Headlines and Updates for June 23, 2020: New Q & Fighting the Information War [videos] Starship Earth: The Big Picture June 23, 2020

Headlines and Updates for June 23, 2020: New Q & Fighting the Information War [videos]
June 23, 2020

The late night Q for Monday was a reminder of the terms of engagement. By controlling the information they control what people think, and when you control what people think, you can control what they do. They can shape behaviour. Psychological warfare. WE need to shape the narrative to tip the scales in Humanity’s favour to counter the fact that so many people don’t understand they’re being manipulated via lies and disinformation.


Trump will be in Phoenix and Yuma today. I often get my news from Twitter and this is here in the valley today where it’s already 99F in the shade where I am, and hotter in the city where they are—but it’s a dry heat—and I love it. I hope everyone will be safe.

I don’t see any masks in this video. Go Phoenix!

President Trump will visit Phoenix Tuesday, June 23

And check out the “comment” below this Phoenix post about the Ukraine/Biden/Soros news from The Sharp Edge.

Today we have this among others. You knew there was a very good reason for ousting Berman, right? The swamp monsters covered up the crimes. Now they feel the PAIN. Watch all the little soldiers fall.

Timing of video release [#4500] & Berman termination?
“You cannot attack your political opponent.”
The doubters will soon be believers.
Years in the making.

See all the Q drops here.

Speaking of PAIN… before we go any further… I echo this emotion. “Is that…”???

And if those ARE the sort of things going on, you can bet your sweet bippy the lunatic left will do whatever they can to keep it out of the news cycle. Distractions will abound.

Washington, DC is a happening place with more “demonstrations” at Lafayette Square near the White House last night. The battle comes back to the theatre under fierce fire for nearly four years since President Trump occupied enemy territory in the “hostile takeover” of the USA Corp. and the swamp.

An Autonomous Zone in Washington DC? Nope. That’s not happening

The Secret Service order came as demonstrators across the street in Lafayette Park declared the “Black House Autonomous Zone,” in apparent imitation of the anarchist police-free enclave in Seattle.

Secret Service tells media to evacuate White House grounds

The mob has also vandalized the historic St. John’s Church across from the White House once again, just weeks after they lit it on fire.

We can’t let these violent criminals go unchecked. They must be addressed and removed no matter how long it takes. They are the enemy’s ammunition and at some point they will run out of bullets. (bodies)

This image was taken today, June 23.

Police clear H street and Black Lives Matter Plaza after protesters set up an autonomous zone the previous night, just north of the White House in Washington on June 23, 2020. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

FINALLY: DC Police Are Not Letting the Mob Run the City Tonight, Rioters in a Panic (VIDEOS)

DC Police Start Clearing ‘Autonomous Zone’ Protesters Near White House

The Coronavirus situation is a volatile one, and as I have said, heads are gonna roll. Q asked us if we could prove intent to kill seniors by placing CV-infected patients back in a long term care facility and the answer, as you may have suspected, is yes.

There is proof that laws/guidelines were broken and that suggests murder. Delicate souls with compromised immune systems and already dealing with significant health challenges were infected by breaking the laws set forth in the community for those facilities. Despicable.

Killing our aged population was one of the first objectives we discussed when we learned of the characteristics of the virus or bacteria or whatever this bioweapon is. When no one I know is sick, hospitals are empty, but our elderly are in the highest risk group, it seems clear what the intent was.

Exclusive — Seema Verma: Cuomo, Other Democrat Governors’ Coronavirus Nursing Home Policies Contradicted Federal Guidance

Here’s a sensible discussion on a new X22 Spotlight with Dave and Bix Weir on current events, strategies, who’s at war, Coronavirus psychological warfare, second wave, etc. Ironically, Dave and Bix discuss the possibility/probability of Seattle-like scenarios appearing in more cities. Sounds like they tried it in Washington with their ludicrous “Black House” crap last evening.

Bix and Dave don’t agree on everything, but I believe Dave sees the situation very accurately. Not everyone is aware of the White Hats’ long-term plan so they have a more cautious approach to the future but it’s important to understand that we are about to embark on a spectacular journey into our Golden Age. When QAnon says, “The world is about to change”, it means every aspect of life will be different. It will be beyond our wildest dreams.

What most people don’t understand is that the Quantum Financial System is an intelligent system used by off-planet species, according to what I have heard. We have been kept in the dark by the predators and we don’t understand what reality is. When the construct is revealed and the virus (the predators, not CV-19) is eradicated, we won’t be living life the old way any longer; not in any way, shape or form.

The new system prevents cheating and manipulation because everything is linked to our DNA and unique personal identity. Let’s not anticipate problems that won’t be there.

