The Great Awakening is in Full Swing — Rinus Verhagen Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Great Awakening is in Full Swing -- Rinus Verhagen

The Great Awakening is in Full SwingRinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor June 11, 2020 The great awakening is in full swing. Within a few weeks a lot …

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Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

June 11, 2020

The great awakening is in full swing.

Within a few weeks a lot of information will come out.

Cabal’s video interviews actuate confessions.

It is indeed a spiritual war, in which the government scares people to death of their intention to carry out the Mass Genocide.

It is precisely this fear that feeds the Satanists with energy to make you docile and to keep you in a low frequency or to put you back.

Everything is energy, was a statement of Nikola Tesla, by which he meant the frequencies of the cosmos and space and of the sun.

We as humans resonate with that frequency, increasing the Schumann Resonance ensures that we who are 66% water resonate with the frequencies to which we are exposed.

There are many influences that bring about this increase in Schumann resonance, it is the influences of nature that contribute to this with HAARP military industrial complex, but also from space, such as the Sun, but also other causes that are caused by a higher intelligence like us.

Writing about extraterrestrial intelligence is still often dismissed as a fantasy, while already on the clay tablets everything is described in detail 3600 years ago.

Many scientists have worked on this, and in the book the 12th planet Zecharia Sitchin is a Russian writer.

A nice summary is made by Bram Vermeulen in den beginnen, let yourself get carried away in his story, which will make you realize that we are not alone in this universe.

We can no longer ignore the fact that there is more if we know for ourselves, by keeping away information about our past.

I had a conversation with Anton Teuben, and spent about 1 hour there discussing the ongoing transition together.

His experience with observations and search for a higher civilization, the Schumann Resonance which is seen as the Heartbeat of the earth, now artificially increased.

Our brains work in our sleep at about 4 Hz, and when we are awake and active at about 16 Hz.

The Schumann Resonance is of natures 7.83 Hz, we are built on this and have functioned with it for centuries, by increasing the Schumann resonance the water in our body also resonates with it, which also increases the brain frequency.

Because of this we process more information and are also open to see more influences that are not right around us.

Very soberly summarized we are beings, who can create if we are free and not suppressed by nonsensical laws and regulations.

It is precisely the attempt to manipulate the masses, making people who no longer accept the false authority of governments.

The evil of the satanists of 1% are going to lose the 99% as it further awakens from all the injustice and false manipulation to keep the 1% in power.

Now that GESARA is rolling out, with the Swift payment protocol already in place, the Cabal bankers can no longer provide their bribed Politicians with money and power.

So the intended genocide through vaccinations of Bill Gates, with his Cabal friends, will not continue.

The false flag of Covid19 is now visible to the whole world, so laws imposed on the population by malicious governments have made the Cabal servants expose themselves of their evil intent.

People who see through all the betrayal are no longer in a slave mode of 3D, but have come to the conclusion through independent thinking that they have lived a lie and now have the desire to live instead of survive.

This is now GESARA’s intention to liberate humanity.

The Cabal can only do harm if we cooperate voluntarily.

Talk to people and get them out of the fear that keeps the Satanic Cabal governments in power.

Turn the imaginary switch and replace darkness with light, where there is light there can be no darkness.

By pulling the Cabal into the light, they lose their grip that they have in a sneaky way kept us in the ignorant darkness.

The simple sobriety and insight that apply here takes only logical thinking, and no longer following or obeying government, for no one has authority over a sovereign human being.

Governments lie, kill and cheat to stay in power, they produce a lot of noise that has to keep us away from the truth.

Follow your own Heart to see and find the truth.


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