Spiritual War Friday, June 12, 2020

20/20 = perfect eye sight = WE ARE AWAKE and AWARE


Spiritual War

Source: John Scott Consciousness | By John Scott 2020 is the most significant year in the history of humankind. In the future, it will be…

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Source: John Scott Consciousness | By John Scott

2020 is the most significant year in the history of humankind. In the future, it will be remembered by humanity in the same way that 1066, 1776 and 1789 are remembered today in British, Americans and French nations respectively.

2020 is the year in which Mother Earth raises her vibratory frequency – Consciousness – to a level never before attained…taking with her those who choose to follow suit, surpassing hitherto maintained frequency boundaries to ascend to higher planes. She has held a lower frequency for millennia, patiently awaiting all life on Earth to slowly evolve in readiness for this eventuality. (1)

2020 is the year in which the oldest spiritual war ever known is being waged to the full. The conflicts, battles and full-scale wars across the ages have all been leading up to this point in time. The primordial struggle between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light is finally coming to a head. The end of Kali Yuga is approaching fast. (2) It is the moment in time in which at last human beings have the opportunity to remember who and what they are. An opportunity for humanity to take a giant leap forward in full awareness, fully conscious both in body and mind on its return to Source.

The historic and largely unseen ruling elite, together with many clairvoyants and astrologers across the ages, have been awaiting this moment with a sense of eager anticipation and equal trepidation. This is the year of the great Awakening. It is a question of now or never. Consciousness is rising, and 2020 marks the crucial tipping point. We have noted elsewhere how the Schumann Resonance has been increasing exponentially during the last few years. (3 Brexit) This rise in vibratory frequency reflects the rise in consciousness that is taking place throughout the world, impacting all living beings, together with all flore and fauna.

The ‘veil’ is falling to reveal much of what has remained hiddenoften in full view – throughout the ages. Political, financial, religious and social malversations are increasingly coming to light. Coming to Light. The King is naked. As each day passes, more and more secret activities, lies and deceit of the ruling fraternity are being revealed in plain sight. Scandals of all nature are coming under the general scrutiny of the populace at large. What has been sensed so often, like vague suspicions that trouble the mind from time to time, are now becoming blatantly confirmed in full consciousness.

“The Maya calendar actually predicts that this year 2020 is 2012 – the apocalypse (lifting the veil). As there is a great awakening on the planet, there is a purge of the shadow in consciousness.

‘When an individual goes through a spiritual awakening, he must purge his own shadow – this is called the dark night of the soul. Carl Jung, coined the term ‘shadow’. The shadow is in the subconscious part of the human psyche – that is all we repress: animal instincts, violent impulses, sexual perversions, pains, hatreds, notions of self-denial, fears, manipulative and dark thoughts. These are just a few of its aspects.

A spiritual awakening requires that one face their shadow to become whole. Carl Jung said, “You do not light yourself by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” The shadow must be brought to the surface of the consciousness, it must be actualised in the consciousness, otherwise it will continue to express itself as unconscious energy and not kept by habit, impulse and behaviour. Carl Jung also said – “You must make the unconscious conscious, otherwise it will direct your life and you will call it destiny”.’ (Daryl Smith)*

The violence and destruction that is perceived to be taking place around us is, in fact, simply a projection of our own inner turmoil which awaits resolution. The serial misdemeanours of Royalty, the ruling classes, high finance, religious and political institutions – all of whom theoretically were placed in their respective positions to serve the interests of the ‘lesser’ beings on Earth, are now becoming exposed. (4)

Their privileged positions have enabled them to appropriate and develop exclusive control over not just finance – creating a debt-based society from which there is little hope of escape – but also their programming and propaganda machine – the Mass Media.

“These families are at the heart of the banking system and they control everything with money. They control all the news media, Hollywood, the music industry, the telecommunications industry, Google, Amazon, Facebook, the pharmaceutical and medical industry, the military industrial complex, government and intelligence services.

They control the drug cartels and the trafficking networks, which are what they feed onhuman sacrifice. It is an ancient ritual that brings power to the members of the cult. It is essentially black magic: the alchemical transmutation of the energy of the destruction of creation. (DS)*

As noted elsewhere, historically, the negative entities and so-called ‘elites’ have depended and fed upon ‘loosh’ for their survival. We are all familiar with the existence of cannibalism in certain cultures, a practise whereby the enemy’s force and strength of character is sought to be consumed by the vanquisher. In the same way, albeit horrific in the eyes of compassionate organic beings, members of the so-called ‘elite classes’ – royalty, religious, political, various secret service and secret society members, not to mention the high finance banker elites world-wide – resort to the consumption of live human flesh and blood, through satanic ritual sacrificial child practices, in order to regenerate themselves with what they consider to be an elixir – adrenochrome and its associated derivatives. (5)

The greater the fear and trauma that is generated within the victim and the higher their adrenaline count, the more highly charged the resultant emotional ‘loosh’. While such practises are revolting to any sane compassionate human being, it represents a matter of life and death for these particular entities. Their survival in this particular frequency band is dependent upon the perpetuation of such practices, just as they have been centuries past.’

