QANON UPDATES & other updates- MAY 30/31 2020

#Qanon #NotDivided #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

We need more guys like this. ✍️Qanon 📍NotDivided ♥️WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

May 31, 2020

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We need more guys like this. #Qanon #NotDivided #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

Trump The Punisher #PainComing #QAnon #DeepState #WWG1WGA #greatawakening

Official Qanon | Anonymous msg to Minneapolis People

Qanon Drops Updates 5/30/20 and 5/31/20 Insurgents WWG1WGA

May 31, 2020

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Qanon Drops and updates from the 30th and 31st of May 2020. What happen this weekend what a coup, we witness the insurgents, aka radical left and Antifa on numerous videos. If you would like to help me and support my work, you can via Patreon, Paypal, In return, I will give you a shout out in my videos, and I will continue to make videos and hopefully improve them. Thank you for your support. Click the links below.


St. Paul Mayor: Everyone Arrested Last Night In His City From Out Of State

May 30, 202

OURRescue #HumanTraffickingStories #TimBallard

2,000 Criminals Arrested for HUMAN TRAFFICKING – We’re Just Getting Started…

May 13, 2020

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Calling all abolitionists… We have just reached our 2000th arrest! Watch today as Tim Ballard shares recent stories of how we caught and helped prosecute these child and human trafficking predators… some of which were a little too close to home. Subscribe: Because of today’s technology and collaborations with local law enforcement we have been able to track down sex traffickers and predators more easily than ever before. We have been able to get to the root of the injustice in many cases which has allowed us to save thousands upon thousands of lives. We couldn’t do it without your support! We are so grateful! Check out these related videos: Young Boy was Kidnapped and Almost Killed… Real Human Trafficking Stories Emotional Reunion Of Mother And Daughter After 25 Years – Real Human Trafficking Stories… Love Operation Underground Railroad and want to get more involved? 1. Subscribe to our channel:… 2. Follow us on social: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 3. Become an Abolitionist and Donate to End Human Trafficking:

[5.19] Latest QAnon: It’s a marathon not a sprint



The Devils Advocate Piece: Minneapolis


The Devils Advocate Piece: Minneapolis

Operation Disclosure | By RT, Guest Writer May 30, 2020 This is Devils Advocate piece in the light of recent news and consists of see…

Antifa Puppetmasters to Engineer Patriot Slaughter to Spark Uprising
Destroying the Illusion — [9.3] Hurricane, Hong Kong, Breaking Epstein News, FISA, Flynn, Big Tech, Space Force, and UFOs
The ZetaTalk Newsletter — Hong Kong Riots, HSBC, Clinton Foundation, San Andreas Fault, IG Investigation, Greenland

Operation Disclosure | By RT, Guest Writer

May 30, 2020

This is Devils Advocate piece in the light of recent news and consists of seed thoughts that build into an argument and perspective of sorts. It has to be a little offensive to be a true DA piece. It broadly rotates around two axis.

The refreshing and revitalising nature of the truth as opposed to the stifling, suffocating nature of false or hypocritical conditions and the frustrations that can fester and breed in such an essentially fearbased environment

It starts with a definition. Patriotism.

True patriotism is a mind, conscience and heart aligned, acting and speaking its truth for the welfare of its country regardless of where it finds itself in the current of opinion – and nothing else is, nothing.

You can cover yourself in flags and Q’s and tweet the slogans (and should if you believe them) but if anywhere in your journey peer pressure has replaced your natural alignment with your conscience then congratulations, you just made yourself a victim of the latest programing. (For all you know.) Pull up a chair and put out another witty popcorn meme, ticket and symbol of your freely volunteered choice to do nothing but be another passive tickertape thrower at the latest bread and circuses show. (For all you know…)

As a patriot, you speak your truth because you want your fellow human beings to prosper in a land that prospers and because you know to miss that mark will bring harm to both the wider it is missed, and you do not want harm to come to your fellow patriots or your country.

Truth equals the blessings of heaven

Ok, let’s look at the gameboard. Dark versus Light.

If the light chooses not to, or for some reason finds itself incapable of carrying out the Divine Will in Divine Timing then God/AllThatIs will arm the darkness so that the light has to up its game, so that its energies are less defined by fear and its natural courage is forced to emerge.

Darkness is programmed to exploit fear for its own interest.

Is there anything then, the Alliance fears…?

The Alliance most clearly and obviously fears delivering the truth to the nation because of the possible harm. Are you joking… They would rather see Minneapolis in turmoil than give the people there something real to distract them from their own frustration.

One announcement of arrests with trials and reports focused on the hidden crimes would have every citizen glued to their tv wondering what’s next but no, the fear is real and as long as it is you can bet the dark will be empowered to exploit every scrap of it until it is replaced by required courage.

Either the light proves itself fit or the light is handed over to adversity for further refinement by new challenges, the whole of the Old Testament is about a nation being schooled in that dynamic.

We know, there have been more than enough voices calling again and again for public signs of arrests and for the oxygen of the full truth to run freely in the nations veins – as it did in the days of its founding.

Think about the Justice system…

A commiter of a minor crime it is virtually no crime is processed overnight to find themself in a cell compelled to join a private, vastly underpaid workforce.

A commiter of some of the worst crimes possible on multiple occassions has those crimes kept secret and their case still being ‘investigated’ so that their processing takes years and they are free.

Now you are simple, forthright person.

In one word, what would you call a public funded system that dealt with people in this way… Let me help you around this corner to directly connect you to a word that most accurately describes such a system to such a one walking that ‘straight line’:


Lord, it hath been too long in the grave… it reaketh…

And yes views have been put forward that justice has been done and we are now dealing with a ‘theatre of doubles…’

But grown men and women shouldn’t be having to speculate or scrabble around exchanging scraps of possible intel upon such matters, it should be openly declared, a matter of common public knowledge if true.

Trusting in the over-arching benevolence of the system is exactly what got us into this mess. To be asked to trust in the over-arching benevolence of the system mark 2, the Alliance, may not have been an unreasonable step when first offered, but now, years later, those who took that step have every right to evaluate the results of that trust and see how it matches expectation.

Have every right to speak out and most certainly should if they feel their cause is being mishandled by those who have opted to take it up.

Because who is to say in wiser eyes they are not right on the target and current events confirming those protests.


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