‪Praying for all who mourn #MemorialDay #RestInPeace #Veteran

May 25, 2020

Praying for all who mourn #MemorialDay #RestInPeace #Veteran


You ain’t Black @JennyHatch #Biden

May 24, 202


Donald J. Trump


WhiteHat on the #ObamaGate


Replying to

Millions and millions of evil Americans enjoying themselves at picnics and parties on Memorial Day weekend. What total callous disregard. They should all be put under house arrest. Wait. They already have been.



WhiteHat on the #ObamaGate

Murphy’s Nazification of New Jersey

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Matt Couch



JUST IN: Gov. Murphy had the WATER SHUT OFF at Atilis Gym [The Gym that re-opened and cops didn’t ticket] and placed an EMBARGO against the property.. He is now going to SEIZE their assets!! Unbelievable Tyranny America..

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  1. More news for American Memorial Day


    President Trump: ‘We Caught them all’ — Sierra (NZ)

    Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Sierra (NZ) President Trump… ‘I have a chance to break the Deep State…’ Check out this short …

    SerialBrain2: FISAGATE Summary Decode, it was the Rothschild’s
    Praying Medic — QAnon: Shall We Play Another Q Proof Game?
    PrayingMedic — QAnon: Blind Justice Returns

    Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Sierra (NZ)

    President Trump… ‘I have a chance to break the Deep State…’

    Check out this short video of a President Trump interview…
    Excerpts from the interview…

    ‘I see they have a lot of subpoenas out...We caught them in a very corrupt act – you could call it treasonous…They’re dirty cops…If it keeps going the way it’s going – and Radcliffe is fantastic – I have a chance to break the Deep State…It’s a vicious group of people…’ (President Trump)

    These are brave powerful words. Recently President Trump told reporters, ‘No one else could have done it…’ He was not speaking from ego. It’s a FACT. He is so wealthy that he could not be bought by the Deep State, as happened to most previous Presidents. He is extremely intelligent and easily outwitted them. And most importantly, he is a deeply loyal Patriot who loves his country.

    Check out this tweet from Kevin Sorbo…
    ‘America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.’

    There is a long list of corrupt USA politicians who became millionaires WHILE in office. How is that possible? Unless there was a lot of corruption taking place, eg Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Where is the outrage from the American people?

    Meanwhile, there is an interesting development between President Trump and Jeff Sessions. Q warned us there is a lot of disinformation and optics taking place during this intense Alliance battle to destroy the Deep State. One of the current optics is President Trump’s supposed vendetta against Jeff Sessions. Lisa Mei Crowley explains it best in a tweet…

    ‘I’m gonna stay out of the POTUS-Sessions public spat…Just going to leave you with this message from Q+…’

    Her tweet is followed by a link to Q+ drop number 2452. Anons, including myself, believe Q+ to be President Trump…
    ‘Thank you for your service to our Country, Mr Jeff Sessions!
    Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.’

    The screen shot of the Q+ Drop is followed by a meme reminding us of another Q drop: ‘TRUST SESSIONS.’

    General Michael Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessionstook one for the team‘ in order to destroy the Deep State. Q has said all along that General Flynn would be exonerated. President Trump/Q+ honored Jeff Sessions’ sacrifice in Q drop number 2452.

    This public spat between POTUS and Jeff Sessions is a clever ploy. If President Trump doesn’t like Sessions – guess who will? The corrupt Democrats. They will start fawning over Sessions, then – BOOM! President Trump will strike, yet again.

    Finally, here is a great video of POTUS’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slaying the White House press correspondents…
    Are you tired of winning yet???

    Where We Go One We Go All.

    Love and Light
    Sierra (NZ)










#PaulCottonBallsWard #OPPizzagate #cottonballs

Toronto Cops Johnny Chan and Paul Ward Invite EVERYBODY to Justice Victor Paisley’s Front Door!

