Charles Ward Premiered Sep 15, 2020

YES – IT’S about the about the CHILDREN = Prayer helps


Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of Sept. 15, 2020

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Tues. 15 Sept. 2020 Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Au…

Charles Ward: Discussing the Current Situation w/ Charlie Freak

Charles Ward
Premiered Sep 15, 2020

Highlights from Dinar Recaps:

About minute 5:20

CF: Since they have taken a stranglehold on the demons of this world…The narrative is being played out and progressing in a slow, methodical ,hopeful and strong way.

We need to trust the plan….Saving children first then to make sure none of the rats escape.

We will soon see peace on a massive scale.

Minute 40:00

CF: We are so close to some very powerful things happening. A new Q post says starting on Sept.14th for the next 14 days things will happen. Part of why they are doing this now is to get hope to those who are struggling through all these covid restrictions .

Please listen to the entire video for more on the rats scurrying, Australia and New Zealand, tunnels, children rescue, the QFS, arrests, King Cyrus and much more………


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