October 8, 2020

Wrapped in an imperfect shell is a perfect reflection of The Universe…you. A certain balance was needed and attained when you chose to join this Earth plane. Everything you have been, are and will become is a part of that reflection. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley   · 

October 7, 2020

As you continue to navigate this massive shift, it is important to remember to love one another. If you find this challenging to accomplish, focus on the Divine Spark that exists in each of you. The door to peace in your Earth plane existence has always been open, it is time to step through. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley   · 

October 6, 2020 Dearest one, if you have been feeling low and challenged during this time of change, there are a few things The Universe would like you to remember: There has never been anyone exactly like you. The contributions to make to your Earth plane are incomparable! What you experience and the challenges you master are not just for you. The wisdom and knowledge gained is added to the collective and contributes to the growth of your world! Every thought and action send ripples out into The Universe, returning to you in unexpected ways. You have the strength and power to change everything in your life…if you choose! You are loved beyond measure and supported in your growth and learning because you are worth it! ~Creator Jennifer Farley

October 5, 2020 There is an interesting truth to your new reality; there will be some people along the way that will try to hinder your growth. They may do and say things to try to keep you where you are, to change your mind or use their light to acquire what they want in an ego-based way at your expense. Pay them no mind….you are on your right path, your own upward movement, your own blessed journey. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley   · 

October 4, 2020 From Kryon Book Thirteen – The Recalibration of Humanity – Page 98 Broadcasting Light
If you’re constantly creating light, then darkness does not have a chance. We’ve said this over and over and now it comes full circle to you personally: Wherever you go, darkness can’t touch you. Are you listening to me? It can’t touch you. The essence of your light is the love of God and you are broadcasting it. Lightworker – broadcast it! There’s no dark thing that can get in there as long as you’re broadcasting light!
~ KRYON ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬   

October 3, 2020 When you see those still sleeping remember, at some point, you were very similar to them. If you view each of these people as a light waiting to shine, the perspective changes. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

October 2, 2020 Today The Universe would like to remind you that your existence is grace and human-ness bundled together in one package. Moving through a challenging situation to a more peaceful and centered space demonstrates that, sometimes you may have to go through deep angst to reach a higher level of understanding. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

October 1, 2020 If you have to compromise what you believe in, what you want from your life or what you feel is right to please another then you are settling for a ‘half-life’. Embrace all of you and rest in the knowledge that your growth, and releasing the need to give in to the status quo, is paramount to your Earth-plane existence. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 30, 2020 You are being given an incredible opportunity to change your Earth plane existence…starting with one thought at a time. There is no great effort involved, no hoops to jump through, no extensive time required. The act of changing one negative to a positive is all it takes. (Smiling) Go as quickly or as slowly as you choose. The world is waiting! ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 29, 2020 As a human being, you are either in a state of contraction or expansion; think black h*** versus nova. A black h*** contracts, pulling everything near it to its center leaving nothing but darkness. A nova, even as a by-product of destruction, creates light beyond measure. This contraction or expansion of the spirit within is your doing, your creation, your choice. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 28, 2020 Your world is on the cusp of a massive change. Over the past few weeks, humanity has moved closer and closer to proverbial line in the sand, the place where thought and action meet. Some may be viewing this with trepidation, others with anticipation. Regardless of how you are feeling, The Universe is caring for and supporting you. The decision is now yours and your alone…continue to stand in one place or take the next step and fly. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 27, 2020 From Kryon Book Nine – The New Beginning – Page 337 Effecting Change

Those who suffer the injustice of other Humans have profound contracts to be here – to be in places where they can effect change. It is their life lesson. To be free? It can’t happen until they’re free from the mental anguish and the feeling of being the victim. Once they free their consciousness from all of it so that they’re truly fine with the thought that this is their job on Earth, then the other 4D things around their situation may begin to be cleared if that’s their intent.

