Charlie Ward Roundtable: Trust the Plan 8-15-20 (Partially Transcribed by Kat)


Charlie Ward Roundtable: Trust the Plan 8-15-20 (Partially Transcribed by Kat)


Charlie Ward Roundtable: Trust the Plan 8-15-20 (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat A couple of points: (1.) Enclose a partial transcription of a Roundtable Video Charlie Ward recorde…

X22 Report — Episode 2075: Global Economy will Accelerate, Nobody Gets a Free Pass
Phil, Bill, and Will Chat No.5 — January 20, 2020
Secret Service Removes Top Deep State Operative from White House — Sorcha Faal

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

A couple of points:

(1.) Enclose a partial transcription of a Roundtable Video Charlie Ward recorded with Charlie Freak, Laura Ward and Jen McCarty. I love it when these peeps get together. Always fascinating.

Key Points
The children
Facebook, censorship, new Trump EO
POTUS election landslide
How much Truth?
People who may or may not be dead
The tunnels under tunnels in Australia
Trust The Plan

One topic briefly discussed was how much truth do POTUS and Q-Team release about what has actually been happening on Earth regards the billions of children that have been slaughtered for adrenochrome, and/or caged in the tunnels, and/or used for satanic rituals, and worse.

Charlie Ward said he was told only 20% would be released.

Q said 40% on January 22, 2018 (thanks to X22 Report for re-posting this the other day:)

I’ve made an informal query among my friends who read my blogs, watch the vids, and who have been holding Currency for at least 8 years. Most say they don’t want to know ALL. That just knowing a little of what has been happening with our children is enough to feel sick.

Another chum refuses to believe ANYTHING like Charlie and Colleen Freak describe. He said point blank it “cannot possibly, in no way be happening” with adrenochrome. I understand.

Another chum told me her parents watch Fox News 24/7 and she texted me a description of them:

“My parents want lockdown forever, non-mask wearers to get heavily fined, Trump to be assassinated, Government Health care for all and Mass Vaccination. Bill Gates is a great philanthropist and Dr. Fauci is the most respected man in America and the United Nations is a great organization…. Trump has his work cut out for him…”

YIKES! I forget that a large percentage of the American population still think like that. WOW.

The moment her parents begin to learn even some of the truth, their heads might explode because the TRUTH is 180° from where they are.

The FACTS are:

—The Covid-19 lockdown was originally part of the cabal’s plan to kill us and that Q-Team commandeered it to use for their agenda of rescuing children, blowing up tunnels, and making arrests;

—Trump is actually an angel working with Q-Team to save Earth and they have done it;

—There will be no need for Health Care with NESARA / GESARA because new technologies will make illness obsolete;

—The Gates vaccine was also originally intended to kill us: According to Charlie Freak the deadly deep state concoction was to be chem trails + vaccine + 5G = death to Humanity;

—Gates will likely be executed for being a mass murderer in Africa even though he’s been working with Q-Team since December 2016;

—Fauci and Obama paid $3.7 million to the lab in Wuhan for research into a “virus”;

—The United Nations’ principal purpose is to steal children for adrenochrome.

So the truth/facts are in direct opposition to my friend’s parents’ Fox News programmed assumptions.

I vote for 30% of the truth to be revealed but for 100% of the truth to be available for study and posterity, for those who can handle it. I can barely handle what I already know regards the children and the rituals.

(2.) On another subject, in a video with Sacha Stone, Charlie Freak said that right now Trump Team are trying to decide how to get rid of the evil ones permanently without the possibility of them returning, i.e. being re-born back to Earth.

5 Qs with Sacha Stone & Charlie Freak Episode 47, 8-14-20

To that point, I remember reading a channeling from SaLuSa at least 10 years ago where he told us to be prepared to lose at least 2.5 billion people once Earth has Ascended to 5D+

I remember being shocked by that number but now that I’ve been thoroughly steeped in the vast diabolic empire that Trump, Q, Q-Team, the NSA, Putin, Modi, Xi and the Global Militaries are dismantling, I think SaLuSa might have a point.

Spiritually speaking, “Lower dimensional beings cannot exist in Higher Light.” And for sure, the cabal / illuminati / deep state are lower dimensional beings that cannot exist without Humanity keeping them alive. YUK. So when we Ascend with Gaia, they’re toast.

Question is, where will they go after death, if they have souls (and that is up for debate.) Oblivion? Back to Source? Reborn into a quarantine/prison in some lower dimensional place?

The decision is God’s, of course, as to what happens to each of us. But Q-Team are concerned.

I don’t believe that the 13-demon-Bloodline Families are/were Human. Or that their millions of minions are Human. If they ever were God-created Humans with God-created souls they no longer are once one drop of a tortured child’s blood reaches their lips.

Charlie Freak says, “There’s no coming back from that.” And that everyone who has had anything to do with the slaughter of children in whatever capacity has a noose waiting for them. Q was very clear on this point, “These people should be hanging.”

This is the truth that my friends’ Fox News parents might not EVER be able to believe. And this is a truth many might never be able to believe. We shall see.

(3.) On a different subject, it has been suggested in Restored Republic via a GCR reports that tomorrow, August 17th, President Trump told banks to begin zeroing out debt.

To this point, in several of her videos, Santa Surfing said that she does not feel this will be the case. That she has heard this won’t happen until after POTUS announces NESARA / GESARA at the end of the year.

I don’t know, but Santa Surfing makes sense to me. She kindly said she hopes she is wrong, and would be happy if debts started to be mass removed now, but doesn’t think they will be just yet.

We shall soon find out.

(4) For those who are unaware, President Trump doesn’t take one penny in salary. He donates his $400k annual POTUS salary. When the truth about the extraordinary, light-filled Donald J. Trump is finally revealed, another sculpture should absolutely be carved on Mount Rushmore:

On a personal note, thank you to Cinemo Galactic for the love (back at you x∞) and for all your magical posts. Agree most heartily with your latest: “Many truths will be revealed in this final stretch. SO STAY THE COURSE!!!” Well said.

And to Stefan, thanks for your TRUST THE PLAN post.

Agree 100% that POTUS and Q-team are geniuses. Their plan and what they have achieved in liberating Humanity and Earth from the darkest evil there has ever existed in all Creation will be talked about, written about and filmed about for millennia. Right on, my friend.

As always with everything I post, take what you can use and leave the rest.

Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all – we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

(aka KitKat)

Charlie Freak, Laura Ward and Jen McCarty with Charlie Ward 8-15-20

Partially transcribed by Kat

Kat Note: Charlie Ward receives daily updates from inside Trump Team. As well, he was hired by the United States Government to move cash, gold and valuables around the world in order to back the currencies in the QFS. His videos are among POTUS’ favorites.

Charlie Freak and Colleen are in constant contact with Q-team in various ways… directly or by code.

Ergo, these are people whose information I trust.

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