Light Masters Spiritual Business & Finance and Love, Relationships & Matchmaking Posted by Coralie on June 27, 2020

Light Masters Spiritual Business & Finance and Love, Relationships & Matchmaking

 Live! International Tele-Activation

June 27, 2020 9:00 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time)   

 This training is designed for beginning students, advanced spiritual seekers and group facilitators!

 Instructor Training Certificate Included! 

Would you like to help others, family members, friends and clients achieve their goals and dreams, create a successful business model and find fulfilling, magical relationships & connections with other people?  Join Bryan and the LightQuest team for this exciting training that will propel you to the next level of your spiritual development as well as give you the skills needed give classes and teach this course material.  This fun and easy training will greatly expand your understanding of advanced spiritual concepts, give you the tools needed to transform your, and others lives while accelerating your spiritual power to new levels. Classes include access to beautiful teaching web pages/slideshows and great quantity discounts on accelerators & other products.  Come join us!

Spiritual Business & Finance and Love, Relationships & Matchmaking

As a awakened lightworker or business entrepreneur, it is important to have knowledge in many subjects, some magical and some more practical.  Therefore, this class is a mix of both!   First it is a course on setting up a new business or upgrading your existing business to incorporate more energy and your unique spiritual skills & values, allowing you to run your business in a way that is both easy & effortless and highly profitable.  This type of business model is a blessing to others, whereas most businesses these days are set up to manipulate and take from the customer or client.  This session will teach you step by step processes to set up and maintain a spiritually-based business, allowing you to operate your business at the highest level without using any manipulation tactics, false representation and advertising schemes or other peoples money.

Secondly, you will learn about finding love and art of Match-Making.  This session will give you the tools on how to connect people with their soulmates and ensure relationship longevity & happiness throughout their (or your) lives. This class will give you the keys to having successful relationships, friendships and  harmonious family connections as well as helping others with romantic connections and friendship opportunities.  This is a personal and teachers course that you can use for yourself or to train others in these 2 fascinating areas of Spirit!

Cost: $75 

 Teaching notes for each class will also be available for $25.

Special Note: The Lightmaster’s sessions and information are designed for practitioners who are interested in giving “live in person”  sessions and are not to be used for tele-sessions, recordings or selling the information to others.  

 For more information please visit….

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