(Reader | EXCOP-GER) My Thoughts as an Ex-German Police Officer – Friday, July 31, 2020

(Reader | EXCOP-GER) My Thoughts as an Ex-German Police Officer

Reader Post | By EXCOP-GER Hello and good morning Patriots from America, Good morning from sunny Germany and a Patriot of Germany. I ho…

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Reader Post | By EXCOP-GER

Hello and good morning Patriots from America,

Good morning from sunny Germany and a Patriot of Germany. I hope my English is good enough to get placed on this page.

First of all I want to introduce myself a little bit.

I was more over 20 years working as police officer in Germany. You might know that we have to study three and a half years before we will placed to our citizens on the street. Our education in this job is one of the highest in the world.

Well, starting from there I grew and was “police-bodyguard” right next to high politicians. I heard a lot, believe me. One ear stick connected to the team leader, the other to the conversation at the table from these high politicians.

I quit my job ten years ago, as it was not possible for me to listen to the lies they created to the public. Sometimes they should know better, sometimes they were misled by their own Advisory Board. Why?… Easy… this guys was “double” paid. I have had signed an NDA for 25 years, just to keep all in secret. The max. punishment will be 5 years prison. (nice?)

I don`t want to excuse the high politicians in any country in the world, but you need to know that they are relying on their advice. No politician in the world will have the education to know about all….defense, inner security, economy, banking, education for the kids, health system etc….

They are 24/7 available and the payment compared to a CEO of a huge company is small. No excuse for this, they choose this way. But ask yourself, where are the leaders? In politics or on the board of these companies?

Now….POTUS-T is a great chess player. Point.!! And HE knows the name of the game. HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN!! He plays the “game” as a leader of a big, big company, named the USA. And his influence world wide, agreed with the big global players will lead him to the greatest President ever….the “peace-maker“.

Nor of us will get the right information until he and the remaining global players are ready to press the bottom. Nor of us can even suggest a time for the release of D1 and any T.

A lot of things are already done behind the scenes.

Never in the history of this world, such a huge transaction was planned and successfully done. This will be the only great chance in this stage of the transaction to be successful and to kick these “bastards” a…..!!

You guys call it “deep State”. Well, I agree, but please look out for those who were misled and blinded by a well organized “behind the scene” acting network. The “deep State” actors.

We have to carefully, very carefully open the eyes of our family, friends and communities we are living in. Nobody took us seriously for many years.

We were all discriminated against as conspiracy theorists and much more, as we all know.

Whatever your position is in D1 or a Tier transactions, I please you to stay calm and polite. I have been working on this “file” for close to 10 years. I never give up.

I lost a lot, believe me. Not even my kids want to talk to me for years. Only once I saw my Grandchild but could not even touch her.

Stay in your jobs, get rite of the cycles in your mind. Only work helps to overcome the last couple of days or weeks. And if you are already retired, go for a long walk in the park or forest, look at your flat or house if you can do something…..work heels. And stay as close to your beloved as you can.

And if it is really necessary for you to work on the computer, well, you should write down what you are going to do with this kind of incredible amount.

Believe me, you need a strong, very strong foundation to work with these funds even if we will get assistants, at the end, you are the responsible person with the funds. Watch out for company structure, family office, foundation, projects in your country and elsewhere of your interest and of course for loyal, honest and truthful staff!!!!

Do you think the “deep State” will give up within a wink?

Think about this on your own and please stop defaming and blaming people on this page, as all of them try to get information every day. They are nervous and close to “burn out”.

A wise man said: ” If you want to give up. remember why you started”

Patriot regards, stay strong



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