GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS & HAPPY THANKSGIVING for the CANADIANS today…, here are some Galactic messages to understand and some rather IMPORTANT UPDATES. THE CABAL WANTS TO SILENCE US and these MASKS are THEIR WAY – updated Oct 13 2020

Post updated as I had to correct some words that went through rather strangely as I was tired when I wrote this and some corrections etc, did not come through properly.

LETS look at SILENCE in terms of BALANCE for the 144.400 collective as I will DISCUSS IT later. WE shall look as these MASKS as a form of SILENCING & SEPARATING HUMANITY by the CABAL of course, making this out to be worse than it is. In a nutshell those on team dark want us = CHILDREN of the GOD’S to DIE so they can take-over Heaven. Now that you can handle that truth, how are you handing these energies ? I feel much more at peace, yesterday felt kind of TENSE. Like people were fighting & yelling etc. People will handle them different ways, we just ask you NOT to FEED the FEAR as it will be easier to handle. It only makes sense as we have our own ways.

HUMANITY WANTS WORLD PEACE and SO DOES THE LIGHT, it is yet but another REASON WE are HERE, WORLD PEACE is DIVINE and wanted by most of Humanity. I am NOT saying that I KNOW everything because I don’t so I ask that you research.

See the source image

THE REAL DIS-SEASE[S] of the world that needs erradification is THE EVIL SATANISTS. ASK a Chinese soul under communist CHINA – of being SILENCED, just like CANADA and USA they are FAR TOO LATE to hide the CRIMES of tyrannical Governments built on GREED and HATRED and DIVISION will always crumble eventually and be exposed by those that are SILENCED as they are ALL-WAYS the majority in each country/state etc.

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NO FEAR in HERE – some POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS [Ascension Tools] & Info



OR if you want to be more specific……,



FOR the more ADVANCED ; NOW DO the SAME for YOU, YOU are PEACE etc


144,400 are the “WAYSHOWER’S” like CHRIST whom most are aware of, we as the COLLECTIVE are here to SHOW you the way HOME. WE are the ANCHORS of LOVE and LIGHT etc for the PLANET and this UNIVERSE. WE ARE HERE to CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS FOR HUMANITY, NOT JUST FOR OURSELVES and we know that, doesn’t really need to be explained again. if YOU ARE NEW TO THIS WEBSITE, WELCOME – YOU ARE LOVED, STAY FOR AWHILE and RESEARCH if you like and combine it with your own research and understanding just HOW HUGE THIS MISSION IS to FREE EARTH PEOPLE’S and DESIGN the new PROJECTS TO BENEFIT ALL. AFTER ALL THAT HARD WORK of EMPTYING OUT THE CRAP that we have to let go of so WE can REPLACE IT with something better = MOST APPROPRIATE SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS and WANTS and HELPING OTHERS in the PROCESS for HUMANITIES NEEDS and WANTS. LIKE NECESSITIES FOR THE POOR a HAND-UP and FOOD, SHELTER ETC. ALL are WELCOMED and BLESSED to share in their PORTION of HEAVEN’S BOUNTY as ordained by MOTHER and FATHER GOD, whenever that happens and it is closer thank we know now. [VIDEO BELOW]

Sometimes I curse especially when I was educating the MILITARY and in turn, we were educating each other. But “I KEEP IT REAL” and express and share my own HUMAN-NESS with you and it PROVES that I ain’t no stinking microsoft SPY bot, as I AM SAME PERSON behind the scenes as I am with others and myself.

SOMETIMES it’s FUN to SAY what we MOST of us are THINKING to the CABAL’S FACES themselves as they NEED to HEAR that WE will NOT LIE DOWN and that WE DO NOT CONSENT to their INSANITY!” I AM STANDING-UP for YOUR LIFE as well as my OWN. I WEAR NO HIDDEN MASKS and I HAVE NO HIDDEN AGENDA’S as the LIGHT FORCES KNOW. I AM ME, just ANOTHER EXTENSION of the CREATOR like YOU are finding my way home too. WE HAVE A divine RIGHT to JUDGE the CABAL for their CRIMES against HUMANITY and their absolute lack of care for us all. YES, I can constructively EXPRESS MY DISGUST in how they treat others as well as the LIGHT FORCES here on MISSION. YET we have to wear a mask to do anything in Canada ! TRUDEAU loves to mock us.