~ KRYON September 27, 2020 How long will you ‘walk with your ghosts’; those things that you allow to haunt you? If you take time and truly think about it, they are serving past parts of you and have no relevance now. Wish them well and send them on their way. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 26,2020 It starts as a gentle stirring…a feeling of love in your being. It grows and pulses outward to everything and everyone around you. It is sent out to The Universe and is returned to you in waves. You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to deserve it. This is when you know, really know, you are part of the Divine Incarnate. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 25, 2020 In the quietest moments, your most challenging thoughts will bubble to the surface. Do not distract yourself from them. Embrace, examine and send them off to The Universe to be transformed. That, my love, is called healing! ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 24, 2020 Before you arrived, each of you agreed to the things you would learn and the length of time you would be on your Earth plane. Occasionally, the experience of linear time makes the challenging drag on ‘forever’ and the happy seem too short. Regardless of how you are moving through them, please remember these moments are the reason you chose to be here now. The true beauty of the situation is this; you never have to experience any of it ever again unless you want to and, in the grand scheme of things, your life happens in just a blink of the Universal eye. Make the most of it! ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 23, 2020 You are not ordinary, typical or every day. When you were born, you knew this was the way it was going to be. The road may have been or may be rocky but, it is what you chose for the experiences. Enjoy it! ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 22, 2020 Just a reminder: you control your narrative. If you choose to allow someone else to do so, then it is not yours. During this time of immense change, you are being given the opportunity to branch out in unimaginable ways and forge new paths for yourselves. You have a very short amount of time on your Earth plane, live your life with conviction and on your own terms. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 19, 2020 at 1:09 PM   ·  No one can make you feel any certain way, only you can. In creating the paradigm of “you do not care about me so I am not going care about you”, you locking yourself in a self-imposed prison. Once you release the expectation of others taking care of your emotional self, you will have more room to explore who you really are. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 18, 2020 at 12:16 PM Truth, honesty and integrity are becoming more important with each passing day. The Universe knows it is challenging to live in a society that may not always value these things but, it can be done. Today, take a moment and express gratitude to yourself and those around you who embrace these qualities. You are gifting your world an example of what it will, in time, fully embrace…Creator Jennifer Farley

September 17, 2020 at 10:36 AM So many of you attempt (and often accomplish) filling the spaces between with ‘busy things’; a constant dialogue running in your head. Take some time, slow down, breathe and listen. Your busy things can wait. Make time to the hear The Universe singing your praises. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 16, 2020 at 11:17 AM In a world where you have been encouraged to do for others first, it may be challenging to step out of that role and into caring for yourself. Sometimes, it can be such a foreign concept that you may not know where to start. The Universe is encouraging you to begin learning how. During these shifts, self-care is imperative for the health of your whole self. And, once you have filled your own cup, giving to others becomes easy and graceful. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 15, 2020 at 3:37 PM Can you feel it? More change is bubbling just beneath the surface, getting ready to burst forth onto your Earth plane. It is imperative that you remain in a peaceful and calm space as this newest transition comes to light. Get and stay grounded, continue practicing good self care, stand in your truth and know all will be well. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 14, 2020 at 12:44 PM You were born whole, complete and perfect. You were born knowing how to love, how to feel the love of The Universe and reflect that love back. It is a remembering and remembering is The Universe’s gift to you. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 13, 2020 at 11:53 AM Those around you may not understand your gifts…yet. The time will come when you are called upon to be assistants in the Great Divine Awakening. Use this time to show as much love, compassion and understanding as you possibly can. The practice is a stepping stone in your growth. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley

September 12, 2020 at 12:41 PM Surrender…. To some it means to give up, to give control to another, to subjugate yourself ~ the exact opposite is true. To surrender is to give yourself over to the flow of The Universe knowing that whatever happens, all will be well and in your highest and best. ~ Creator Jennifer Farley  ◙◙○○◙◙○○◙◙○◙◙○○◙◙○○◙◙○○◙◙○○◙◙○○◙◙

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