Premiered 5 hours ago


#PaulCottonBallsWard chose to turn his back on the law, and carry the agenda of the pedophiles in the justice system, who refuse to comply with a request of outgoing Justice Paisley of The Superior Court of Justedophiles. Instead, Johnny Chan and his communist spy clan, sent the #OPPizzagate after me, for daring to show Victor that his court was used as a fraud, and in investigating those who did it,

Freya Kristjansen, the 300km asscrack, opened the door to our discovering over 200,000 pedophiles in the family court system. Paul doesn’t seem to mind. He and Johnny seem very PROPEDO! Johnny, like Dr Tam, is dragging his #cottonballs behind….. but terrorists are war combatants, and dressed in the uniform of the soon to be notorious Gotham city army of faggots,… not a man. But they hunt, with DOGS and SWATWATS, for over a month. Thats their business, I am under court orders from even contacting those pedophile loving policemen…. yet they beg me in emails to come and talk to them. See? They, their marriages and their future are frauds. Paul thinks I will stop from paying him back for his betrayal. He is sadly mistaken. Mike Eby will be a warmup to what I have planned for that asshole. But I digress…… I am however, being awakened by people messaging me that my name and wanted poster is being posted around the internet, because of you sick bastards,… and this has to stop. The way I see it, Victor Paisley chose to exchange “my liberty” for his “security”, and as such he was willing to gamble HIS family home, and the continued security of he and his family in that home, on your policing expertise and ability to shut me down from exposing his role in the conspiracy to kidnap. Meh,.. he lost. Victor Paisley’s home address will be posted in the comments section where ever I see a wanted post of Gerald Brummell online. You people wanting to go talk to Vic about his actions in your own court matters…. just follow Johnny and Paul’s wanted poster trail of me. I’ll try to make my posts interesting. I may post Freya and Kens addresses there too… just to mix things up. Maybe Paul’s? Lots of people want to track that ducking cop down I bet… lying English prick. Like the rest of those Brit pedos. John Podesta’s twin pedo. Well…. you two coppers can inform Victor of the fact that I am responding to your conspiracy ins this manner. I know a good real estate agent if he wants one, but I would recommend renting for cash next time. You see,… despite being hunted by crooked cops carrying water for a child rapist judge and his friends; I am pretty safe tonight, but thanks to Johnny and #PaulCottonBallsWard, Victor…. will never be safe, ever again. See the video…… If this harassment continues, you may see the violence and carnage you turned your back on, and assorted screams, paced over drone footage of your own families faces Paul. It’s 2020 dude. Wake the fuck up, or just go hang yourselves, before the mob does. What does the mob have to say… (post in the comments). Agents can tell Victor about Paul and Johnny Chans’s actions and how they effect him at: Send him this video like if you wish. His concern was his safety. He should know how the caution I have Paul was ignored. Maybe Paul’s address would wake him up some? Please notify Victor of this breech of he and his families safety as a result of Paul Ward not complying with his stated order. I complied and sent you an email CottonBalls….. the world will read it this week. As well, Agents who see my Want Ads, please paste this link in the comments and mention the 200 pedophile judges. Thanks. Next front door will be Bill Blair’s if I don’t hear from Paul with an investigation update…. Nite. Sleep tight Victor. Not too many family court victims will be happy to know where they can come see you……


With Baldassare Niccio’s Fraud ALL O.P.P. Involved In Hatfield are GUILTY of Murder under USMCA 27.5

