Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone, Law and Order! Biden, Q-Tech (Partially Transcribed by Kat) Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone, Law and Order! Biden, Q-Tech (Partially Transcribed by Kat)


Charlie Ward, Sacha Stone, Law and Order! Biden, Q-Tech (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat Charlie Ward recorded a video chat yesterday, 8-31-20, with Sacha Stone, Michael Tellinger and Alpa S…

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Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Charlie Ward recorded a video chat yesterday, 8-31-20, with Sacha Stone, Michael Tellinger and Alpa Soni. It was a fascinating political roundtable and I highly recommend it. I only transcribed half but if I finish it, I’ll post the whole thing.

There were two timely points in the chat that I enclose below.

Sacha Stone, Michael Tellinger and Alpa Soni Join Charlie Ward to Discuss The Truth 8-31-20

Partially Transcribed by Kat

Kat: The discussion began with the fact that there will be another lockdown this month, September:

Alpa Soni: We’re expecting a lockdown by the end of this month, aren’t we Charlie? Everywhere.

3:54 Charlie Ward: I think it will happen during the course of this month because we’re in the final throes now… making sure we arrest all the deep state that need to be arrested… there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes… and we were told right on Day One, the moment Trump mentions “Law and Order” he’s arrested another big name… we got another Tweet last night “Law and Order” so grateful for that one…


Kat: I believe Charlie might have been referring to the arrest of Joe Biden. Sierra (NZ) brilliantly pointed out that Biden had capitulated to Trump. Thank you, Sierra.

“Joe Biden has Surrendered to Alliance” by Sierra (NZ) – 8.31.20

Going back to Q’s post on August 19, 2020, in case anyone missed it:

From my transcription of “Charlie and Colleen Freak Part 3: The Takedown of the Cabal’s Evil Plan, 7-9-20” by Kat 8-2-20

1:14:40 Charlie: Epstein Island and Water Island which is actually owned by Joe Biden and the Biden family… the Biden crime family…

1:15:10 Charlie: Joe Biden is NOT a politician… he has no interest in serving you or his constituents or anything…

1:15:15 Colleen: Ever wonder why he’s always smelling children?

1:15:10 Charlie: I’m going to tell you why… the Biden Crime Family is known for many things… they’re very despicable, very uncouth crime family… but they’re known for one thing more than anything else… and that is the procurement of children…

That’s why Joe Biden has his son involved with this gas/propane company in the Ukraine like he’s some big businessman… but those are all fronts for what they’re really doing…

He’s over there procuring children in war-torn areas…

1:16:02 Charlie: They’re helping George Soros — which is to create constant havoc so you constantly have children being separated from parents… then Hunter Biden’s job… [Colleen: What a name, right? Hunter/predator]… that’s what he is… he’s a hunter-of-children… to be extracted then for adrenochrome…

1:16:26 Charlie: [The Biden crime family] were taking hundreds of thousands of children every single year out of Eastern Europe…

Kat: Doesn’t it make sense that:

1. Biden was arrested and Trump tweeted “Law & Order!”

2. Biden delivered Pizza as proof of his capitulation to POTUS.


Another topic of discussion in Charlie’s roundtable was the Mainstream Media not reporting the true numbers of people who showed up to protest in Belarus, Berlin and London:

7:48 Sacha Stone: The problem and the Firewall is something called Media… and that’s my problem with the big marches in Berlin, Belarus, London and elsewhere… is that you’ve still got this condom interceding between what’s taking place and what we THINK is taking place… or what the Main Frame believes is taking place and belief is everything…

All of the mutancy of our civilization has eventuated because of the perception of reality that has taken place as we know it through the Babylonian priesthood… the dream spelling… the monotheistic religious orders… all of that stuff…

8:34 Right now we’ve got millions and millions and millions of enlightened actualized living men and women of the living soil enjoined in force all around the world… and that’s only just begun…

But we’ve still got the Mainstream Media telling us and telling the rest of the world that “a few thousand conspiracy theorists gathered at Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square…”


Sacha cont: And the thing that comes back into the gestalt to the zeitgeist we are then cowed… society is cowed into thinking, “Well, there was a protest but it obviously didn’t make any real difference…”

9:20 So until we turn our gunsights away from the establishment and the status quo… which is this godless witless nameless faceless multi-head of medusa thing… until we move our attention onto Mainstream Media… the chairmen, the CEOs, the Trustees of the Associated News Network… Agence France Presse… basically a Reuters Network…

These are the deviants who are standing between Humans and our capacity to recognize what is actually taking place…

10:08 So that’s my issue… we should all of us be looking at Media… who are they? Chairmen’s… CEOs, put their faces up and take these devils to task…

10:13 Charlie Ward: I totally agree with you on that front because one of the biggest things we’re seeing right now… we’re seeing it in Europe… the numbers that they quoted assembled in Berlin were “thousands” and yet we know it was “4 million +…”

The numbers they were talking about in London were “45,000”… but if it was a Black Lives Matter march there would be “millions” but in actual fact only 25 people…

We’re up against a very very corrupt Media… for whatever reason, and I don’t know what the reason is… Donald Trump’s Team have made it very clear that the Media will be one of the last things taken down…

So we’re having to put up with the bullsh*t for now… and we’ve got to endure a few more months of bullsh*t I think…

Kat: Never fear, Q-Team is here. The Genius Q-Plan is all over every single facet of the take-down the evil cabal empire — Trust the Plan.

We didn’t imagine we’d be voting from our phones—but Q knew.

We can’t imagine how we’ll be rid of the MSM—but Q knows how and is prepared.

June 30, 2020:

So much is happening “behind the scenes,” never my favorite place, but this is WWIII and Q, President Trump, Trump-Team and the Alliance have so got this.

Did you realize POTUS is full steam ahead with the Peace requirement for GESARA? He Tweeted this 8-29-20:

At this point one can only marvel at the Genius Q-plan. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. And it’s being carried out with Divine perfection and Military precision.

God bless you Q, POTUS and the mighty Alliance. Godspeed.

Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance for all — we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

P.S. I’m reposting Charlie Freak’s FB because it’s inspiring and wanted to be sure everyone saw it. Thank you, Bluwolf, for posting it on 8-28-20:


Guest Posting

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