Birth of A Conference and A Daughter- Russ Hatfield on June 18, 2020

Birth of A Conference and A Daughter-

Recorded: 5/29/97

   We here at the Hades Base News are big fans of synchronicity but even we have to step back in amazement when the past continually meets up with the present. Such is the case with Tia’s dissertation on the events of 1997, both socially and politically, and how they mirror almost exactly the events of today. To say the coincidence is freaky would be an understatement but we’re getting used to that when transcribing these randomly picked channeling sessions. It would be nice to say we chose this tape on purpose because it would help people relate to the current crisis but that has been done for us by the forces of fate. What has always been a question for me is why it took twenty years for everything to finally come together so these channeling sessions could be heard as well as read. Naturally, technology has played a major part of the problem as what is inexpensive now cost much more back then thanks to podcast sites. A better reason is that this session in particular could not have been posted at a better time. What is being said in Tia’s dissertation is what we’re seeing in the headlines and the streets of our very cities. Tia’s synchronicity is just the start of what would be a night of firsts. One blemish on the recording is the last ten minutes where we receive a call from Carrie. While the sound quality is great up until then, for some reason Tia’s voice gets distorted as it blows through the maximum range of the microphone. Since the other voices sound fine it seems to point to Tia being right on top on the mic during the call. Our sound technician did what he could but the distortion remains. To hear Carrie’s joy is worth the annoyance and we apologize we did not recognize the problem at the time of taping. Now, onto the summary.

   Tia is full of good news as the channeling session starts with new stock market records being set and a downgrade in Defcon levels due to a president who was turning right. She continues the topic of that same president and the distraction facing him in the form of impeachment. It’s when she gets into going over the various scenarios facing our future that it seems as though the future couldn’t wait. Her description is straight out of the headlines leaving the listener wondering if they had entered a time warp in how close things match to the present. What we try to work out is what this means to the people most affected and a corresponding point in history is used of the invasion of Poland by the Nazis. It was after that they immediately started rounding up the Jews and the undesirables. Not the most cheerful part of the channeling though it is something that could happen in the future to those deemed different. Next is Omal who only has time to get us through to the end of the tape and brings with him some great news. A proposal Karra and myself conceived had been approved for a Conference between the various races who had dealings with our planet. It was an arrangement where all parties could hopefully find common ground on the policies affecting the human race where we would actually have a say in the conversation. The proposal had been debated for the last eight weeks and Omal was happy to announce it was the fastest a proposal had ever been agreed to by the Council of Ashtar Command. Instrumental with its passage was a Wookie friend of mine I had met while skiing who I had become close to during my trips to the base. Omal’s personal request was that the Arcturians have a role in the Conference which was agreed to as they also had dealings with our planet. That is all we had time for before the tape runs out and Omal heads off to his meeting.
   Tia comes back as Omal leaves and we discuss the conversation between Omal and I. She helps with the need to establish the rules that would be agreed upon by everyone involved with the Conference including Ashtar. She points out that the discussions between all the off-world participants involved will give the general public reading the transcripts a chance to compare the various paths. A great suggestion of hers is to utilize a chat room at a now defunct New Age site that had become popular called Spirit Web. Karra replaces Tia and we go over an astral trip of mine I had taken to the base where I taught the children of the base about how money works. It was helped by Omal taking the form of one of the children but had chosen a girl so I had no idea who it was I was teaching. The children of both Karra, Alana, and I enjoyed watching their father get to teach a class though the concept of money wasn’t grasped as well as I hoped. Their system is a better one so who can blame them. One funny part when going over the Conference with her is that a few of her verbal answers are to my telepathic questions. She also needs my help in the future with some incoming wounded from the Sirian Defense Force we heard about back in our November podcast. Seeing the toll taken by the members of the Force in protecting a third dimensional sister world of Sirius helped me realize it isn’t all fun and games assisting others in their ascension path. Kiri pops in to let us know she will be visiting Sarah and her grandmother at the convent on Sirius and would not be there for a session in July. That leaves Tia to finish off when we get a call from Carrie who had her new baby. It was the perfect end to a great channeling session.
Russ and Karra
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