Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Gary P

11,267 views•Oct 2, 2020

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Gary P

11,267 views•Oct 2, 2020 73630ShareSaveSam Mugzzi 18.7K subscribers

Updates: QFS system comes in this month.

We are going gold back.

POTUS just went dark.

Several countries lite high profile buildings in RED for RED October.

The HQC, natural remedies, is about to be highlighted with POTUS return: My prediction. Oh, and 365 high level Insurance executives and MD’s, were arrested for medical scams. The DOJ is investigating the Western Medicine industry. Watch for more of this to come. ETs, benevolent star people, are really showing themselves. We are getting closer to disclosure. Yes, the sheeple will learn what has been going on. No more secrets.

CNN is boarding itself up, hmmm?

WE are in the “quickening” and getting close to 5D.

That means, people with dark seeds are losing their stuff. Stay away.

If its family, distance yourself. You need to stay happy and focus on your new reality. Let the 3D drama go. Don’t engage. Its easy, just say NO! People that are sealed for 5D residents, are experiencing lots of drama, are also experiencing heart issues. Think about it, you need to stay happy. No more negativity.

All is planned and the 5d is being rolled out. Please look up Yellow Rose of Texas and learn about East gate and West gate. You have been sealed for your transition into 5D so you are “sitting” and waiting for your exit. Are you idle? Start the feet moving by creating what you want in your home.

The rest will magically appear. POTUS is going to win with a never seen before LANDSLIDE! My prediction! Stunning red scene across the USA. MAGA, Stay united people. Help and love those that are open and at your level. The others might bite? More Earthquakes as the remaining underground bases are ready to blow. Stay safe and be smart! Fires are an attempt to protect DS caves and tunnels. Won’t work. The heavy metals were sprayed for a reason. Please do your research and KNOW, you are creating your 5D now. Stay happy, that is where your power resides. Bless you and be back soon. Hugs, Dr. Sam

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