The CABAL SUCKS LARGE – and those who are AWAKE and AWARE KNOW it.

BUT – THE WAY HOME is only through the HEART. WE UNIFYING IS the WAY HOME. WE are here in ORDAINED DIVINE SERVICE to OTHER’S for the BIGGER PICTURE for all. There are many PERSPECTIVES as to what exactly the BIGGER PICTURE IS…., it’s NOT just about the CRIMES against HUMANITY – It’s ABOUT YOU – WAKING-UP to WHO YOU ARE as a DIVINE CHILD of GOD, here on MISSION, entitled to ascend if YOU choose to.

WHAT is the BIGGER PICTURE ? YOU ARE – YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH and ASCENSION IS…., The completion and closing of KARMIC CYCLES of old to ALLOW the new to unfold

PUTTING aside the nasty cabal and their arrests for a moment. THEY have been JUDGED and some are still in the process of it and how crazy they make things seem. Let’s look at what happens after all criminals are arrested…,

GOD’S BOUNTY AS THE HARVESTED SOULS of the LIGHT and HUMANITY will be provided for in many various ways of prosperity to aid in time for your spiritual growth and families and projects etc.

WE will be AIDING HUMANITY with our GIFTS and TALENTS. WE ALL have certain TALENTS from the CREATOR. WE HAVE SUPERNATURAL GIFTS as well. I am NOT talking about normal talent many of us have like the arts, like writing, drawing, painting, building, creating, singing, dancing, whatever it is that YOU DO WELL and that makes YOU HAPPY.

DO THAT at least ONCE a DAY – WHAT YOU LOVE to DO – as it is another way to raise your spiritual vibrational FREQUENCY. YOU KNOW by NOW that hate and FEAR pulls you back down into 3D DUALITY, which is more like 3D DUEL-ALITY right now for some. MANY state the silent path is NUETRAL as the observer. YES but the OBSERVER can either take mental notes or none at all, to each his/her own, YES.

Have you noticed those around you that are ENERGY VAMPIRES SCREAMING for ATTENTION ? They are the LOUD ones, like the media attention whores and what-nots etc. Got to stir-up that pile o’ crap just to feed on energy of those that have no IDEA WHY people do these things as they don’t know WHY either. It’s probably their way of adjusting to the energies of the creator by acting-out. I am NOT speaking of MSM news of manufactured FEAR daily against humanity. Just people that normally aren’t so DRAMATIC unless under some influence etc. ENERGY is everything as I have been bringing to your attention for around 10 years, about 7 – 8 years on this website platform. HAVE COMPASSION for them adjusting to the ENERGY.

FEAR and ANGER energy FEEDS the EVIL SATANIC ONES that we need to STARVE !

SOME are now questioning those who have been taught about AUTHORITY and POWER over others as that has to dissipate to accept and ANCHOR the new ways of LIVING and LOVING, instead of judjing and controlling and pushing and pulling for the 3D way. Of your innate and divine right to LIVE in PEACE and evolve the way GOD intended.

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But what is the SILENT PATH, the NUETRAL ONE ! ONCE you have figured out all the CRIMES that have been committed against you and you have healed the ANGER of being OUTRAGED and HOODWINKED – from all the LIES that were indoctrinated into your brains from the NAZI/CIA 1960’s MIND-CONTROLLED TELL-US-VISIONS [tv] you have let POISON your minds. Once you heal and get over that ANGER, you can observe the insanity of the LEFT, the CRAZY PSYCHOS NEW WORLD ORDER fools and their MINIONS without getting upset and fueling it with more negative ENERGY. WWG1WGA

Which is what one does in PEACEFUL PROTESTING RIGHT. YES ? Not for Antifa & BLM

Image result for teeter totter

DROP that old 3D BAGGAGE and CLEAR IT OUT – clear out old ways that DON’T work.

VIOLET FLAME IT, don’t SHAME IT, don’t BLAME IT, just Violet FLAME IT !

