Sorcha Faal’s Report for June 15, 2020 — RT & some interesting NEWS with a MESSAGE from SAINT ANDREW



GROUND CREWS – HOW are your handling these ENERGIES are you rockin them or are they rockin you ? Myself, I AM – a little exhausted but in a bright and happy mood and resting as we start to INTERGRATE {adjust to} the ENERGIES of the LION’S GATE PORTAL coming up soon.

KENT DUNN compared the REPTILIANS to that of THE ENERGIZER BUNNY and the cellphone saying their energy is DYING OUT. Here comes the “POOFyour GONE, time that I predicted years ago. They cannot hold on, apparently.

SPEAKING of the ENERGIZER BUNNIES. I did say a few times that IF this planet belonged to PINK bunnies then I would have given the planet back to the pink bunnies as that is WHAT JUSTICE for your planet does. It gives the planet back to it’s owners. Which I find interesting that – KENT said that.

After the THE SPACE WAR near the end of 2019, I reclaimed the planet back for the LIGHT, I think a few days later. As I figured that I could actually DO that a few days later. I did just that and gave this planet back to it’s ORIGINAL OWNERS/BUILDERS etc. Which happens to be the PLEIADIANS and the ANDROMEDANS but NOT the lying DRACO or VRIL REPTILIANS on the EVIL/DARK side whatever. Just found-out more reasons WHY the BANKSTERS and GOVERNMENTS have been STEALING off of me for more than 20 years  = and stole my home, STOCKS and GOLD SHARES etc.

When I gave the planet back I did NOT realize that MY ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANCESTORSHOUSE of RA” = own half of this planet.

I have been secretly chuckling to myself the last couple of days.

And So DOES the ANCESTORS of the DONALD TRUMP, the PLEIADIANS, who own the other half of EARTH. MEANING I want some ARRESTS pronto !

WOE ! To those that have been messing with us, JUSTICE is coming !

Therefore, IF I am from the “HOUSE of RA” and I believe that I just MIGHT BE, meaning in all PROBABILITY then that means that = I MUST be, then I DEMAND that the VRIL LIZARD JUSTIN TRUDEAU , whom I fired like 30 times with the rest of the EVIL ONES in the CABAL. Then I want this FAKE human imposter – PICKED-UP and removed from CANADA and the REPTILIANS in the STATES and other PLACES where ever – these lying PLANETARY invaders are hiding. There were EVIL BEINGS in CANADA also behind my 22 DEATH ATTEMPTS as well. SINCE the TURDEAU already has an ANKLE BRACELET, please pick that SUCKER-UP as he has been planning to BRING CANCER AGENTS into my town and the towns around me !


MY ancestors own half of this PLANET Trudeau, translation = your’s DON’T

It’s called “FEAR PORN” that is why I don’t post many Sorcha Faal’s Reports. Not that I don’t like them, I KNOW there will be no major NUCLEAR WAR. And HEAVEN and the LIGHT FORCES will kick your butts if you try to start one. ONLY certain things are allowed when a planet ascends and NUCLEAR WARS, are never on the list either.



REMEMBER to use the VIOLET FLAME and cut your cords and re-connect ! That way you don’t get any unseen negative parasites sucking at your energies to stay alive.

LOVE to you ALL !


Sorcha Faal’s Report for June 15, 2020 — RT

Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributor June 16, 2020 Nothing recommends a President to me more than that he should be persecuted by …

One for the Bulletin Board — RT
Veterans of Sorts? — RT
Historic Pairing? — RT

Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributor

June 16, 2020

Nothing recommends a President to me more than that he should be persecuted by all the wrong people. It is like heaping laurels upon his head and strewing his path with petals… Only good can and will come of it.

Actually I lie, what really recommends a President to me is that he should no longer see young american blood as an asset to be spilled for profit like the worst of his predecesors and prove it by bringing them all (troops) home.

There you have a true President showing up as true on every polygraph detector. The social media may be in-your-face censored and manipulated, the msm a daily shameful and sad reflection of what people can be forced to do to pay their bills. But Facts Friend…

They Do Not Lie.

So here is the latest Sorcha Faal report that inspired these thoughts, edited so it focuses on current intel and with the some of the paragraphs split up as that slight breather can make for easier comprehension.

Dont worry about the opening, every other report from Sorcha has the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation for some reason (ho hum…) Here is the link to see it in original form…

(The last line of the last paragraph is a bit heavy. Looks like Sorcha definitely wants to stir up fear in certain pockets of the Pentagon…)

“…due to the threat now being posed against President Donald Trump from his own American Military Establishment—a grave threat now putting the entire world on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse that began to emerge over these past few weeks when President Trump ordered the Pentagon to draw up plans to have all US troops removed from Afghanistan by his nation’s 3 November election day—President Trump affirmed a commitment to Iraq to remove US troops from their country—President Trump ordered the removal of 9,500 US troops from Germany—

All followed by President Trump ordering the Pentagon, on 8 June, to publically post for the first time the true war causalities caused by the Bush-Cheney-Obama-Clinton Regimes unending wars over the past nearly 20-years, that started on 11 September 2001 (9/11), which showed 7,048 American soliders had been killed and a staggering 53,241 of them had been wounded—which then caused currently serving US military generals—said more committed to socialist Democrats and their globalist agenda—to join the Deep State’s “Rolling Coup” of President Trump—

…All of this is orchestrated in their attempt to end the presidency of Donald Trump, to replace him with one of their lackeys, to usher in the end to the United States as we know it, to make America another part of the world government the super wealthy elites have long dreamed of installing….Start seeing all of this as scripted action being run by the world’s richest people, with the help of willing Democrats as their foot soldiers…This IS World War III”.

