Earth Stardate 7-7-2020 || Grant Ouellette

Earth Stardate 7-7-2020 || Grant Ouellette


Earth Stardate 7-7-2020 || Grant Ouellette

Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributor July 7, 2020 Onyx T. Pussycat The legend of black cats being guardians of th…

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Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, ContributorJuly 7, 2020

Onyx T. Pussycat

The legend of black cats being guardians of the underworld comes from Egypt.

_ _ . _

According to the Pleiadians, the Earth’s ascension portal is 50 years, from 7-7-1975 to 7-7-2025.

So today we have gone through 45 of 50 years or 90% of the portal time.

The portal is only open for 5 more years.

We have a lot of changes coming quickly as we have agreed to live through the events and energies to ascend within the above portal.

There go my plans for a 5 year vacation.

But, hey! Things may be looking up.

Image from:

It’s time for clean energy generation.

And the energies of change don’t end there. According to Lee Carroll’s channels of Kryon, there is a 36 year cusp or timeframe of change for new beginnings on Earth (Golden Age) for which the midpoint was 12-21-2012; the cusp is 18 years before and 18 years after.

So about 25.5 years (70% of the cusp) have passed and about 10.5 years (30%) remain. So there’s an additional 5.5 years beyond the closing of the ascension portal wherein the new age energy system stabilizes.

In another channel, God decreed the first day of the new age to be 1-20-2014, as the year 2013 was used to recalibrate DNA on Earth for the purpose of accepting upgrades.

So we are in the 7 th year, close to finishing the first full octave of years in the new age.

Here are 2 excerpts from Zap’s report further describing where we are in the timeline.



And from Zap’s July 1, 2020 report:;read=149883

less than a fortnight ago – the feared and powerful leader of the Trump Campaign named Brad Parscale—who during a barely noticed 19 June interview, said the most terrifying thing these socialist Democrats and the leftist mainstream media have ever heard: “We’ve spent the last 3 years building some new technology we have not revealed yet…and when we turn that engine on, we’re going to converse with 100-million Americans, without the media or social media in the middle”.

Thank you, Zap. Please let us know about the flying purple pigs.

Light years of love

_ _ . _

Grant Fun

When my Mother turned 81 I wrote her the following poetic verse. I had help from Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones) and from Eckhart Tolle, quote: I have lived with several Zen masters _ _ . _ all of them cats.

Getting-on to a year ago soon, our 5 year young black cat ‘Onyx’ has earned a place in our hearts and home and he now receives daily light infusions from me. He is a fulfillment in our lives of the idea / truth in the 5 th Commandment of Ascension (from K. E. May): the animals _ _._ are your friends _ _._ to assist and rise with you.

Image from

Appointment 81: Pussycat Curiosity Piqued

Scene 1 of 1: Onyx is in the office of Dr. Wane Ragamuffin, Pussycat Psychiatrist. Appointment 81

Dr. Ragamuffin: Okay Onyx Ouellette, let’s continue curing your fear of closed doors, entamaphobia, and determine if your obsession with opening closed doors is just an augmentation with ‘clawstrophobic’ tendencies including your crazed compulsive cat-crowing at the rising sun. What does it mean? Why? And don’t get all up on your hind legs at me.

Onyx (on the couch): Doc, I live in a mad house. That Grant keeps his bedroom door closed on me. It’s a mad house – better catcalling at dawn than a catatonic coma. I want to know what’s in that bedroom.

Dr. Ragamuffin: Well, jump on the table tactfully. You blame Grant?

Onyx: Meeee….ooww! The Creator made creatures with cat features in Its own image. It follows that in a free will universe, if the Creator knows what is in that bedroom, then a cat that wants to know, should know, and I add: as above so below. C!, I’m always thinking inside the box.

Rag: The box where you sleep, lounge. Well, whiten my whiskers. What about Lady Master Sydney?

Onyx: Going fur-there, I don’t understand my Lady Master’s pointing, hand gestures or pantomimes – she moves so fast. And now she’s angry with me, stressed because I bit her on the right arm and caused a bruise. It was a Leo love bite, and she moved on me, I swear to the Cat Elders under the alders. It’s overblown. Humans! Always thinking inside the box. You can’t understand a quantum cat with linear thinking. Meeoroow! Meow, oh, my.

