The Rising of the Divine Feminine by Goddess Isis

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- REPOST-

It is in, as and with truth that I greet you, channelling energies of the Divine Sacred Goddess and Feminine aspects of the Creator through my presence. I greet you in truth so that the truth of your own being may more fully emerge to be recognised and perceived in your own presence and the creation of your reality. Let us mirror the truth of the Creator as we acknowledge and gaze into the light of each other, thus exploring with greater depths the truth that is eternally present.

Truth is eternally present as it is an aspect and essence of the Creator, when truth is present we know the Creator is present in action and alignment within our beings and creations. Truth is an expression of the Creator; it is an energy, influence and presence within you. Truth is about being honest with yourself and others in every present moment of your existence so that you allow yourself to see, sense and acknowledge the clarity and divine guidance of the Creator, flowing from you and existing around you. With the presence of honesty so the walls and veils of illusion crumble to refresh your perspective of yourself and all that is the Creator. Truth doesn’t only encapsulate honesty but also is an essence which is a part of your vibration; it is the presence of the divine and sacred wisdom of the Creator. The truth, wisdom, guidance and reality of the Creator is an understanding and all knowingness that we all seek to remember and resonate with once more whether we are on the Earth or the inner planes. It is an energy and consciousness that frees our spirit and soul allowing us to move into expansion, connection, alignment and an all knowingness of the divine order and that everything is in divine order eternally. The truth of the Creator is what every soul seeks as it is the essence of the soul and when accepted allows illusion, pain and suffering to fall away.

The truth of the Creator is emerging from within the Earth and from within your beings now, it is the presence of truth that is unsettling energy, relationships, experiences and  situations causing conflict, chaos, pain and suffering to come to the surface so that all aspects of the Earth, humanity, souls and the inner planes can be purified. With the presence of truth all will be able to easily accept expansion within their beings but especially within their minds and perspectives thus will we see, sense and acknowledge the greater presence of the Creator and all the beautiful qualities of the Creator for deeper and fuller experience. This is what is occurring upon the Earth now, the deepening presence of love is ushering the truth of the Creator to be present, anchored and complete within your bei ng and the Earth thus having a transformational influence to create a deep integration process.

It is important to remember and recognise that the truth of the Creator cannot always be understood or comprehended with the mind or even the emotions. Understanding at a mental level is not always appropriate or needed, but embodiment and acceptance allows for deeper awakening and inspirational processes. Sometimes the truth of the Creator only needs to be expressed as energy and doesn’t need to translate into words or concepts. For spiritual beings upon the Earth in physical realities this can be a challenging idea to comprehend but it brings forth the gift, ability and key of acceptance, trust and inner knowingness.

With the presence of love growing in momentum upon the Earth this encourages the vibrations of the Goddess and feminine aspects of the Creator to rise once more in power, strength and presence. For some time and in many different ways the feminine vibrations of the Creator have been suppressed within many people upon the Earth creating an image of the feminine vibration as weak, powerless, incapable and even not divine or sacred. With the suppression of the feminine vibrations within all and within teachings, consciousness and actions upon the Earth so the truth of the Creator has been suppressed and ridiculed.  Both the feminine and masculine vibrations are born from a united truth of deep integration and acceptance, both hold their own aspects, qualities and vibrations of truth which are deeply valuable, akin to sacred golden treasure. The truth of the feminine vibrations of the Creator merges perfectly with the masculine vibrations complementing it greatly, while the masculine vibrations achieve the same. Both intertwine to create the complete and absolute truth of the Creator which is likened to enlightenment and bliss when it occurs and is realised within your being. While damage and suppression has occurred to both the feminine and masculine vibrations of truth it is the feminine vibration of truth which is emerging and rising from within the souls of many.

Whether you are in a male or female physical body, when you learn to embrace and accept your divine feminine vibrations exploring and embodying that which is shared not only will you heal your being and awaken a new realisation of yourself as the Creator but the wisdom held within the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator will be available to you. The divine feminine vibration holds such sacred wisdom, truth, guidance and Creator acknowledgement, it is akin to receiving a mammoth book of secrets which seems so familiar to you as you read each word and yet you have never heard such words upon the Earth.

It is a powerful time to embrace, love and give birth to your divine feminine aspect whether you have previously connected or not, there is a new level of your divine feminine aspect waiting to be embodied due to the increasing level of love within your being and reality. With this embrace of a new aspect of your divine feminine you have the opportunity to connect with the sacred wisdom of the divine feminine, bringing its truth into your being thus allowing the divine feminine to rise returning its truth to the consciousness of all. No longer does the truth of the divine feminine need to be suppressed, it exists in unison with all things especially within the universe of the Creator, it’s wealth of knowledge is abundant and vast.

I wish to share with you two invocations to assist you in supporting the rise of the Divine Feminine.

‘Goddess Isis, I call your presence, strength, power, love, compassion and truth forth to greet and merge with my being. Support me in fully, perfectly and easily experiencing the intention I share now.