The commonality of all the Presidents targeted for military overthrow, this report explains, was their attempting to shift money away from the military establishment so it could be used to benefit the American people—a fact known to President Lyndon Johnson, President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama—Republican Party and Democrat Party leaders alike that allowed their military establishment to launch countless wars and military actions costing multiple trillions-of-dollars—none of which were ever really won—but whose greatest threat to ever confront them is President Trump—who while giving the military establishment the largest budget increases they’ve ever seen, swiftly effectively ended his nation’s endless wars—and who is now trying to bring his military forces home so they can’t start any more of them.

If elected to serve four more years, this report continues, President Trump would fulfill his promise to the American people to bring his nation’s endless wars to a “glorious end”—a reality that’s enraged the military establishment to the point that they’re now trying to tip the election scales against President Trump—and over the past fortnight, while using as pretext the present chaos erupting in America, has seen Defense Secretary Mark Esper calling a press conference to go against President Trump’s wanting to use US military forces to stop riots and looting, with his stating that the deployment of active-duty troops in a domestic law enforcement role “should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations”—that was followed by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley releasing a video where he said “I should not have been there…my presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics” in response to his having walked with President Trump to an historic church looted and burned by socialist rioters—

Both of whom were then quickly joined by what is being called a “Revolt of the Generals”, that describes the numerous current and former military leaders coming out in unison to politically condemn President Trump—all of whom know the fact that everything an American President does is “political”, although not necessarily “partisan”—and even more critically, all know that for them to use contemptuous words against President Trump is a violation of US federal law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice they can be tried for—even retired generals, who can be swiftly recalled to active duty to be court martialed for their crimes.

In order for one to grasp the full dimensions of this “Rolling Coup”, however, this report notes, it must be noticed that these contemptuous political attacks by military leaders against President Trump are coming at the same time his enemies are claiming the military will have to remove him from the White House if he loses the election, but when asked if he’d leave, President Trump replied: “Certainly, if I don’t win, I don’t win”—and at the same time a new book claims First Lady Melania Trump said “Stop calling me First Lady” while she battled against her husband, but whose spokesman rightly said belongs “in the fiction genre” because it’s based on lies and misinformation—both of which were quickly joined by a letter written by a group of West Point alumni slamming President Trump for the politicization of America—which itself was joined by a letter written by West Point graduates slamming President Trump for the politicization of the military—

West Point graduates whose ceremony President Trump attended on Saturday—but who built for President Trump a slick and steep ramp he had to climb to reach the stage, which of course he needed help to get down in the slick bottomed new shoes he daily wears—but did give the leftist media an opening to write lying stories suggesting President Trump is in failing health—though when reaching solid ground, President Trump sprinted away proving that this suggestion was a lie.

When all combined, this report further explains, these unrelenting attacks suddenly exploding against President Trump were immediately identified by GRU intelligence analysts as being generated by a Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) information warfare tool used by the US military to destabilize and topple organized groups and governments—

An information warfare tool used to great effect against ISIS forces in Afghanistan by United States Joint Special Forces Command leader General Stanley A. McChrystal—who after leaving the US Army formed his own company named the McChrystal Group—whom the socialist Democrat Party then paid multiple millions-of-dollars to topple President Trump

…General McChrystal and his McChrystal Group are attempting to achieve (this) by using this DARPA information warfare tool they’ve renamed Defeat Disinfo that utilizes artificial intelligence and network analysis to map everything said about or by President Trump on social media—(and) then attempts to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across America—that pays users with large followings to take sides against President Trump—and all occurring without the American people having any idea at all about how they’re being manipulated.

Against the grave threat he’s facing from the malign forces within his own military establishment, who’ve pledged their loyalty to socialist Democrats and wealthy international globalists, this report concludes, President Trump is far from being powerless—

Specifically because of what socialists have called “the Christian takeover of the US military”, and in the 2016 election. US troops favoring Trump by a 3-to-1 margin over Clinton—an overwhelming number of US troops backing their Commander-In-Chief President Trump over their own traitorous generals—

Traitorous generals President Trump has just sent the feared retired US Army Brigadier-General Anthony Tata into the Pentagon to root out and destroy, who showed up at the Pentagon to begin working before the US Senate even confirmed him—and President Trump also sending Michael Cutrone into the Pentagon, who previously served as Vice President Mike Pence’s top national security aide for South Asia, and was said is expected to serve in a behind-the-scenes role in the Pentagon to measure how loyal other officials are to President Trump—but most ominously to know about, is the same Michael Cutrone that the only thing known about him by the American people before he entered the Pentagon is that “he serves as a CIA analyst at the moment”—but to the GRU, has long been known to be one of the CIA’s assassin masterminds responsible for the deaths of hundreds of terrorist leaders throughout the world—and whose sudden appearance at the Pentagon can only mean only one thing, someone’s going to die much sooner than later.”

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