We have to stop thinking in terms of the manipulated, globalist/bankster-controlled system we have been using. It’s going the way of the dinosaur. When envisioning the future we need to abandon the limitations put on us by the control freaks. They won’t be a factor in our new world.

All Assets Are Now Deployed By The [DS], Big Push Coming Soon: Bix Weir


Many people are confused by the psychological warfare. If you’re still coming to terms with what is unfolding and are concerned for the future, know your enemy, then fight back. We can all play a role.

As discussed in the video above, what Humanity worldwide have given up due to authoritarian directives that remain unproven are unprecedented. Are we going to continue to go along with the narrative?

Despite how absurd the measures have been in localized areas of the USA, it’s far worse in other countries where the government is not working with the people, but against them. Representatives are caving to the wishes of the globalists to subjugate the people and disrupt society.

The Dummy’s Guide to Authoritarianism (Or, the Long Kiss Goodbye to the Good Life)

In California they are making moves in preparation for the planned “second wave”. Their agenda is very clear in that Democrat-run state.

If they would just stop testing it would enable us to go back to normal, because the coronavirus is the family of common colds and influenzas. We’ve all been exposed to it and probably most would test positive—which accounts for the constant headlines about cases increasing everywhere.

‘Highly Likely’ That COVID-19 Spike Linked to Protests, LA Health Official Says

Yup, they’re setting it up, folks, and the media is happy to oblige. Under the guise of this scamdemic, they can manipulate all kinds of situations and people.

Fauci: US seeing ‘disturbing’ new surge of infections

The game plan is very obvious to thinking minds.


With our focus on Mount Rushmore for the Independence Day celebration, this article below caught my eye. Do you think Trump’s actions to fine and jail for the destruction of monuments will deter the ultimate attack? Let’s hope so.

We heard the park closed last summer for “renovations”. I wonder if security had anything to do with it, because this park in the middle of undeveloped territory would be difficult to defend without serious security measures.

I suspect President Trump’s likeness will adorn those cliffs one day so it would be a shame if they were destroyed. Read or listen to the article at the link below.

Nolte: Mount Rushmore Is Doomed to the 1619 Riots

Trump authorizes arrests of anyone vandalizing monuments


Now for the fun. This video below goes into many of the clues provided as to the emergence of JFK Jr. for your consideration. We love decodes. I get flashbacks of the Cicada Group’s prophecy, “Emergence is coming.”

I suggest you refer to the links under the video on YouTube. Those who got into the SerialBrain2 lessons will have a fair understanding of how some of the comms work, with numerology, Gematria, mirroring, etc.

Incidentally, when I visited the SB2 site to get that URL, I see an update to a new location. Perhaps a more secure one? There must be a reason for this activity to relocate the archive.



Here we see the result of communist infiltration of the education system/universities. The result: poisoned children activated right on cue. Mind-controlled morons programmed to create racial tension where there is none.

Black student group at Rice U demands segregation

The Seattle CHAZ/CHOP update follows. Will the July 4th planned event with “Bikers for Trump” go on as planned? Or will fears of Hell’s Angels-style violence override and cancel it? We’ll have to wait to find out. I just don’t see it ending well. Why not let these demonic creatures hate on each other and if necessary, take each other out? It’s their choice.

CHAZ Undercover

There has been a very large earthquake in Mexico, and an inconceivably large dust cloud is predicted in the Gulf of Mexico and the interior of the US. What might happen under the haze of a huge dust storm? The good news is, hurricanes will not develop under these conditions.

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico, Tsunami Warning Issued

Yet ANOTHER “Jumbo Quake” – Two 7.4M Earthquakes 5 days APART!

The dust storm—5,000 miles wide and growing, is predicted to make landfall in a few days. A small one has already arrived in the Caribbean while the larger, denser one is en route. Mr. MBB333 has all the details for us and shows us how even the small one has filtered the sun a great deal. That is a common occurrence here in the desert but they are usually gone in 15 minutes or so. It sounds like these will last much longer.

It’s going to FILL the ENTIRE Gulf of Mexico in 3 Days! – “Unfathomably BIG”

The crew sent some photos of their incense ash that fell in qurious patterns, not once, but twice. Qincidence?

And that’s all I have time for before I head into the city. I will get to the comments ASAP.

Use your memes well, digital warriors! ~ BP

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doesn’t even go on for another 6 hours and this is the line to get in Don’t let the media lie to and say there isn’t any enthusiasm for this president RT so they can’t ignore!


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WOW. A translated Ukrainian press conference from yesterday not only implicates Biden, but also George Soros, in a plot to snatch 1.5 billion from Ukrainian tax payers for a…get this…”corruption tax”, through overstated gas tariffs from Naftogaz.
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