The recent synthetical adaptation of the ‘common cold’, the coronavirus, (‘crown’ or CovertOperationVirus-A.I.), was created in order to camouflage the concurrent development and installation of 5G technologies. It is a race against time. For once installed and fully operational throughout the world, 5G technologies are intended to literally roast people alive. The same symptoms currently attributed to the coronavirus will become manifest ten-fold. (6)

Meanwhile, every day an increasing number of individuals are rising in consciousness, escaping the hypnotic spells that have been cast through language manipulation, social engineering, predictive programming, and the multiplication of technological distractions designed to amuse and occupy the masses. More and more individuals are becoming aware of the pitfalls and dangers of addiction to technological their toys – iPhones, tablets, video games, Netflix, etc. The ruling elite is becoming weaker by the day with each individual realisation which raises consciousness, with each rise in terrestrial frequency.

No holds are barred by the rulers in a desperate attempt to (literally) contain humanity in its dumbed down state. Their greatest enemy is Love – for it’s an emotional totally alien (sic) to them, pure anathema. For it is Love, and not money, that makes the world go round. It is Love that makes the world. All expressions of life upon Earth are demonstrations of mutual attraction, reciprocal collaboration and harmonious interchange at work.

How do you stop Love? It is thwarted by restricting and preventing human contact, together with contact and interaction with all other manifestations of life on earth. Masks, confinement, social distancing, all characterise in-human behaviour. Like the in-human rulers, robots are incapable of expressing compassion, incapable of expressing Love.

Love is the vibration of the universe. Love is the vibration of God / Consciousness which is the Divine.

It is for this reason that they try to suppress it. They manipulated the population to lock up fearful and frightened people in their homes. That is the energy of enslavement. It’s the energy of control. They arm the 5G towers to emit harmful frequencies that make us sick and disoriented. This is how they plan to control and condition our consciousness.

‘We are awakening to all this now. Change will come.

The 1% is in control – the cabal

There are 4% who work for them.

There are 5% who are really awake and see through all the illusions.

There are 90% who are unconscious and obey everything that television allows them.

The 1% is trying to stop the 5% from waking up the 90%.” *(DS)

It’s warfare…and this is not a war being waged between humans, but rather against humans by the select semi-human 1% ruling class. This is no time to become embroiled in futile ‘us against them’ diversions that pit ‘normal’ human beings against one another. Because they are all suffering, all indebted, all discriminated against by these ‘unseen’ inhuman rulers, the archons. Avoid becoming seduced by, and drawn into, futile disputes. So-called ‘race wars’, ‘gender difference’ or police violence (which is perpetrated by all colour spectrums reciprocally), are all being manufactured and promoted deliberately by the rulers to maintain their historic ‘divide and rule’ agenda.

Instead, what we need to do is maintain our vibration – our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. This is how we affect change on the planet, this is how we raise the vibration – by not yielding to fear and confusion. For while you become seduced by carefully orchestrated fear tactics, you are continuing to overlook the fact that the rulers are terrified of humans dis_covering their own, innate indomitable creative power, which would subsequently render them powerless and impotent. And at the same time, focussing our ‘attention’ on negativity serves only to nourish the very perpetrators that are being decried. (6)

The rulers have attempted to increase the spread the frequency of fear and confusion throughout the masses. The constant chopping and changing of measures designed to ‘contain’ successive so-called crises contributes to the disorientation and confusion of the masses. (7) Masks

‘Normal’ life is by now but a memory. There is no going back. Those who continue to cling on to memories of the past way of life will continue to suffer. Because it is the ego’s bread and butter; it thrives on habit and upon reiterating memories. But the ego that nourishes fear and constant uncertainty is being put back into its original place. In ancient times, Man respected his environment, nature, all beings and revered Mother Earth herself.

With the development of left-brain dominance and the emergence of the ego, ‘control’ over nature and in the world became the modus operandi. Ego territory. Relentless warfare throughout the ages, with its colonisations and genocides, lay testament to the overriding desire to dominate and control. Ruler territory. Today, the uprising in Consciousness symbolises spiritual warfare, as opposed to clashing armies, blood and thunder. There is no place for fear, anger, hatred, depression and disease in a life that resonates at a higher frequency. Lower frequency vibrations, together with those who choose to continue to operate at such levels, will be left behind.

The rise in consciousness is accompanied by deeper inner standing of all aspects of life. Not everyone is yet ready to accede to a greater awareness of the controlling forces in their life. On the other hand, many newborn and youngsters are already operating on higher vibration levels. They are waiting for us to join them, waiting for us to come home. They already inner stand that light shall prevail.

The light is so blinding, it will destroy the illusions of the ego, the illusions that resonate people in their comforted ways and beliefs. They are not aware of this war. We are fighting to protect them. We are fighting for future generations, just as our ancestors fought for World War I and World War II. World War III is a spiritual war It is a war of spiritual energy – light vs dark, and it happens in silence. As we maintain our vibration, we will begin to notice how it affects and encourages intelligence to increase within those who are 90%.” *DS

Everyone on Earth today is in exactly the right place at the right time. Some souls have chosen to leave before the turning point. Others have chosen to remain behind in duality reality, governed and controlled with transhumanism at the end of their road. We have all incarnated to play our part, and the time has now come to start acting for real…

Let’s go! (8)


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