Starship Earth: The Big picture – Sept 23 2020

September 23, 2020: New Kew & Pawns in the Game [videos]

September 23, 2020

To see the latest fascinating MI drops from 17 go here.

Activists activated… and hitting the Target—literally. Click on the box below to launch in Twitter and watch the video. Some people have a lot of courage.


As soon as you hear “top government experts”—disregard the information and go looking for independent doctors and reporters who tell the truth.

Bill Gates is touted as an “expert”. He knows next to nothing about computers and programming, and has zero medical training. Mark Zuckerberg is another fake. Too many people fell for the psyops over the years. Question everything. Trust no one. All the cabal’s players are pawns in the game and they just take orders.

Breaking: UK Institutes NEW SECOND LOCK-DOWN but Is It Based on FAULTY DATA?


Meanwhile, Canadian journalists are reporting…


At the moment I’m awaiting the beginning of Trudeau’s “throne speech” about the Canadian government’s plan for the next phase of the ‘rona virus hoax. It’s going to be another psyop on the unsuspecting public, engineering the “second wave”. The Canadian gov’t is completely out of order and needs to be dissolved and rebuilt from scratch.

Funny… after I wrote the above I found this…


The globalists’ minions will be used and abused until they drop. There is no honour among thieves, and no compassion among psychopaths. They will use them up, throw them out, or throw them under the bus, or have them executed if they become a liability. Whatever serves them.

We’re seeing Pelosi and Biden grow increasingly glitchy. Time to exit stage left.

Are any of them still functioning?

It doesn’t seem fair to get news like this when psychopaths roam freely at will, but our thoughts are with Dan Bongino and his family and we intend that this is a smaller issue than he might anticipate. Expect the best, stay positive. It is scary, though. No question.

This was hard, even for a tough guy like Dan Bongino.

Ep. 1353 Some Personal News I Need to Share


LT brings us his latest update from And We Know.

9.22.20: Justice from GOD for violence against HIS children. Stealth alert.

It seems Right Side Broadcasting and OAN are the only networks who will show us the massive crowds of Trump patriots. This short video from OAN provides a snapshot of a few, including a Trump impersonator… loosely speaking. From Moon Twshp, PA yesterday.

Thousands of President Trump’s Supporters Attend Pittsburgh’s Great American Comeback Rally

Register to attend the upcoming “rallies” beginning Thursday the 24th in Florida at this link.


The Julian Assange saga is unfolding in interesting ways. Don’t take it literally. It’s probably part of “the show”; a chess move.

We certainly hope he is in much better shape than they are letting on. When he was carried out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London he gave us the thumbs up.


Julian Assange Is “Hearing Voices” And At “High Risk Of Suicide,” Psychiatrist Says

The Law is seeking criminals in the form of Human Traffickers…



The cabal in Belarus had the nerve to hold a secret inauguration for their boy Lukashenko today despite ongoing protests from the People.

Lukashenko’s surprise inauguration is a ‘thieves’ meeting’ and a ‘farce,’ Belarus opposition says

This footage is from archived files, in 2004, and not the first we’ve seen.

Crashed “Flying Saucer” Discovered in Antarctica on Google Earth


Just satire… but if they could… they would.


Lightening up a heavy week, personally… sometimes we can put the entire charade unfolding on the planet into perspective by making it nonsensical—because much of it is.

A Quick Burn – Still Got The Burns – IPOT Presents – 9.21.20

That’s it for now, folks. Take care of you and yours.  ~ BP

September 23, 2020: New Kew & Pawns in the Game [videos]

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