Coordinating with my soul please bring forth healing and purification to my entire being in preparation for receiving, accepting and embodying my divine feminine vibrations. Please awaken, heal and magnify the divine feminine vibrations I already embody and recognise within my being. Let my connection, alignment and acceptance of my divine feminine vibrations be strengthened and empowered to increase the flow of my divine feminine into embodiment. I invite the greater aspects of my divine feminine vibrations waiting to merge to flow, pour and synthesis with my being. I embrace and love deeply and completely all aspects of my divine feminine accepting with ease and perfection the divine truth of the divine feminine aspects of the Creator wishing to share, channel and express through my being. I now knowingly support the rise of the divine feminine truth to more fully manifest the Creator within my being and upon the Earth. I am the truth of the Creator and support the sacred healing and release of the divine feminine truth guided by my soul and the Creator. Let it be so.’

Sit in peace, focusing upon your breathing, let yourself gently shift into new states of consciousness and embodiment of your divine feminine and the vibration of truth.

‘Goddess Isis, I call your presence, strength, power, love, compassion and truth forth to greet and merge with my being. Support me in fully, perfectly and easily experiencing the intention I share now.

With the presence, love and strength of my soul, I send forth energy of pure love to the divine feminine vibrations within every being and all aspects of the Creator. My love dissolves all suppression, limitations, restrictions and conflict which may have been experienced by the divine feminine vibrations of the Creator in the past and present. With the abundance of my love I allow and support the rising of the divine feminine truth within every being and all aspects of the Creator especially on the Earth. I allow and support deep and absolute healing to take place wherever it is needed. I call upon all Goddess beings of the inner planes, guides and ascended masters of love to support the emergence of the divine feminine truth. Let it be so.’

Sit for as long as you feel is appropriate emanating love from your heart and soul, let the energy of your divine feminine flow and work through you.

In truth always,

Goddess Isis



  • This Universe is created by both male and female energies. These two types of energies flow through everything that exists.

The dualistic nature of the Universe exists because of these energies which are opposite to each other: Day and Night, Light and Dark, Expansion and Contraction, Hot and Cold, Thought and Emotion, Order and Chaos, Yin and Yang… – all reflections of these primordial energies.

Us people including are dual in nature no matter the gender, the ratio is the only difference in male versus female. Generally, the mental aspect of a person is driven mainly by male energy and the emotion aspect is driven by the female one.

The main differences between the two:

Male Energy is direct, like a straight line. It projects outward, it secures and has a giving nature.

Female Energy is cyclic, like a circle. It’s directed inward, it nurtures and has a receiving nature.

When they both work together, they dance and form a spiral, moving upwards, thriving and growing. The two sides of your body are reflecting these energies: left being predominately feminine and the right side being more masculine.

The brain is in reverse, i.e the right eye is connected to the left side of your brain and the left eye is connected to the right side of your brain. Left side of the brain (male) is considered to be more logical and analytical whereas the right side (female) is considered more artistic and spiritual. From these stems the fact that the left hemisphere of your brain is involved in the language and logical reasoning whereas the right hemisphere is involved in the emotional processing.

For the hands, the principle is similar; your left-hand deals with your inner world and the roots of your emotional state, while your right-hand deals with how you project these emotional gifts to the outer world.

So basically, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are another way of labeling the energies of “Receiving” vs “Creating”, “Being” vs “Doing”, “Allowing” vs “Acting”.

The Divine Feminine:

She is the energy of Beingness. Powerful, loving, and caring.

She allows to trust, have faith, patiently observing by leaning back.

The Divine Feminine is the one that finds her path from the inside out through love and feels freedom from within.

The woman that embodies this energy is magnetic and able to attract everything she wants knowing that it’s the energy of co-creation and manifestation.

She is the essence of innocence and purity, love and divine knowing. The energy of intuition and faith allowing the Universe to support her on the soul path simply because of BEING.

There is no energy of desperation, neediness, lack which relates to what we call these days the Wounded Feminine.

By being in this energy of relaxation, trusting, allowing, giving, and receiving, we’ve made room for rest, recovery, rejuvenation, receptivity, and love to manifest in our lives.

By doing nothing, you do so much more – this is the main principle of this energy.

The Divine Masculine:

It is the energy of action, but one open and loving, focused on faith-based action.

In this energy, you listen to the divine feminine’s knowing, receive her divine intuitive downloads, and then you find yourself acting upon them with faith.

It acts out of a knowing that all is well and always will be, and that you are always held and supported by something bigger than you, a force so magnificent it cannot be conceived with our human minds.

This is the energy that unites the world in love, peace, and personal authority, allowing all beings and all things to have a seat at the round table of oneness. It is the man that gives his coat for a person in need, it is the care of a woman for a relative or a neighbor.

When this energy manifests with conflict and control, fear has taken the reins and that is what we call the Wounded Masculine. The wounded side comes from an energy of proving, struggling, achieving to prove worthiness, and feeling fear of not being loved or welcomed enough.

Trusting yourself to know exactly what to do and when to do it – this is the main principle of this energy

We are witnessing in today’s society an increase of the Masculine Energy or patriarchal approach to life especially in the western world and when this energy is overly present, violence and competition in various forms is taken over. By being more into our feminine nature (be it woman or man) we will be able to balance the two energies establishing an equilibrium that will cease to create the codependency of a frustrated and violent Wounded Masculine with a clingy and powerless Wounded Feminine.

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