CDC: No Quantified Virus Isolates of the 2019-NCoV are Currently Available and OTHER NEWS – OCT 13 2020

48-1/2 min video: Andrew Klavan – “Biden is Senile, Will Pack the Court | Ep. 975”

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Date: Tuesday, 13-Oct-2020 03:21:54

===== Biden is Senile, Will Pack the Court | Ep. 975 Biden is senile and will pack the Supreme Court — can the Democrats hide that through election day? 0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Top Comment
3:30 – The Big Idea: The Narcissism Of Bad Ideas
6:10 – Celebrate Civilization On Columbus Day
10:25 – Bret Stephens’ Writes A Column That Criticizes The 1619 Project
19:26 – The Hearings For ACB’s Confirmation Begins
23:05 – Democrats Turn The Narrative Of Packing The Court Against Republicans
31:35 – The Election Is A Lie
40:55 – Gal Gadot Is Casted As Cleopatra And Receives Blowback From The Press =====


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Date: Sunday, 11-Oct-2020 09:31:48

Link: “WHO Tells World Leaders To End Lockdowns …?”
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Date: Sunday, 11-Oct-2020 09:46:48

“WHO Tells World Leaders To End Lockdowns …?”
If the WHO advocates NO LOCKDOWNS – then the problem is with the “Global Health Mafia Protection Racket”.
Get out a piece of paper and write down the names:

(Reader | peteaxehandle) The Death of Seal Team Six

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Reader Post | By peteaxehandle h ttps:// So now we know it was a 152 billion dollar bri… X22 Report — Episode 1896: Economic Game Theory, Planned Years AgoX22 Report — Episode 1895: Fed Pushing Recession, New Deal Coming, Blacksite DismantledX22 Report — Episode 1883: Trump Accelerates Transition Plan, Sends a Message to the Deep StateReader Post | By peteaxehandle

So now we know it was a 152 billion dollar bribe to Iran so they would not tell the world that Osama bin Laden was still alive and that seal team 6 was murdered to cover it up. O_bama. Hill_ary, Bi_den, and Brennan are murdering enemies of the us. iamiam

Bull Report: BS Rerun with New Video


Bull Report: BS Rerun with New Video [LOL]

Monday, October 12, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Geno Kalmes, Guest Writer October 12, 2020 Bull… (Reader | Bonni B) Herbicide is What’s for DinnerBenjamin Fulford Report: “Controlled Implosion of U.S.” — September 7, 2020(Reader | Victor) Mixing of the Races

Operation Disclosure | By Geno Kalmes, Guest Writer

October 12, 2020

Bull Report

The World Court, The United Nations, Congress and The Funny Hat Society convened over the weekend to decide what to do about bullshit.

Upon reviewing as much bullshit as they could in two days and discussing bullshit and making bullshit predictions and coming up with bullshit scenarios, the foremost authorities on Bullshit, trained in Bullshit Universities to teach bullshit over the last two centuries plus, decided that their bullshit was the best bullshit of all and unanimously declared their bullshit as gospel and are re-writing Holy Books once again to further their religious teaching of bullshit with an eye on crossing their bullshit with Textbooks on Science, Math, English, Literature and especially History to make sure their bullshit was the only bullshit the next generation would ever repeat.

The main bullshit discussed was the bullshit on the internet that sought to dispel the official bullshit with what some were calling so called truth bullshit– like 911 being a bunch of bullshit no rational science minded person could accept if they weren’t bullshitting themselves. Other bullshit discussed was how the banks were writing bullshit policy that put their control above what they considered to be useless eater bullshit whose bullshit was so useless that they would need to issue food stamps to the vast majority of the population to feed them with GMO bullshit that would hurry up the dying process. The other bullshit high on their agenda was vaccine bullshit where people with clean water and organic food without pollutants being rained upon them from airplanes spraying chemicals (chemtrails) which was a mix of aluminum, barium and other highly toxic bullshit would be way healthier than if they injected a cocktail mix of fetuses, mercury, antifreeze and other bullshit sure to seed hundreds of new diseases that Doctors would bullshit their way through making the Pharmaceutical companies even richer by “managing disease” rather than “curing disease” which is a whole lot of bullshit if you ask me.