Image result for images violet flame

FOR the new EXPERIENCERS on the path – If you can’t get out of that MENTAL PRISON we put ourselves in by OVER THINKING and OVER ANALYSING, that everyone does, some more at times. Then pass the WHOLE situation over to YOUR GUIDES/ANGELS etc. PASS it over to HEAVEN. YOU can just say HEAVEN, I am having a problem of…. and explain it. EXPLAIN what you would like or are expecting to happen etc. And “LET IT GO Easier said than done right ? YES of course. But TRYING to get out of the head is hard sometimes because that is where the EGO is the STRONGEST and wants to LEAD the WAY, which is why we have EGO WARS inside the mind. THE EGO thinks it knows everything and wants to LEAD because it has been OVERFED to LEAD by YOU and one must recognize that by being brutally HONEST with self.

EGO is the worst and you must slap it down as it is the hardest to get rid of to the extent that one SEES the WE instead of the ME. I AM BETTER than so and so attitude or he or she doesn’t deserve that etc. EGO JUDGES and SEES YOU better than everyone else. JUDGE YOURSELVES to keep your EMOTIONS and ENERGIES in BALANCE. EGO is 3D. And it can’t come with you up the HIGHER DIMENSIONS, neither can FEAR, ANGER, HATE, JEALOUSY etc. YOU MUST CONTINUE to UNITE and STAND UP for YOURSELVES !

Wayne Dyer: Your Ego Will Destroy You ( Wayne Dyer Psychology )
•Mar 15, 2017

WE are GOD-SOURCE BEINGS, WE ARE SOURCE ENERGY, an EXTENSION of GOD SOURCE, GATHERING INFORMATION & EXPERIENCES to BRING back to SOURCE for EXPANSION etc.. DO YOU WANT to bring HATE to the LOVE SOURCE, I think not. LIBRA MOON is about BALANCE, staying in balance emotionally. I too felt like I was walking a tightrope for some odd reason as the energies were so intense. GUESS it’s that way for us as the human race collective to put out the TRASH and clean out our heads, and realize how IMPORTANT it is to STAY IN THE HEART whilst the shit hits the fan to the cabal. WHEN those ENERGIES come in and we hear, them as Heaven uses the winds to blow them everywhere. As I sit and share this message of what I am experiencing and noticing , I can hear the WIND blowing round these ENERGIES.

WE as the 144,400 will FEEL the ENERGIES/UPLOADS/DOWNLOADS & EXHAUSTION and or lethargic periods FIRST as we integrate the CREATOR ENERGIES to pass them on being LIGHT/LOVE HOUSES. But now that HUMANITY can hold more and more LIGHT, it is wonderful to behold. This is BIGGER than just US, from the COMPANY of HEAVEN, this is ABOUT YOU as a HUMAN experiencing THE ASCENSION and spiritual growth, that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that GOD has for US WE have for OTHERS, that is WHY we are HERE in service as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE like Mother and Father God has for US.

DARK EVIL SATANIC FORCES “FEEDS OFF SOURCE ENERGY” They FEED off of US through OUR FEARS. Which is WHY that nasty Hungarian DEMON George SORE ASS has paid out billions of dollars to many various groups to STEAL YOUR PEACE. to STEAL YOUR PEACE of MIND etc. ANTIFA and BLM are TERRORIST organizations = ALL LIVES MATTER. These are RAN and PAID by = ENERGY VAMPIRE GROUPS, that STEAL your PEACE so YOU create FEAR and ANGER by listening to them or your ego etc. STOP, STOP that endless MIND-CHATTER as your own self-defeating prophecy.

STAND TALL in your knowledge of YOU being a DIVINE CHILD of the CREATOR a beautiful soul that came here to SHARE and EXPLORE endless possibilities in creation. TO create HEAVEN on EARTH. TO EXPAND the CHRIST/UNIVERSAL/GOD/SOURCE/SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS – whatever name you give it, and SHARE it with your BROTHERS and SISTERS on, the GROUND and in the LIGHT SHIPS and the UNIVERSE. HEAVEN/CREATION is EVOLVING, EXPANDING, BIRTHING NEW WAYS and growing POSSIBLITIES for US as a HUMAN FAMILY to GROW and EVOLVE and SHARE and LEARN and TEACH etc. NOT JUST HERE, but WHATEVER happens HERE expands out into CREATION, INTO THE UNIVERSES, GALAXIES and PLANETS etc . IT is COSMIC, it is GLORIOUS, it is SUPER-NATURAL and we have FRONT ROW SEATS PEOPLE. That is awesome in itself. You must all be excited to meet our Galactic families and friends that have been helping us out= ALL ALONG – our seen & unseen but FELT HEAVEN FAMILIES and GALACTIC FAMILY MEMBERS and FRIENDS, I THANK YOU ALL so very MUCH FOR BEING HERE and I AM GRATEFUL to BE HERE as the heart SACRED REBELS for GOD !

