Stunning 4K Space Video Shows Comet Neowise Soaring Above Earth During Sunrise 08/06/2020

I just LOVE “STILLNESS in the STORM’S” new website – some updates from them.

There are many AWESOME made “LIGHT/WORKER/WARRIOR websites around.


Hand Mask: It’s never been about safety. 

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BUSTED: University Prof Created Hoax of a Professor Dying Of COVID

(Hank Berrien) On Tuesday, the woman who founded the advocacy group MeTooSTEM, which was created to fight harassment in the sciences, admitted that she was the creator of a hoax Twitter account of a queer, Hopi scientist supposed to be an Arizona State professor who died of COVID-19 over the weekend.


Qanon: “They want you DIVIDED”

Body For Awareness Project: Your clothes. Your body. Your truth. Support alt-media and help raise awareness. Q Anon Merch on Sale Now (New colors and styles uploaded frequently at Q Anon Store).


Trump Unloads On BLM, Anthem Kneelers: If I Lose For Speaking Up, ‘That’s OK’

(Amanda Prestigiacomo) President Donald Trump unloaded Wednesday on “Black Lives Matter” and professional athletes who kneel for the national anthem, declaring that if he loses the 2020 presidential election for speaking out against such issues, he’s “okay” with it.

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THE EXPLOSION IN BEIRUT — High Octane Speculation

(Joseph P. Farrell) First off, let’s start with the obvious: I’m not a scientist, nor an explosives expert, nor anything even approximately close to the two. So take what follows with a grain of salt. In fact, probably a whole bag of salt. With that said, as one might expect, my inbox has been stuffed in the last two days with emails, videos, tweets, and so on, of that very large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, that leveled a district of the city, sadly killed several people, and left many others -hundreds of thousands according to some reports with devastated homes.

1 in 5 Ballots Rejected as Fraud Is Charged in N.J. Mail-In Election

(Mark Hemingway) Following accusations of widespread fraud, voter intimidation, and ballot theft in the May 12 municipal elections in Paterson, N.J., state Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal (pictured) announced Thursday he is charging four men with voter fraud – including the vice president of the City Council and a candidate for that body.


Neuroscience Reveals How You Can Help Make Your Brain Decades Younger

(Arjun Walia) Science is revealing various mindfulness techniques that can literally change and restructure our brain. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar from Mass General and Harvard Medical School is one of the latest to illustrate this. After she sustained running injuries, she took up yoga. It had a tremendous effect on her, which inspired her to start researching the scientific literature that’s available on mindfulness meditation, which is one of the categories into which yoga falls into.


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