The main point of the bullshit agenda was of course to cover up all the bullshit they thought people were too dumb to notice and someone asked whose bullshit idea was it to shovel so much bullshit on the masses that they were woken up by suffocating under bullshit and someone said well, when we employ such mottos in the world as By Deception We Shall Do War and teach dirty tricks in Army War College it was sort of predictable that bullshit would lead to more bullshit and may the best bullshitter win. “Yes” someone said, but how does bullshit help humanity to evolve and solve bullshit like the bullshit we have unleashed on the Earth by us playing big know-it-all bullshit Gods with bio-warfare and uranium based weaponry and nuclear waste and the bullshit done to the environment trying to pull bullshit out of the ground to run engines that could easily run on less toxic bullshit and how even their uneducated illegal alien Mexican gardener knows the difference between what pollutes the planet and what jeopardizes the planet with bullshit that works against nature and not with nature but then someone said that is where our bullshit sustainability movement comes in with Agenda 21 bullshit.

Those who never really paid much attention to the bullshit in government or in the general populace were starting to half listen to the bullshit and wonder what was bullshit and what wasn’t bullshit. Everything is pretty much bullshit said A Republican Senator and then a Democratic Senator rose and scolded him for using the word “bullshit” in the hallowed halls of bullshit. We need to blame someone for the bullshit and throw them under the bus someone said and they all agreed but since bullshit leaves a trail to other bullshit they worried that whoever they threw under the bus mightout the bullshit they had been asked to pass into legislation as being part of some blackmail bullshit– and drug and gun running bullshit– and they all sort of froze up thinking– fuck I’m connected to that bullshit.

The internet was definitely to blame for all the bullshit getting out about their bullshit and someone said we need to fund more bullshit to cover up the bullshit with so much bullshit no one knows what is bullshit and what is like UFO’s and Chupacabras and Ninjas and other such bullshit. They all agreed to have the Pentagon staff Internet control rooms with bullshit artists who would pick bullshit fights to distract people from the bullshit that was as plain as the nose on their faces.

Someone said, well most of our forces can barely spell and someone else said who cares about that bullshit just get close, besides that little red line under the word and a right click shows the proper spelling and if people can’t figure that bullshit out we are in trouble because the dumbing down of the mass population may have been the dumbest bullshit idea the Rockefeller foundation ever funded along with the many fucked up bullshit foundations they funded to further their bullshit on humanity so they might inherit the Earth by default.

After all, someone had to know what was bullshit and what wasn’t bullshit. Might as well be the purveyors of the bullshit right?

Once they had all had lunch, which was a choice of prime rib, chicken or fish with some fancy bullshit chef garnishing on the side they decided to put this new bullshit idea to a vote. They called the Act, Our Bullshit is Gospel Act and anyone caught repeating anything but their bullshit would be taken to a camp for re-education or extermination.

Happy with this bullshit decision they agreed to meet again in two months and the bullshit came to an end for the time being, although their was plenty of bullshit they didn’t discuss including the bullshit some dude on a blog accused them of which was being guilty of perpetuating bullshit above and beyond bullshit which apparently is against some bullshit in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta. Which wasn’t Bullshit but treated as bullshit by the bullshitters who bullshitted their way into positions of power taking a bull sized shit on the oath they swore to uphold.

Don’t look for this bullshit on the news though they are covering some fake news Bullshit instead.


MMMM… You turned the old rug into a casserole… You are amazing…


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Nancy Pelo_si Invests Crowdstrike, the Firm Behind the Russia Collusion Ho_ax


Nancy Pelo_si Invests Crowdstrike, the Firm Behind the Russia Collusion Ho_ax

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Speaker Pelo_si Invests Hundreds of Thousands in Firm Behind Russia Collusion Ho_ax, CROWDSTRIKE By Joe Hoft Published October 10, 2020 at 3… Benjamin Fulford Report: “World Tension Escalates” — December 2, 2019(Rinus Verhagen) Every Fairy-tale Comes to an EndDemocrats are Desperate to Cover up their Crimes — Greg Hunter and Kevin Shipp

Speaker Pelo_si Invests Hundreds of Thousands in Firm Behind Russia Collusion Ho_ax, CROWDSTRIKE

By Joe Hoft
Published October 10, 2020 at 3:06 pm

You just can’t make this stuff up. Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelo_si this past week invested between $5oo,000 and million dollars in the firm behind the Russia collusion sham, Crowdstrike.

One firm behind the entire Russia collusion fairy tale was Crowdstrike. So it should come as no surprise that the firm that helped push the fraudulent Russia collusion ho_ax on the American people for years would be a the firm that corrupt and nasty speaker Pelo_si would invest in.

