“Pleiadian Extremely Important Message 2020-2021” by Bonni B – 9.21.20

“Pleiadian Extremely Important Message 2020-2021” by Bonni B – 9.21.20

Entry Submitted by Bonni B at 1:48 PM EDT on September 21, 2020


Good reminder of who we are and why we are here.

I needed this video at the moment it came in. We were chosen to come here at this time to help with the ascension of this planet and it’s people. Even though being a patriot has been a noble goal, now some are being called to raise our vibration and hold the energy of Earth so this planet doesn’t fly into a million pieces with the energy of hate and destruction that is going on.

Mother Gaia is barely holding on. We need to hold the energy so she can heal from her injuries. She is trying to repair the holes in the bottom of the oceans from all the tunnels dug in her body. She is making new ocean species because we have destroyed the oceans marine life. She is absorbing all our garbage in the rivers and oceans, chemicals in the air and soil.

The smoke and ash from our fires in Oregon has covered all the plants and with a thick white coating and they are dying before my very eyes. Our trees of all kinds for two years now have orange scale on them from the chemtrails. Two 100 year old cherry trees and lilac trees died. Poison chemicals are dumped in our soil to grow the food we actually eat. Hellooooooo, any sane people out there?

We are screwed if we do not step up to help the planet we live on, now. We need to get over our petty, selfish selves and try to stop the insanity that is raging across this world. Being part of the insanity isn’t helping. If you are waiting for the RV before you get your butt up off the couch then you are the problem. If YOU change yourself, the whole world will change. That is universal law.


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