May 25, 2020


O.P.P. Detective Baldassare Nuccio interviewed me on 2009.07.09 for 9 hours under oath, about the crimes of: Darryl Foulkes, Ben Beatty, Jayne Pellerin, Vern Crowley, Christuna Reives, and Brad Robson,…. (all of whom were intimately involved in a special protection unit, covering for Colonel Russell Williams, and insulating him from his pervert crimes. All officers working their jobs, while under criminal probe for conspiracy to obstruct justice, defraud, etc.) All DOCS in this video relative to proving this crime are available here: Proof of the coverup exists. It can be found in my files as well as court records. Denny Turcotte to Turcotte Road in Tweed was charged by Darryl Foulkes O.P.P. in the fall of 2007 with break-ins to cottages the O.P.P. later charged to Williams,… except that some of those people didn’t know their cottages have been burglarized. OOPS! Darryl fucked up…. (not the only time) and gave us evidence that the conspiracy to obstruct justice; that was sending Baldassare Nuccio (yes his mother have him that ridiculous name) to Trenton to cov but in prison, his BALD ASS will be popular as he and Belleville up their crimes. Just as Williams chose to murder three women under their watch. Darry’s CV shows he was working out of the region at the time, but Deborah Dunning’s assault charges, and the face she lived directly across the road from Fiona Vandenberg (Jayne Doe) was quite a coincidence. Considering it happened at the same time as the Williams assault 120′ away. See: Sean Jackson York Regional Police OCOPS Appeal Foulkes for the meat on this….. Meanwhile, back in Orillia’s cheese factory, O.P.P. Professional Standards Supervisor, pedophile Mike Smith, conspired to suppress this probe. Despite 18 requests for the names of the pedophiles at the Crown Attorney’s office, referenced in Smith’s 2010 letter, and even having Conservative M.P.P. Milligan walking across the house floor and ask, pedophile Attorney General Garritson, for the names of those pedophiles, the crown has not been able to provide a name. Garritson’s son Mark is the MP for Trudeau’s “pedophile party” in the district of the massively “PEDOPHILIA PROUD $3B company CanArm, Brian Abrams and the Cornwall Crown Pedophile Pizza Party. Pedo Napier or Pedo barnes perhaps? lol Nah that’s the Cornwall pedophile hive….. During the time Nuccio was pretending to investigate these officers, Williams murdered three women under his nose, while these same officers were on duty and commanding the area Williams was hunting his victims in. Curiously: In Brighton Ontario, Jayne Pellerin lived 789M North of Murder Victim Marie France Comeau at 6 Mohawk Drive. 50 km away….. Darryl Foulkes lived 900M North of Murder Victim Jessica Lloyd on Thrasher Road just off HWY 37. But as Q says…. this is just a crazy and wild coincidence. Perhaps if Nuccio had interviewed Foulkes and Pellerin on specific days during his investigation, he may have seen Williams rape and murder his victims from these police officers windows. lol Pellerin’s handy work is seen in the images of the basket she testified had not been touched, yet in images shown to be 12 seconds apart from their Nikon Meta Data, Jayne clearly has not put the lid back on the same way, after pocketing her share of $167,412.00 and a new Gold Ladies Watch. More of Pellerin;s handiwork will be seen as she cannot find but one sample of DNA on pyjamas of a woman with an infant child, in her house. Baldassare may have thought he was fucking me, but his fraud will eventually bring this entire hive of #OPPedophiles, and crown pedofaggot Lee Burgess, to their end.


Obstruction of Justice and Fraud by L.S.U.C MUST Be Reported to Police

May 25, 2020


…. you’ll never guess which pile of pedophile stew of a server we traced Butttttttcon Holdings from? ….. 😎 Stratfor, Canadian Tire, Lungerhunt…. Unicorn iPhone cases anyone? Matlaw? Might just drop the entire file and watch them scramble for their lives. See major Pedo bust in Gotham city in 2013 when Norman Jewishness escapes Justice thanks to Bill Blair,… who’s home will be featured on this channel soon. Try searching the address listed in the video in their database and see all the fake lawyers! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now, just search the phone number #paulcottonballsward,… notice the issue? This is just the beginning. The faces and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter history of these people have all been catalogued,…. Perhaps one long video? Would you want that pedos? 🤣 Please inform that you have witnessed evidence of FAKE LAWYERS being listed within the Law Society of Upper Canada Database! For fun, search the “Address” of Mr Boardman and see how many lawyers work in his tiny firm. Then go find the firm…. 😳 It is the responsibility of the police in that city to cover crimes committed and identified in that district. The Law Society of Upper Canada is located right downtown Toronto. Why fake lawyers? Thats because Chinese chemical companies with factories where young women are held and raped, to breed children, which are tortured for days and slaughtered to manufacture H9C9N03 from their Adrenal Emissions is being imported into Canada by these fake lawyers, with the full knowledge of the Law Society of Upper Canada. A list of fake names can easily be found, and compared with the entire Revenue Canada list of home addresses located on a Cherokee Reservation in the United States, thanks to the Awan Brothers and their Pakastani ISI Software Geniuses….