(Read Full Article:


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A post submitted by CGI member, Morgan… ****************************

Ellen Holmes & Marina Seren ~ Intuition, Healing, Light Language, ET Contact ~ Interview & Live Q&A

250 views•Streamed live on Oct 12, 2020 180ShareSave

Soul Freedom 2.24K subscribers Ellen Holmes (E Light) ~ Crystalline DNA Light body activator, Graphic Designer, Light Language channel and Theta Healer E Light is a light language channel, New Earth pioneer, designer and DNA activator. , ,

The School of Creation, is a New Earth school sharing the crystalline wisdom teachings of E.L.Light. E.L.Light is a Theta Healer, channel of Light, crystalline DNA Light body activator and bridge to New Earth consciousness. Who is Ellen? (in her own words): Well that is a very powerful question to ask. A question with the potential to open many doors of self discovery and inward journeying when we ask it to ourselves. It was the question that in the beginning of my journey back in 2013 really introduced me to what has been a forever deepening journey of awakening, self discovery and an amazing spiritual adventure. 6 years ago, I went through a Kundalini awakening, where my whole entire life and understanding of reality became uprooted. From here I began communication with many multidimensional beings, who initially took the form of angels but today I know as extensions of my higher self- the Light of E. They guided me in self healing and awakening to deep universal laws, philosophies and innate spiritual wisdom of the soul. In healing myself through their guidance I awakened dormant spiritual abilities that are within us all such as telepathy, clairaudience, empathy and foresight, where to today I assist others in awakening such abilities within themselves, providing humanity with the mirror of reflection into self healing and self mastery. Marina Seren (Ocean Star) ~ Psychic • Channeler • Intuitive artist • Singer • Healer • Extrasensory • ET contact • Physics Soul Freedom Show – Host Lokesh Rai – http://soulfreedom.org… Interview requests & questions: Truth Connector – Support us by donating:

Treason: Benghazi and Osama Bin Laden || Sierra (NZ)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer October 13, 2020 This explosive video will rock the world. The TRUTH about Bengh… James Gilliland — ECETI News: Contact in the DesertDestroying the Illusion — [6.4] Comey’s Q Tweet, Bill Maher, Nader, DeepFakes, Vaccine Censorship, UFO Disclosure(Reader Post) Easter Egg of DisclosureOperation Disclosure | By Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer

October 13, 2020

This explosive video will rock the world.

The TRUTH about Benghazi and Osama Bin Laden is exposed by a C-I-A whistle blower. It implicates Obam_a, Brenna_n and Hillar_y in treason beyond all doubt. f you are pushed for time, the interviewer sums up the situation in around a minute from 9′ 22″…

The C-I-A whistle blower worked in the Middle East for 20 years. He is well known to the Obam_a administration. He has documents and audio to PROVE his information. They have been handed to a trusted member of Congress and are set to be released as early as this week.


Here is the Twitter account of Anna Khait, the young woman in the video. She is most impressive. I am guessing the fact that this information is now viral ensures her safety. Even so – VERY brave.

As someone commented below one of Anna’s tweets…

‘Benghaz_i was a cover-up for Clinto_n’s gun-running to Syria. Yuge.’

Here is the link to the full video of the C-I-A whistle blower…

As Anna says, the information from the C-I-A whistle blower has been confirmed by a high-ranking General. The General said that everything that has been released is ‘Spot on’. Anna says that it is a ‘very well-loved General’. We can assume that it is General Flynn.

Wow. Buckle up folks.

I don’t think there will be time to replenish the popcorn. It was cute that Anna referred to popcorn during her interview – it has become a major symbol of the Alliance war.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

CDC: No Quantified Virus Isolates of the 2019-NCoV are Currently Available


CDC: No Quantified Virus Isolates of the 2019-NCoV are Currently Available

Monday, October 12, 2020

CDC Documents: “No Quantified Virus Isolates Of The 2019-NCoV Are Currently Available” Tim Brown / October 8, 2020 Former CBS Healthwatch… (Reader | GK) Must See: The Story of VaccinationIrrefutable Evidence: Coronavirus was Engineered by ScientistsEpidemic: 30 Trillion Cases, and that’s a Low Estimate — Jon Rappoport

CDC Documents: “No Quantified Virus Isolates Of The 2019-NCoV Are Currently Available”

Tim Brown / October 8, 2020

Former CBS Healthwatch reporter and author of The Matrix Revealed Jon Rappaport exposed the Center for Disease Control for its blatant propaganda regarding COVID-19. In one of their own documents they state quite clearly: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…” Since that is the case, that there are no quantified virus isolates, how can one be sure of what is being determined as COVID-19 is, in fact, COVID-19?

The particular document Rappaport referenced is dated July 13, 2020, and the title is “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” The document is below.



