Novi Man Arrested with Over 50,000 Files ‘Related To’ Child Pornography, Michigan State Police Say 09/18/2020


(Fox 2 DetroitThe Michigan State Police said Monday a Novi man was arrested last week for possession of child pornography and they reported finding more than 50,000 files related to child pornography.

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SourceFox 2 Detroit

by Staff Writer, September 15th, 2020

MSP announced the arrest of Andrew Keith, 27, for aggravated possession of child sexually abusive material.

According to MSP, the investigation started earlier this year when they learned that Keith was possessing upwards of 50,000 files concerning child pornography. Police investigated, searched his home, and arrested him on Friday with help from Novi Police.

He was arraigned the same day on five counts of aggravated possession of child sexually abusive material and five counts of using a computer to commit a crime.

He was issued a $25,000 cash bond and is being held at the Oakland County Jail.



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Novi Man Arrested with Over 50,000 Files ‘Related To’ Child Pornography, Michigan State Police Say

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