CMDR VAL THOR’S MESSAGE TO AMERICA – Channeled by Valana – oCT 4 2020


Cmdr Thor:

We have observed what is happening in America. There is need for all to step back, take a deep breath and listen to the beliefs of the other side of the fence.  It is our obervation that no one understands what the other side believes because they yell so loudly that no one can undertand.

I’d like to explain in a few short paragraphs what it seems to be all about then tell you why it is happening.

It seems some few very sick white cops have commited very illogical and evil actions and should be punished by throwing the books at them.  The majority of law enforcement agrees with my words. Wite skinned people agree with my words.  Why blame all lawe enforcement and al white skinned people for what some dumb, sick lunnies have done? No one thinks it’s right. Your President did not think it was right.  Why punish the white race for what one or two crazy guys did?  Doe the white race want to punus l the Black race for what some crfazy Black peope do to whites or does that ever make the news on CNN?

The next problem is the Church.  Obama did not learn history in the United tates he learned it in a Muslim country living with his father so he does not understand American history.  America was founded specifically for freedom of religion frombeing told what to mdo by Government and to worship as they believed.

Part of that worship is not to sin nor take part in what they consider sin.  A poor older couple that had a small buiness of catering weddings refused to cater a two man wedding. Other caterer in the town offered to caterthe wedding but the two men insisted on forcing the old Chrfi8stian couple to do it by law and tried to put them in jail, I am not awware if the old couple was jailed or what happened but that is not right though the law took the side of the two males to force a Chritian couple to do what to them was wrong.  So their catering service was closed which  was their only way to make a living.  FRIENDS, THAT IS WRONG AND AGAINST WHAT AMERICA WAS ESTABLSIEHED FOR…FREEDOM TO PRACTICE ONE’S RELIGION AS THEY BELIEVED.

I use the above to show the root of the problem.  It is an attach  aainstt the church,Jesus Chrit and religion in general.

Now to the cause.  Mind control is being used on not only the mobs in the street but innocent peoope to cause problems in fanilies and among friens.  i would suget an answer but no one would do it. 

i peronally would toss away my smart phones and any other that could be directly targeted by the 5G and get one of the cheaper phones that cannot be accessed by 5G if there is such an animal left on your market. 

America is targeted for detstruction and only the people, only you can begin a campaign to refue to be a part of it.  In the long run you alone control your own mind.  do not let it e controlled by outside ources.  

a note for President Trump:  You will urvive, you will be President and you will achievve your goals, you have high powers on your side as we recognize what you are attempting to do.

Cmdr Val Thor

Channeled telepathically by Valana

Note: If I’ve gotten my fingers off wrong keys at times, please forgive me, i will be having eye operation soo and be ableto see well again, right now I’m having problems but Val’s message is too important at this time not to post…I love all of you dear people that read Val’s messges, he loves you too….. Valana and Val

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