Dutch Hitler Kabinet Rutte III has Fallen || Rinus Verhagen – Oct 12 2020

Dutch Hitler Kabinet Rutte III has Fallen || Rinus Verhagen


Dutch Hitler Kabinet Rutte III has Fallen || Rinus Verhagen

Monday, October 12, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer October 12, 2020 The Hitler Cabinet Ru_tte III has fallen, one just doesn… I’m Not Lying, Here are Some Facts — Rinus VerhagenHow the Dutch Bilderberg Government Finances Bill Gates — Rinus VerhagenDo we let this Happen? Look at the Vacancy — Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

October 12, 2020

The Hitler Cabinet Ru_tte III has fallen, one just doesn’t dare to tell it.

Photo from 2012, now we have much richer experiences.

Now this is difficult to explain to the population, because normally one would have to resign with the fa_ke King that the Cabinet has fallen.

MSM is spinning at full speed to hide their story of lies.

How are we supposed to sell this to the population, that politics C19 has instantly disappeared.

Normally, a politician leaves the government and loses the majority to continue governing.

This time it is just a bit different.

Ru_tte and the Younger are tipsy game, and can no longer conduct or handle cases on behalf of their Pe_do Bilder_berg mafia crime parties.

Fredo de Jonge has handed over his chairmanship of the CDA to Pieter Omtzigt.

Ru_tte and the Younger appear to be employed by the Clin_ton Foundation, this has been told to Trump by the CIA.

The new normal becomes the natural human normal.

It was forgotten that the population has its own will and interest, no one can be forced into a fascist system by the criminals of politics.

Because of all the disclosures so far and in the future it is impossible for the existing Cabal Na_zi system to continue.

Due to the disappearance of Ru_tte and the Younger, a vacuum has been created within this crime cabinet, as the political Corona Virus is now being removed.

The crown prince of the VVD Mafia throws in the towel.

VVD party leader and crown prince of that party, Klaas Dijkhoff, stops after the elections in 2021. Within the VVD, a successor for Dijkhoff must now be sought. Campaign strategist Henri Kruithof thinks that there will certainly be no new crown prince at the VVD. “And that would be a good thing,” he says in Goedemorgen Nederland at Dutch Propaganda Organization 1.

The next problem, where is Willy the Fake King and his green dragon Mother Beatrix to offer the resignation?

Just like the Spanish and English royal houses, they are without trace, it seems.

This NWO Bilder_berg crime Hit_ler Cabinet has locked us up from March onwards, life is systematically verging on a false assault on us the population.

Many people have died because urgent operations did not take place because of the Corona lie.

Businesses have gone bankrupt, the economy has been damaged for years, all premeditated by this crime cabinet.

The New Green Deal, just its NWO monstrosity, is imposed by people who have nothing more to say and from whom we no longer accept orders or restrictions.

Everyone is entitled to compensation from this crime government, of €250 per day is about €50.000 per inhabitant of the former Netherlands.

So Ru_tte and his clients have €850,000,000 in damage claims plus paying back the stolen pensions €1,400,000,000 to the population.

The economic damage can easily amount to €600,000,000 which Psychopath Ru_tte’s Hit_ler Cabinet and Willy von Amsberg have the superfluous on their conscience.

The Ukraine adventure has brought a lot of cor_ruption and crime to and with Genocide.

The IMF then was interwoven with corruption by Lagarde, this box is now at the ECB to introduce the digital Euro at our expense.

The whole house of cards is collapsing like a slack pudding, because the intended RESET of the WEF, IMF, ECB, FED, NATO will not take place on the basis of Fake Fiat debt money.

All fake directors in different countries, and institutions are liable.

One reset is not the other gold covered Reset, which the IMF comes up with is linked to the Rothschild family.

The GESARA reset is linked to the AIIB, QFS which replaces the SWIFT system that was switched off with the CIPS payment system where the money is covered in value from gold and commodities from all over the world.

Stopping paying mortgages will now be topical, so banks can fall, no bank will be too big to fall, because they can no longer launder criminal money for the globalists.

In short, we no longer have a government that has any authority as a crime syndicate over the afflicted population, so the Corona deception has disappeared as quickly as it came.

So we are going to claim damages from The Hague Satanists to compensate our losses.

We are going to seize all the accounts of politicians, bankers, tax authorities, CAK, CJIB and the banks in the Netherlands.

Telecom companies have already received a claim of €2000 per day for their 5G network per inhabitant of the Netherlands.

It will be clear that in its current form this cannot be paid because of the genocide mafia in the former Netherlands, Ru_tte III and Willy are bankrupt.

So there will have to be a GESARA miracle before the elections in the US will happen, because if Trump loses due to fraud, something that can’t be done, because even the van Binden family refuses to attend his campaign meetings.

If it doesn’t happen before November 3rd, it will never happen.

Donald J Trump has not started a fight for the world’s population to lose, he can’t lose as the Cabal support of globalist criminals is being cleaned up all over the world.

Brexit is a fact, as the EU is not legal but a cor_rupt institution with no legitimacy.

Thanks to the corruption of the Dutch Cabal, all the people of the member countries of the EU are liberated from the EU Fascism.

Now we have to look how further.

The crime governments must be put out of action.

There will have to be a transition team per country to work out a plan from their own country within 120 days.

Then direct democracy will have to be implemented through referendum driven policies, which will have a Bottom Up effect and power back to the people.

This can only be done by dissolving existing political parties and forbidding for the future the election of new mayors who are not connected to the old politics.

That is why it is necessary for people all over the country to actively take back control of their own lives.

Nobody could have predicted what is happening 10 years ago, now it is rolling over as if it has found its way through natural forces.

It is a waste of energy, and not worth watching or listening to.

Transition news:

RV News: We begin this week with eager anticipation if Tier 2 is released finally. The earliest will be tomorrow if it is.

1. What can you do while we wait is have a positive attitude and vibration.

2. Stay focused and see the RV done.

3. If you have doubt or fear that hurts and slows down the process

4. We are a collective consciousness creating this RV and bringing it into reality. We all must stay aligned.

5. We create a vortex with our combined focus, alignment and manifestation of the RV.

6. Maintaining a high vibration and staying positive on this will make it happen.

7. So let’s all stay in alignment, high vibration and focus and have the RV release this week.

This means that the RV will be safe if the existing policy is out of control.


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