OPUS 244 Califoria! Support Joe Collins

7,014 views•Oct 12, 2020 1.2K12ShareSaveSteve Pieczenik 97.3K subscribers Time to tell #MaxineWaters bye bye! She has done enuf damage for one lifetime. #Elect#JoeCollins to 43rd district in California! Give him your support.


OPUS 243 Biden Loves WAR!

13,713 views•Oct 5, 2020


OPUS 242 Vote for Trump!

18,494 views•Oct 1, 2020 1.9K32ShareSaveSteve Pieczenik 97.3K subscribers Voter Fraud is real and America has history. Trump2020 will get a second term despite #MassiveFraud on the part of #DNC. #FBI is useless and perhaps involved, thats why #ProjectVeritas had to do the heavy lifting.


It Begins! Canada’s FIRST ARREST UNDER THE QUARANTINE ACT Sets The Stage For Aussie Like Tyranny!!!

1,911 views•Oct 7, 2020

Canadian Military ORDERED 36K UNITS OF TEAR GAS & Are Setting Up ISOLATION CAMPS for Spring of 2021!

19,576 views•Oct 6, 2020 79822ShareSavePress For Truth DanDicksPFT 4.27K subscribers

#911 #CANADA connections! Coincidence? RELOAD! #QAnon #AbelDanger#Uranium1#MKUltra

2,324 views•Sep 11, 2020 3874ShareSaveBilly Joyce

23.1K subscribers CANADA’S RED PILL – Sept 11th 2020 : In today’s video, we take a trip back in time to March 2nd 2018 when I produced a video that dug into the possibilities that Canada’s role in 9-11 was not just the friendly one of welcoming estranged passengers. Why were high ranking officials at work so early that morning? Why was Transport Canada and US reps meeting days prior? Why were extra security ordered at certain airports? What kind of #Strike was the Canadian Government concerned about the morning of 9-11 ? Who was running #NORAD that morning ? All this and much more, featuring information from #AbelDanger#FieldMcConnell , #QAnon and the #Anons and much much more. Take a stroll down memory lane with me. This video reflects the research I did after following the leads left by #Autists on #8chan. It covers connections to #911 , #UraniumOne, #MKUltra and it reveals a Web of #Power and #Elite#Cooperation on things ranging from #Education to #Religion and #Churches , connections to the #Order of the #Jesuits & #StFX#StFrancisXavier University in #Antigonish#NovaScotia. I also cover the USA-Canada relationship from a #PowerFamilies perspective….YES They are REAL! Many connected to #LoopCaptial (in diagram)

CCN October 12/20 RSBN Live Screen Share Trump Rally Florida

574 views•Streamed live 20 hours ago

1:40:20 Now playing

CCN October 12/20 RSBN Live Screen Share Trump Rally Florida

574 viewsStreamed 19 hours ago 1:31:02 Now playing

CCN October 11/20 Super Sunday Live Chat

653 viewsStreamed 1 day ago 1:29:48 Now playing

CCN October 4/20 Super Sunday Live Chat

882 viewsStreamed 1 week ago 1:28:14 Now playing

CCN September 27/20 Super Sunday Live Chat

853 viewsStreamed 2 weeks ago 1:32:50 Now playing

CCN September 20/20 Super Sunday Live Chat

705 viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago

52:24 Now playing

I’M BACK! #Debate2020 review : #Trump vs #Biden & #Wallace ! LIES EXPOSED !!

2.4K views1 week ago 1:40:55 Now playing

QAnon followers being targeted!! BLM & Antifa OUT OF CONTROL!! USA BURNS !!

3.6K viewsStreamed 3 weeks ago 41:02 Now playing

#911 #CANADA connections! Coincidence? RELOAD! #QAnon #AbelDanger – #Uranium1 – #MKUltra

2.3K views1 month ago 2:20:47 Now playing

Thousands gather at #FreedomRally in Ottawa : #CBC SILENT !

5.7K viewsStreamed 1 month ago 1:23:16 Now playing

#JacobBlake & #KyleRittenhouse : The WHOLE Truth not being told on #FakeNews !

2.6K viewsStreamed 1 month ago 1:39:40 Now playing

#Trump endorses #QAnon / New #Pedogate Connections / #GeorgeSoros is running Canada!

5.1K viewsStreamed 1 month ago 1:54:36 Now playing

NO #GESARA 4 CANADA : Land of #Bloody #Hammers , #Machetes #Chainsaws and a bottomless #SWAMP !!

5.4K viewsStreamed 2 months ago

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