AGENT MARGARITAVILLE UPDATES & The #NewCanada Digital Government & Currency Model – JUNE 27 2020

Bill Blair’s Murder of Heidi Stevenson ~ former #RCMPizzagate Copper

Jun 26, 2020

THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL Thanks to Agent Leon for alerting me to this great dig by Press Core, which appears to expose Bill Blair’s murder of RCMPizzagate cop Heidi Stevenson. This false flag murder has the hallmark of many of Bill Blair’s “orchestrated events” such as those caught on camera during the 2010 G20, when Bill and Julian Fantino helped Stephen Harper and Pedo MacKay rape the tax payer of $624,000,000 to hire pedophiles to beat Chinese students in the streets of Toronto. Bill wants to raise fear of guns and help the pedophiles in the crown gather Canadian’s guns, before we learn that C.A.S. Child Protection workers like Fiona Ponticelli and Stephanie Panzarella are trafficking babies to pedophiles like judges Robert Spence and #VictorPizzagatePaisley. We will exterminate the vermin. Bill, you are a dead man…. and you know why…. don’t you? ..the same reason a former Pedofaggot cop named Bishop,… is awaiting the day he gets his. He might be beaten to death with #PaulCottonBallWard‘s own skull, before this is over. lol The last time I saw, 10,000 people were rioting at Paul’s police station while he sits at his home, being caught on drone footage by Agent A1.

The #NewCanada Digital Government & Currency Model

Jun 25, 2020

This is a mirror of a video done last week on Amina Motala’s channel: … where I discussed the #NewCanada Digital Government and Currency model, first began by myself for Dr Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele in 2016, and later presented in part to the Govt. of South Korea in the spring of 2018, wherein my partner Matthew Staikos received approval to build a Beta currency system. I have since completed much of the base design and have offered it to Norm Traversy and Susanna Russo for their #NewCanada Party and the #NewCanada Initiative. The digital dollar is coming folks, and this design will not only be the safest and most secure financial system in the world, but I have given it to Susanna and Norm as a gift to all Canadians. Apologies for the audio, however the inverter on the house boat caused a hum in one track.


I ❤️ Pinky and Agent Roses’ BRAIN!

Premiered Jun 25, 2020


THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL TRUTH comes in many ways. Sometimes it comes from fate. Sometimes it comes through hours of endless deep listening. Sometimes it comes from cherishing those you love Sometimes it comes from anonymous sources … and Sometimes it comes from people who have climbed to the top of the pillar of understanding and slowly slid down to our level, to share their TRUTH in the most prophetic of manners. This is a love. Agent Rose sent Tokyowashi this poem in November 2016, in which she told us of the hibernation of artists, and turmoil in policing as the patriot forces of the world, seek out BAD HOMBRES and policing around the world begins a massive cleanup of all DIRTYCOPS, and #cottonballed losers who have turned their backs on corruption, and child trafficking.… Nov 13, 2016 – Angel of the North – No Prose Rose Agent Rose, refrains from prose, Rhyming is her style. The world awaits discovery, A STARS go in exile. Madonna’s giving no-jobs, Jay Z has gone Beyonce. GAGA screams Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil! Members of Clinton’s Ponzi. The jig is up most everywhere, If you don’t already know. But there’s another truth out there, That Patriots know. I spoke with Lagenomai once, About the cost of gum. He promised he would show me, The world has just begun. We’d have Star Trek utopia, Devoid of Dirtycops. No longer walking honour’s beat, The madness had to stop. DG forshadowed for you all, In his tomb about THE MAN. There was one opponent, Against which evil could not stand. Too many silly gum balls, To STAND and STOP and STARE. “He said just grab the fucking machine! All the gum’s in there!” So we raise a Margarita, To the hero’s of the day. Who by now appreciate, The game has gone GODs way. Algorithms scouring drives, That backup the INTERNET. Will cleanse the world of enough evil, On that you sure can bet! Every email you ever wrote, Those texts you long forgot. No longer private secrets, Those days are gone, WHY NOT? Good men and women in law enforcement, Will clean up their own ranks. Then go get the rest of them, And toss them in the TANKS. For every revolution, The SALE of truth goes round, Captain’s and Cowboys wanted for HIM, From the end of the world, to your town!

#TRUTHTrilogy#OpCrownDown #GiveBlood #SBV#Gumballmodel #OpOrangeCrush

Jun 21, 2020


THIS IS NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL The absence of Agent Margaritaville activity was a result of a strategic element of #DBug. I was unable to answer comments… I’m sorry. I wish to thank all for your prayers and well wishes. Ok,…. What did I miss? This video contains cryptographic elements framing the history of Agent Margaritaville’s efforts to bring justice to those who have had no voice. Previously titled: Marc, Victor & SPAWN in Luperon DONE, Paul’s GONE, Hillary Fertilizes Law, POTUS Talks to 1 Million It was brought to my attention that I should similarly design other chapters in this story thusly, and that is why it is retitled. And so… NewFound Lands Bring the measure of a man Irish gifts from Gods hand Some days the frozen treat is neat Some dig deep Some call him a freak But the truth is in the energy you reap A smile now, .. awakens, a perfect sleep This one is soul deep ZZ’s Topping all the dreams That a perfect life could be designed But it seams God had a better idea… BlueHearts never flee The chain swings from the ancient tree A proper design is a miracle, .. to see. The war that’s left behind Hug a Bug Swirling minds With lives defined by TRUTH … measured by their PROOF If Fandango Touches the flame No hope for evil In our lives will remain. I could guess. But I hope it’s YES. Stand in fire Against the rest Sew it will be ULC While across the checkered floor Datapoints galore Tell the story of #GiveBlood Often tagged Beer posts Curiously placed Ross Sommers Never replaced But for those who stand between me and my mine Here is a taste. You are next. Music: “Curtain Call,” “Switys Bazarre,” “She Blinded Me With Clients,” “L. O. Hell” by the incredible Michael Sherwood (1959 – 2019) and Christian N (1) or Andy R (2, 3, 4), “In Your Eyes” (about Michael Sherwood’s cousin Rosanna Arquette) by Peter Gabriel, and “The Theme From The Pink Panther” by Henry M. (as played on sax by Michael Sherwood’s father in law). “Who Are You?” by Pete T. Hillary’s Room Temperature Doc Footage from the wonderful “Alice Through The Looking Glass:” one of the most extraordinary channels of the Truth movement. Go subscribe to her excellent work:

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