Tales from the ship with Kent Dunn – Oct 10 2020

Tales from the ship with Kent Dunn

7,609 views•Oct 10, 2020 59016ShareSave144 Klub 6.3K subscribers Welcome to Tales from the Ship🚀🛸with Andy Moreno & Kent Dunn 🚀 humanitarian projects 🚀interstellar pleiadian ship on Australia 🚀August 13 2020 @ 3 ships 🛸Video flying by the Moon 🚀Arizona desert Ashtar Command military ships assisting our military 🚀Ships on the clouds 🛸⛅️ For STAR ⭐️Ancestry NEW PRICES readings  session  price is   (30)minutes $65dlls. Include : star ⭐️ family ,what planet you from🪐,constellation ,physical description ,gender , family members ,Arrival time , reincarnations ,,planet mission ,vibrational rate and if you are aa volunteer or a wonderer NEW PRICE(1hour) $130 dlls . Include star ⭐️ family ,what planet you from🪐,constellation ,physical description and you’re (cosmic name) ,gender , family member’s and family names and their cosmic job ,Arrival time , reincarnations and you’re first 3 reincarnations ,planet mission and suggestions to achieve you’re goal ,vibrational Andy suggestions to elevate you’re vibration and if you are a volunteer or a wonderer ,base on you’re blood 🧬type are you multidimensional being or a 3D being 💫Past Lives Report ($200) : include all you’re past lives you have had on planet earth ,locations , gender , occupation , death report 🚑For Genius Insight balancing program that help balance you’re Mind ,Bio-field and body field price is $80 dlls include a Aura picture ,Frequency recorded and Bio-full report of the balancing .for first scan . RE-SCAN $50 . INCLUDE AURA PIC FREQUENCY AND FULL REPORT 3 Payment option ZELLE with email ‪Andresmoreno@144klub.org‬ With Cash App user name ($144Andy ) PAYPAL https://www.paypal.me/HumbertoAndresM Note please add you’re FULL NAME and DOB and a phone  number  If you pay in PayPal  with a different name or nickname or under a company make sure you add your information  and you’re PHONE NUMBER AND email so I can track you on my database   After payment please send me a email at andresmoreno@144klub.org  Also please provide the TIME ZONE YOU ARE LOCATED  PACIFIC TIME ,ESTERN STANDARD,CENTRAL  ALSO A NUMBER WHERE I CAN REACH YOU  IF YOUA RE NOT IN USA PLEASE DOWNLOAD WHATS APP  Send me a email to andresmoreno@144klub.org  ONCE YOU MAKE A PAYMENT Please contact Annie to schedule you’re appointment text first  please let her know what Kind of service you getting 1hour reading or half our reading or genius balancing program text this number.   1 +(301) 814-4445 MUSIC BY RIA ATHENA ASH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1HW… 🙏📻🎧🎼🎹I do not own the rights of the music 🎧 is playing in the back ✨✨✨

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