Change Strategy — Rinus Verhagen Saturday, June 20, 2020

Change Strategy -- Rinus Verhagen


Change Strategy — Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor June 20, 2020 Dear initiators of virus madness, Geert Wilders and Thierry Baude…

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Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

June 20, 2020

Dear initiators of virus madness, Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet.

This is the chance to restore Democracy non-violently, wake up the sleeping population and get rid of the assassins.

Are we going to stop accepting the political correctness of the Bilderberg mafia in The Hague, to create the appearance of Democracy?

You’ve all been publicized for your ideals and your conviction that things must change, that we won’t live by decree or obey globalists who consider everyone more important than ourselves.

This happens in all countries, so the globalists are a self-interest association, through their corruption and abuse of power by deceit.

How to react to the ban on expressing your dissatisfaction through a demonstration where a D66 judge murdered Democracy for the umpteenth time.

This is a crime in itself.

We don’t have to ignore the banning of the demonstration.

We are changing tactics because the population is losing confidence and belief in politics.

For what can we use to undermine the incomes of politicians and EU Nazis in this NWO war against us?

That is why I appeal to all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands not to pay any more tax, request a postponement for the payment of VAT.

The army of farmers, who no longer finance their own demise to follow the Hunger games of the New World Order, will be a striking blow to this Fascist policy of Rutte III.

The damage the Deep State policy has done worldwide justifies this action legally.

The government can’t get any more money from the banks, as the money is already covered by the introduction of GESARA.

Despite all false left-wing propaganda, when it comes to money everyone will choose for his own interest.

I demand from Thierry Baudet and Geert Wilders that they support this cause, and address the population in a joint statement.

That they openly acknowledge that we no longer have a constitution, nor a kingdom from May 13th 1940.

That Rutte III is indeed a Hitler cabinet from May 18, 1940 and that we were deceived from May 5, 1945 onwards by the coup that plagued the former queen with politics.

The population was then denied a choice, by designating a post-war government by diktat, so that all subsequent cabinets still function as the Hitler Cabinet from May 18, 1940 introduced by the Nazis.

Because of article 21 of the then constitution, the kingdom and constitution lapsed, and all treaties which were entered into on behalf of the Netherlands are not legally valid, also the ruling on the prohibition of 21 June is not legally binding for the deceived and robbed population by the corrupt politics from 5 May 1940 onwards.

Let this information go out in a statement of Thierry and Geert together, then the Cabinet is immediately disbanded from all its tasks, and the Genocide law of Hugo de Jonge and Mark Rutte can never be considered a legal law.

Stop being politically correct, but stand up for each other’s interests, send this information to all groups that support the Virus Madness action.

The deceived and robbed population will no longer tolerate corrupt Bilderberg Mafia staying in power with false lies.

Any contribution to an illegal Nazi EU due to our defaults will stop by itself, it is our decision to regain sovereignty.

We make use of our birthright, which cannot be overruled by any man-made or invented laws or rules.

I ask you to share this information, because I still have 21 Days of Facebook Jail because the truth must not be told.

The more we unite against Rutte’s Dutch Deep State and consorts, the sooner we’ll be rid of this demonic waste.

The Chamber of false indignation of political unwilling strangers to silence Thierry because the assassin of the Peasants serves a double agenda and interests is zum Kotzen.

I sue this Rutte and his fellow criminals for Genocide, high treason, and crimes against humanity, deliberately encouraging and allowing environmental pollution by mixing all the poison in marine fuel oil which is 1275 times more polluting than all the cars on earth, and deliberately spraying with Chemicals by airplanes, to make us sick and weaken us in order to keep the pharmaceutical industry going.

The deceit to make the population pay for a climate dictatorship in this false way with the double standards of the Bilderberg mafia in The Hague.

Here the link about the progress just the GESARA trajectory, to get the world population out of debt slavery, and to make corruption by politicians impossible for the future.

Keep checking this site for yourself as the info is changed once or twice a day, not all predictions come true, due to disturbing circumstances or deliberate misinformation, it is a measure to show that the system is tilting.

Just arrived:

Our military intel contact said that the hurry up and wait dynamic and ‘next week I promise’ dynamic from the intentional SLOW CONTROLLED ROLL OUT was DoD’s strategy to counter every Deep State threat and interference step-by-step; he said YES this is painful to all of us including him, but this pain will give each of us more strength post-RV, strength we will need. He said DoD, Trump, and other patriots in our govt know what many may not know, that the Deep State has been working for decades and centuries toward their NWO Globalist One World Govt (he said google “twitter praying medic june 17 ‘(7) potus is working with other world leaders to defeat those who are trying to establish a global government, (also known as the new world order)'”) and they are ABSOLUTELY INTENT on you NOT having this money and stealing it from you, your children, and grandchildren, so they can establish their Luciferian One World Govt headed by their “Grey Champion” to oppress you and your children and grandchildren; he said read the biblical account of this in 2 Thessalonians chp 2 and that will help you appreciate why this has been a SLOW AND CONTROLLED ROLL OUT to defeat the Deep State completely FOR YOU and for this country and the 209 nations, so YOU can spend these funds to help others WITHOUT DEEP STATE INTERFERENCE. He said he really wants us to be encouraged that this is the end for us, the Brazilian intel and Texas Snake’s intel and all the other sources of Mr. Fleming are REALLY TRUE that THIS IS FINALLY THE END after this final sting operation.

Then there is a question about the trade in our birth certificates, how we can check this, which I will reveal here with the links: and the connection with the Vatican :

Everyone has a free choice whether he or she wants to submit to their dictatorship as a national of the NWO and the EU.

No matter how loudly reserve Hitler Verhofstadt screams like a misplaced lunatic idiot, it won’t help, because the entire population of Europe sees the game and is disgusted, we can’t insult him, he’s too retarded for that.

Read confirmations:


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