POTUS: ‘We have all the Evidence’ || Sierra (NZ) – Oct 09 2020

POTUS: ‘We have all the Evidence’ || Sierra (NZ)

Friday, October 9, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer October 9, 2020 Today President Trump told Sean Hannity at Fox News in a phone i… (Reader Post) What is Happening in AmericaRedPill78 — Red Pill News: Treason has been Committed, Email Investigation RevealedX22 Report — Episode 1928: What Happens Next, Trials Begin ShortlyOperation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer

October 9, 2020

Today President Trump told Sean Hannity at Fox News in a phone interview: This is treason…We have all the evidence…They spent three and a half years trying to terminate a Presidency.’


In another Fox interview, President Trump calls for Attorney General Barr to indict Obam_a and Bide_n…


New Cue drops indicate that Hillar_y Clinto_n is also in the firing line. The net is closing in on all the top Dee_p Stat_e satanis_ts…


Pelos_i is desperately clutching at straws – she is calling for the 25th Amendment to have the President removed due to ill health. Yeah right, Nancy. We see the strings. The Alliance is controlling your every move. Check this Cue drop connection…


Meanwhile over 7,000 scientists and doctors are calling for COVI_D herd immunity – and an end to lockdowns.

As I said right at the start of the Scamdemi_c, the Swedish government got it right with herd immunity. Sweden had no lockdowns, masks or economic devastation – and their COVI_D rates are among the lowest in the world.


Finally, a former Democrat apologizes to President Trump for believing the MSM lies about him…


Millions of people worldwide are waking up to the fact they were lied to during President Trump’s entire Presidency. We ‘conspiracy theorists’ (a term coined by Bush Senior’s CIA to deflect people away from their satanic crimes) have been ridiculed for years. We remained calm. We knew this day would come.

World Patriots, remember it is not your job to ‘red pill’ everyone you meet. They will come to the truth in their own way and in their own time – just as you did all those months/years ago.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


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