams Conspiracy, and will face justice for murder and rape under 2009-2010 CC 25.3 and other laws. We will show you where they are today, in a future video. THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL O.P.P. Inspector Christuna Reives, is not so good at inspecting her ‘kit.’ #CottonTobogganCop? Read all about Christuna and her Pedophile Protecting Policing Friends, as MOST of these named police were under criminal investigation for conspiracy to obstruct justice from July 9th, 2009, until March 2010, when the O.P.P.’s Professional Standards Bureau sent a letter stating that the crown pedophiles they have confirmed with claimed my allegations were without merit. Meanwhile: As #PaulCottonBallsWard of the Gotham City Police has wiped his ass with my child’s rights, we will begin to expose pedophile protecting and pedophile-crown persons of pizza, across Canada right to where they sleep. Christuna is not hard to find, but we will get to that soon. Christuna was said to be the O.P.P. officer sleeping with Commissioner Chris Lewis in 2010 in a Florida hotel room on a ‘business trip.’ This was not confirmed as proximity to the ocean made discerning evidence of ChristUna’s “personal” attendance to Commissioner Lewis’s needs, or her actually being in the entire State of Florida,… difficult to determine. Something has always been fishy about pedophile Chris Lewis however…. #PaulCottonBallsWard will be exposing O.P.P. undercover pizza cops like Mark Mehan, and criminal pedopfaggot-wannabe’s like Burkholder, Alliston, Mann and Bakelaar right down the GoogleEarth Street View images of their front doors and wife’s offices. Mark Mehan lives just off Eastern Avenue at RR#1 Belleville Ontario (on the corner of the only street coming off Eastern as you go down the hill to the right) but we will show you all, in an upcoming video, after we show you where Bill Blair lives; should you have any issues with the service of #PaulCottonBallsWard and wish to go to Bill’s home and complain. I understand more than a few men would like to go talk to Bill, or Mark or any of these DirtyCops, perhaps later at night. Several people would like to find Mark or his lawyer wife Gina, and have a few words with him -or- perhaps Brad (I beat my wife Jody on Barley Road) Burkholder, Mark (the murderer of Bob Srigley) Alliston,… so,… we will show you where these people and their wives hang their government purchased hats. #PaulCottonBallsWard Paul Ward Detective #4549 52 Division Toronto Police Service 255 Dundas St. W. Toronto, Ont. M5T 2W5 Phone: (416)-808-5290 Fax: (416)-808-5215 Email: You COULD just could grow some balls, and do your job, as requested by Pedofaggot Victor “a Can of Coke and proximity to children” PedophilePaisley of the Superior Court of JustPedophiles….. who lives at 80 …. in Toronto and save this discomfort of your fellow DirtyCops. But that BIG PEDO VICTOR…. he has some pull. (really?) #oporangecrush

The Day The Childrens Army Schooled The #OPPizzagate Human Trafficking Travelling Road Show

Premiered May 22, 2020


On Feb 24th, 2020 The Children’s Army introduced for the first time, to the Ontario Provincial Police, at a O.P.P. Human Trafficking Seminar in Cobourg Ontario, the contents of the F.B.I. field guild identifying child trafficking and symbolic nomenclature of pedophiles and pedophile networks. We would have thought, that given such #OPPizzagate geniuses like Vern “just a kick in the head” Crowley, studied and lecture at the FBI academy, according to his CV which I will post here,… they would have SOME IDEA ABOUT PEDOPHILE NETWORKS? !!!!! But no. So why? Ask yourself why the OPP knows nothing about child trafficking networks, yet pretends to be the EXPERTS? Pedo MacKay and Stephen Harper are running child trafficking in Canada…… that’s why. Bronfmann’s in prison. Vern is of questionable character to begin with, because his old man was one of Toronto’s #Cottonballed Pedophile Protectors…. and now he appears to have tested positive for ‘extra-cheese’ himself! I caught Vern tampering with computers about 11 times in my case and also the attempted framing of Larry Jones by Darryl Foulkes and Ben Beatty in the Colonel Russell Williams Conspiracy…… oh I digress….. Vern went to the F.B.I. academy, but was too busy eating the pizza to learn about it apparently. On this day in Feb 2020 a shirt was presented as a gift for the OPP Commissioner and for Doug Ford. By law these should have been reported. ALSO BY LAW the OPP was immediately aware of the symbolic nomenclature of BOY LOVERS and CHILD TRAFFICKING NETWORKS and PEDOPHILES,.. and we will not have the opportunity to see WHEN and WHAT changes were made by the commissioner as a result. After all… the same man is under criminal investigation for his involvement with pedophiles and terrorists in the York Region just a year ago…… Maria? Oh Maria?? OPIRD anyone??? …. crickets….









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