Some claim that SWEETSPOT of STAYING NUETRAL NOT letting the cabal affect your energy every-time someone posts about their crimes etc. As the zero-point thing.

Some might need to hear this so – WE ARE ALMOST HOME, DON’T GIVE-UP at the finish line, WE LOVE YOU. YOU are the BRAVEST SOULS ever and you are so WORTHY. LAY down your burdens and BREATHE, in those new FREQUENCIES of LOVE and LIGHT !

That is all I WANT to say to you today. BREATHE IN and HOLD IT BREATHE IN and BREATHE OUT, Counting to 1,2,3 until YOU are relaxed, enjoy your holiday.

AN ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE will do wonders, especially on THANKS-GIVING. I am GRATEFUL for my FAMILY and FRIENDS and being here to share this message to you and to help any others that are looking for answers, the KINGDOM of GOD is INSIDE YOU and that is YOUR TEMPLE, but it is through the HEART, NOT the EGO-MIND, ok.

SPECIAL MESSAGE to TWIN-FLAMES, ALL TWIN-FLAMES are ENTITLED to their own 3D experiences for their own SPIRITUAL GROWTH and LESSONS, just like YOU ARE/WERE. SOME may be a little LATE to the party, don’t be so judgemental, rather use discernment and compassion as their experiences and lessons are just as important as yours are, so when that time comes that when you get back together, you will never be separated again, like HEAVEN designed it and planned it. Unless or until YOU decide to be brave again and rescue another planet from the depths and despair of hell etc.

I have learned as a TWIN-FLAME to NOT listen to what my parents, best friends, uncle, aunt, cousin, bros wants for me because IT NEVER IS and never will be WHAT I WANT nor WILL it be WHAT GOD WANTS as WHAT WE are here for in SERVICE is BIGGER and BETTER than what any FAMILY member thinks of me or what THEY think I should do because it is OUTSIDE myself and my wants and needs etc. And I SAY that very lovingly.

Some of you have to LEARN to LISTEN to what is INSIDE YOURSELF, INSIDE YOU, inside your heart AND soul, NOT to other people”s opinions of HOW you should run your life ETC. EVEN IF YOU GET SOME HELP through various ways in your decisions, everything is still YOUR decision, NOT THEIRS AS THEIRS [THEIR WAYS] affects YOUR OWN FREE WILL, of choosing what is best for you ! THIS IS HOW A TWIN LEADS THEIR LIFE and NOT somebody else’s LIFE for the sake of SAVING FACE you end up denying your own grace and space and YOUR OWN WANTS AND NEEDS etc. WE CAME HERE TO BE US, TO BE ME, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S version of us, YOUR VERSION OF YOU and my VERSION of ME without FEARS and JUDGEMENT from clueless outsider’s that many STILL THINK EVERYTHING on THE 3D TELLY-VISION is the TRUTH, NEED I SAY MORE.

Although I am an OLD SOUL and in separation from my TWIN in this moment of NOW, I cherish the day I will be together with him again someday in DIVINE TIMING. ALL PATHS lead us HOME back to each other eventually for the DIVINE PLAN of ALL THAT IS ! FORGIVENESS is KEY for all TWINS, but please remember that WE TWINS are HEALING from thousands of years of lifetimes from physical, sexual, financial and mental ABUSE and that some of us take longer to HEAL over it. BE gentle to yourselves and honest with these ISSUES as GOD SEES EVERYTHING and KNOWS everything. YOU, NO ONE can HIDE ANYTHING from your HOLY CREATORS, so it’s always best to BE HONEST when you talk to GOD, as they will CORRECT YOU ~ and do so in a LOVINGLY way, and YOU will KNOW for your greatest GOOD. BELIEVE in LOVE. ALL PATHS LEAD back home to HEAVEN as everything works for the GREATER GOOD of all. Things will be told to us as this ASCENSION timeline was planned for us a MILLION years ago.

LOVE and RESPECT your TWIN, so you don’t mirror negative thoughts/behaviors etc. I would rather have MY TWIN show-up late to the PARTY than NOT at all. How about you? Perhaps it is I who is also late to MY OWN PARTY as I was immersed in mission.


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