New Cue: ‘RIG FOR RED’ || Sierra (NZ) Friday, September 18, 2020

New Cue: ‘RIG FOR RED’ || Sierra (NZ)

Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer September 18, 2020 New Cue drop number 4736 has one simple message… http…

SGTReport — Mayor and Governor are Sacrificing Minneapolis to the Soros Mob
George Soros Funded Riots — Sierra (NZ)
PrayingMedic — QAnon (May 29, 2020): Nobody Escapes this

Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer

September 18, 2020

New Cue drop number 4736 has one simple message…


Cue has taken the extraordinary step of asking Anons to drop all references to ‘Q’ and ‘QAnon’ to avoid rampant censorship. Here is an excerpt from drop number 4743…

‘…Deploy camouflage.
Drop all references re ‘Q’ ‘QAnon’ etc to avoid ban/termination
censorship installed.
Algos [sniffers] bypass.
Keep charging, Midnight Riders!
[Revere’s ‘Midnight’ Ride]
Delivery of free information.
[bypass controlled media narrative].

Some Anons are referring to Cue as 17. I prefer ‘Cue’ because there are many dates in the intel and I don’t want confusion.

Yesterday a Fox News panel interrupted Newt Gingrich and SHUT HIM DOWN as he talked about George Soros funding the BLM riots. Here is the rudely-interrupted interview…

Today the Fox News anchor responded to the incident. Clearly the word ‘apology’ has too many syllables for her…

A US Navy tweet about military exercise ‘Black Widow’ involving a warship called ‘Barry’ has Anons buzzing about Obama. Nonna2016 has done a great decode – the black widow spider has an hour-glass marking on its back. Time’s up for the Deep State…?

StormyPatriotJoe tweeted about the military exercise too – linking the Navy tweet to Cue drop 52. It’s a great thread…

I couldn’t resist including these next two tweets. The contrast is quite something. Firstly, a Trump car rally…

And brace yourself for the Biden car ‘rally’…

Finally, World Patriots, InEviTable reminds us that we are NEVER alone…

Thank you Kayzon for the lovely shout-out. I really appreciate your feedback. It’s a team effort!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Qanon September 18, 2020 – Be Water, Spread Fire

Sep 18, 2020


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Q takes a closer look at the anarchists setting fires in the western U.S. Q Chronicles Book 1 – Calm Before the Storm: Patreon: My website:

Are We Under ATTACK From Directed Energy Weapons?

Sep 16, 2020


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