#MarkEllis #NEILELLIS #PaulacottonBallsward

“CANARM” Brockville’s $3Billion Dollar Pedophile and Child Trafficking Warehouse seen from the 401N

Premiered 14 hours ago


It is no wonder a company which so #ProudlyDisplaysPedophilia seen by the world on the web page and from the 401 Highway, if one looks North as they drive through Brockville. Get DIGGING into the owners of this company and DATAMINE their and their friends and associates right down to their children’s children. For a company to so PROUDLY display their PROPEDOPHILIA Symbology as ween looking NORTH from the 401, there is clearly a reason the police look SOUTH when they drive by Brockville on the 401. Former Kingston Lawyer, #MarkEllis, of child trafficking law firm BakerMcKenzie wants you to ask: Are ALL THE EMPLOYEES OF CANARM Pedophiles???????? Ask them as they drive into this building, adoring the F.B.I. “Boy Lover Symbol” Better yet: Report it to the authorities everywhere, including the F.B.I. office in Washington. Ask Trudeau Member #NEILELLIS about pedophilia in his area and why nobody will address this issue or the pedophilia symbol Justin Trudeau PROUDLY displays in his Trudeau Foundation Annual Report.…) RE: Agents with ProtonMail accounts feel free to write suspected pedophile Justice,, #PaulacottonBallsward at and Neil Ellis CARE-OF at and demand a criminal investigation into this company, and its owners….. and it’s SNC L connection the Trudeau/Harper/MacKay Canadian Child Trafficking Enterprise! Paul and Bob are a sworn officers of the law and their responsibility will be to report this to the O.P.P. and R.C.M.P. on behalf of Neil Ellis. Please blind copy all emails to for feature in a supporting video, if we don’t get a criminal investigation into CanArm, based on their display of pedophile symbology, as located in the 2007 F.B.I. Field Guild in Identifying Pedophile and Child Trafficking Enterprises and Networks, such as the Trudeau Foundation, The Clinton Foundation and the Catholic Archdiocese of Canada. (all #Markellis clients). You #OPPizzagate cops hunting me…. #MarkEllis of BakerMcKenzie, and #PaulCottonBallsWard, have exposed CanArm as a PROUD PEDOPHILE company…. trafficking children and baby meat and parts to Mark’s pedofaggot friends inside The Clinton Foundation criminal network in Canada and abroad. Are you #cottonballcops or are you going to add this to your files? How about I threaten a judge again by calling him and telling him about the pedophiles on the court? lol Now that you know about this company, and its satanic pedophile symbology, #OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique will be demanding a full investigation and inspection of the historic data of CanArm and you can expect a criminal investigation and charges against all involved…. right? Pedophiles on their side….. are ok…. because they are ALL….. well….. you know.


May 25 2020 Toronto Harbor Police covid19 coronavirus social distancing

Toronto Homeless Situation, Victoria Day Long Weekend Under COVID19 Coronavirus 2020 Part2

#GlobalNews #health #coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak: Ontario health official says Trinity Bellwoods park-goers should self-isolate

Your Town Matters: Mayor Doug Naish of Saint Andrews

May 25, 2020

357 subscribers

As New Brunswick enters the Yellow Phase of COVID-19 Recovery, Mayor Doug Naish of the Town of Saint Andrews returns to “Your Town Matters” on CHCO-TV to announce that the town is officially open for business. “Last time I was on the show, I was asking people to please not visit our town,” said Naish. “Now, I’m pleased to say, we are encouraging people to once again visit.” In order to adapt to the Yellow Phase of COVID-19 Recovery, Naish said that town has hired a full-time sanitation team to regularly clean park benches, public buildings and washroom facilities. He also said many of the public washrooms in the town limits are now open. The town was able to hire a full-time sanitation team by adjusting the 2020 municipal budget to accommodate the town’s new needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Naish says even though seasonal events such as large weddings and whale watching that normally bring many visitors to town will not take place in the same capacity this here, he is still hopeful that the town will experience a busy summer season if the first long weekend, Victoria Day weekend, was any indication of how many visitors will still flock to Saint Andrews. Premier Higgs is encouraging New Brunswickers to explore their own province this summer by taking staycations, and Naish is confident Saint Andrews will be one of the province’s top destinations for vacationers and day trippers. He is also confident that the town staff has responded effectively to ensure a safe environment is achievable with regards to social distancing regulations and sanitation requirements under COVID-19. The town has also decided to close portions of downtown Water Street to traffic in order to give businesses more outdoor space for customers. He looks forward to working with local businesses and residents alike to ensure everyone has a great summer season in Saint Andrews. Original Broadcast Date: May 25, 2020 Your Town Matters is an original Charlotte County Television production, produced on location at the CHCO-TV studio in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada and hosted by Vicki Hogarth. The show is sponsored by Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative.

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