Ragamuffin: Well, ice my cake with mouse mousse. Let’s concentrate on your feelings, your emotions, to get you back to a fully-functioning feline, enthusiastic and in the happy zone, delighting in every moment with Ma … Master Lady Syd.

Onyx: When I see Sydney’s open lap

I zone in for a catnap

I clean myself up right

Twice friendly, thrice alright

With a spot or two of white

I’ve got that cat confidence

Soft-purring reassurance

When I’m pitched a curve

I use my God Blessed Pussycat nerve

Cos I have diplocatic immunity

I love her. Merrrooww. It’s Master Grunt who raises my emotions… he’s a sick, sick suffering grunter. Sometimes I see smoke coming out of his ears … all around him. Nonetheless, he treats me very nicely and scrtiches me often. But I resent when he calls me names: Rabble-rouser, big black bugger, bugger and a half, ham bugger (gives a common cat gesture with his paw)

Dr. Muffin: Well, catalogue my cases. Try to focus on the good times and events. Tell me more.

Onyx: We listen to Cat Stevens music: I’m Being Followed by a Moonshadow, then Mourning Has Broken. Master Grant is a Gemini – a gem in my eye. Sometimes he lets me sit on his shoulder for some yard time – around the house, outside.

What a tease, a teaser

A pussycat pleaser

Still, he talks about me:

Always taking my chair

Like he belongs there

Never known a cat so loving

Never known a cat so sad

Never known a cat quite so mad

Calls me a biter and a chewer

A scratcher and a snoozer

Happy, sad, and proud

Silent and lazy, and loud

He labels me weak

A four-legged food-sneak

And he sings: Onyx T, Onyx T, He’s the pussycat for me

He’s a licker, a biter, and he’ll bite ya

In places you’ve never been bit before

Black cat in repose

Some kinda cat-yoga pose

Downward facing cat

Paws on the cat mat

Flat out on his back

Muscles all slack

Left leg back

Caterwauling lip

Baked on catnip

Zero anxiety

A caterpillar of society

I tell ya, doc, my cup runneth over, in the clover.

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

I never shrink from my responsibilities … Wane. It’s over.

Wane Raga: Revealing rhymes. Well, burr all cur fur. We’ll work on your feelings of guilt from your biting preoccupation, compulsive disorder later, during your seventh life. Don’t worry about your Masters getting angry or about repercussions now.

Onyx: Good. I can’t budgie, er, budget it now – too much of a bird-on. Wait a cat second. Compulsive disorder? I think your claws need sharpening, doc. I wasn’t raised sucking the hind tit, my feline friend. That Grunt uses me as a scapegoat.

He called me a pretty boy. Said I’d look good on the catwalk. All’s I need is a little finishing school – maybe a lot.

Who’s the bugger now? Pretty boy! I’ve seen the human grooming rituals … I’d rather choke on a hairball. Once upon a time, I had another master, not so mad.

That Master Grant:

He hears me wail my mournful dawn song

When wired for sound I’m bouncing around

He says: Onyx, with your lemon-lime eyes, 9 pounds in size

The game is on, cat clown

With your 12 inch tail, upright in a fairy tale (a curious paws)

Dr. Wane: What about Tomcat?

Onyx: I have 81 beds, places I sleep

Quiet, deep, without a peep

But I miss Tomcat the tumbler

No cat was more fun or humbler

He was my friend ‘til the furry end

Ragamuffin: Is there anything else you wish to discuss?

My Master was in my dream

Provoking bowls of ice cream

While I sat on the window chair

Meow-chirping at the birds and air

I had a group dream sight

A band of 81 black cats

Seeking justice in the night

Posse cats in flight

Chasing some bad man

Who beat his Himalayan

Sitting on the fence

Makes no cat sense

Ragamuffin: Your fantasies are dogging you. You are worthy, but a cat has to know his limitations. Choose another goal other than maximizing sleep, and have this muffin. I swear, when you finish it, you’ll feel right as rain.

Onyx: Don’t forget my prescription, doc.

— — . —

To my Lady Master Sydney thrice bitten,

Happy Birthday

Love Onyx

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