October 6 – Trudeau Tried to Unleash Military On Us & His Pedddddo Problems

October 6 – Trudeau Tried to Unleash Military On Us & His Pedddddo Problems

5,933 views•Streamed live on Oct 6, 2020 8148ShareSaveLiberty Talk Canada 13.1K subscribers Please help my show to continue (I’m begging) at http://www.plumfund.com/crowdfunding/… or etransfer to libertytalkcanada@gmail.com

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October 7th – UN Agenda Soldiers Moved In To Quebec – This is BAD for Canada with Carl Edward Fleury

50K viewsStreamed 1 day ago 49:57 Now playing

October 6 – Trudeau Tried to Unleash Military On Us & His Pedddddo Problems

5.9K viewsStreamed 2 days ago 1:47:15 Now playing

October 4 – World Economic Forum Admits It’s Plan, Pentagon Insider and The PowerShift for Freedom

5.6K viewsStreamed 4 days ago 20:16 Now playing

October 3rd = Mainstream Media FINALLY Catches Up With Citizen Journalists – sort of…

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LibertyNetwork.ca Kick Off Party

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Oct 1st, 2020 – Caught Stealing Our DNA & Crime Minister’s Speech Blames You For What’s To Come

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Sept 29 episode #3 Wireless Radiation=Same symptoms as U know what.We Interview An Expert!

3.5K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 33:06 Now playing

The Infant Act with Helen Ward

2.4K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 13:42 Now playing

Sept 29- Sweden’s mass 5G carnage has started

9.2K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 1:52:36 Now playing

Could This One Truth Save Our Liberty & Our Society

9.3K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 34:01 Now playing

Don’t Make Us Do Terrible Things To You, Canadian Gov’t Leader Says

7.8K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 41:01 Now playing

P-F-I-Z-E-R Says 2nd Wave Will Be Fake

5K viewsStreamed 1 week ago 26:27 Now playing

URGENT ACTION: Time Sensitive – Need Independent Warriors to Step Up with Vladislav Sobolev

5.3K viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 30:55 Now playing

Sept 23rd: Trudope Cancelling Your Thanksgiving & Christmas?

10K viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 8:25 Now playing

OMG 1000 Freedom Fighters in 24hrs!! LibertyNetwork.ca

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to UNIFY Freedom Fighters in Canada Against the NWO

6.3K viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 1:26:10 Now playing

Sept 21- BC , Canada Snap Election! Freedom Lovers Stop The Corruption and Run For A Riding!

4.6K viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 16:38 Now playing

Sept 19th. NIH in UK Raided School And VAGGZD Kids Behind Parents Backs!

12K viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 42:02 Now playing

Sept 17-Confirmed Mass Testing in Canada Schools/Freemason Symbols On Cops Masks!!

6K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago 1:37:21 Now playing

How to Battle the New World Order & Global Agenda Politically with Mark Friesen “GrizzlyPatriot”

4.2K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago 2:50 Now playing

Flooded with Cash & Support!! The Moment You Announce We’re Suing the B.C. Government

2.5K views3 weeks ago 59:19 Now playing

BC & Federal Lawsuits Against Lockdowns: Interviews with Tanya Gaw and Ted Kuntz

10K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago 16:01 Now playing

Back again Vancouver Rally

1.7K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago 19:23 Now playing

Vancouver SuperMarch continued

2.4K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago

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