Interesting info from Rumor Mills reading room…., – Oct 06 2020

FASCINATING – but in a very unfortunate and CREEPY. Liquid Mercury’s dangers

ASIAN TRAPS his massive army in the 2nd dimension as satanic SACRIFICE !

How Reptilians Shapeshift 2.0 ~ Han Purple, Mercury, & Blood

811 views•Jun 19, 2020 584ShareSaveKinninigan 3.0 3.78K subscribers Raging Reptilian TeeSpring Merch:… Donations: Bitcoin: 12qZzreJDpw4Anmv3Fmdh2b9QV1WrNvv3W XMR/Monero Tokens: 48oXmk6vPpA9FUu5BYJvbhc9DEVBnjwqV4toZ7zBTQirVzLku2gssziEse8KzAuKk5HJoeZ1ZgxxeCb6DZcEJQRK2HiPH9Z$/invite/@Kinninigan:2

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