Benjamin Fulford Report: “Tensions Rise as World Wakes up” — October 26, 2020 & LEO’S TRUE colors a showing who he is !

Benjamin Fulford Report: "Tensions Rise as World Wakes up" -- October 26, 2020


Benjamin Fulford Report: “Tensions Rise as World Wakes up” — October 26, 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis Tensions Rise as World Wakes Up to U.S. Election Theater October 26, 2020 By Benjamin Fulford Geopol… The NATO Alliance is Over || David LifschultzBenjamin Fulford Report: “Next Target is Switzerland” — September 21, 2020The US-China Tech War: Will the US Alliance with South Korea and Germany End? || David Lifschultz

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Tensions Rise as World Wakes Up to U.S. Election Theater

October 26, 2020
By Benjamin Fulford

Geopolitical tensions are reaching a boiling point as military leaders wake up to the U.S. election theater now in the third act, multiple sources agree. It’s now clear that somebody is trying to use this election to trigger a war between the U.S. and China. The White Dragon Society will move swiftly to eliminate the cabal members responsible in Shanghai, Peking, New York, and Washington DC if necessary to stop the plot. The gnostic Illuminati are also promising the use of targeted weapons against the leadership in these cities so the stakes are high to avoid war.

In a sign the threat to Washington DC is being taken seriously, a special nuclear radiation detection helicopter has been flying over the city in a systematic search for a nuclear device. They are wasting their time because any attack is likely to use a kinetic device, i.e. a meteorite with blue beam fireworks on November 2nd, WDS sources say as forewarned in the eye chart Economist cover at the end of 2019.

Here is what has been happening under the surface. Self-described S[a]tanist and hu[m]an f[e]tus eater Leo Zagami sent us the following message:

“China will invade Taiwan and trigger a Third World War if Trump wins or if the elections are contested.”

When we ran this by some Asian secret society sources they said, “We thought Leo Zagami was your friend.” Leo Zagami has tried various ways to criminally entrap me, destroy my mind with PCP, and murder me with a lung destroying poison so – emphatically – he is not my friend.

It turns out the Chinese nearly fell for a very clever Satanist trap. They were told that if [J]oe [B]iden was elected, then they would be given their dream of a United States of China. In other words, the [R]ockefeller faction using [B]iden repeated the promise made by [H]illary [R]ockefeller [C]linton. That is they would hand over Japan, Taiwan, ASEAN, and the Korean Peninsula to China if they were in power.

U.S. President Donald Trump is part of this trap, wittingly or otherwise. That was seen when his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner were witnessed last week praying at Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shceerson’s grave for her father’s reelection.

Sheerson is also known as the Lubavitcher Rebbe and is one of the key architects of the S[a]tanic plan to murder 90% of humanity and enslave the survivors. Since Trump has not publicly denounced his daughter or Kushner, we are forced to conclude he is aware of the plot. He also insists on calling SARS-Cov-2 the “China virus,” which is tantamount to a declaration of economic war.

When Giuliani returned from Ukraine and announced he had the goods on the [B]iden crime family, Joe suddenly decided to become a candidate in a desperate attempt to gain presidential immunity from prosecution. Recently he accidentally spoke the truth while freewheeling without a teleprompter. “We have put together…the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Then there are all the porno videos of his son [H]unter [B]iden being released. What is interesting is that many of them feature Chinese honey traps. It is as if Zagami and his goons deliberately let the Chinese create compromising videos as a sort of guarantee that [B]iden would do their bidding if elected.

We also note the new fake Chinese President Xi Jinping said:

“A war must be fought to deter invasion, and violence must be met by violence. Victory is needed to win peace and respect. China will never cower before threats, or be subdued by suppression.”

The fact that Asian secret society sources confirmed a Chinese attack on Taiwan would happen if their man [B]iden did not win shows they took the bait hook line and sinker.

Of course the Chinese are not stupid and have been playing both sides in the U.S. For example, Sheldon Adelson, a major Trump financier, gets most of his money from Chinese controlled Macau. Now we get reports Trump has a secret Chinese bank account.

Meanwhile, our Pentagon sources informed us that:

”With Amy Coney Barret confirmed for the Supreme Court on October 26, Trump is poised to win a landslide with indictments of BIG names, mass arrests and financial-political reboot after the election.”

The White Dragon Society, for its part, was forced to warn both the Chinese and the Americans that the world did not want to be forced to choose between an American or Chinese dictatorship.

It doesn’t appear that Trump and his supporters want to be involved in the global “financial-political reboot,” because they have failed to offer any solutions to the ongoing mass extinction, poverty, or other existential crises that face this planet. Trump has offered only an American centric world view and is telling the rest of the world to “mind its own business.”

In this context, sources in British, French, Chinese, and Russian intelligence have agreed on a plan that will decapitate the [R]othschild family controllers and their complicit world leaders.

MI6 sources say “in James Bond speak, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.” The British, French, Chinese, and Russian intelligence sources agree the entire C19 affair is an act of war that will be met with extreme prejudice.

“We have seen evidence of deliberate mass murder so that commutes the whole thing to section 7 of the International Criminal Code. What this means is that we see this as an undeclared act of war.”

This means there is a “mandate for military intervention,” the sources say. “Were I on the side of the perpetrator I would be making a will at this stage.” The source continued by saying “many heads of state and government have been complicit in this whole crime against humanity.”

Needless to say, the world’s military and intelligence community know that the entire C0VID “public health emergency came about when the 5G microwave network went online…and they k[i]lled millions in China.”

Mass deaths in the rest of the world were prevented after the Japanese confirmed what the NSA warned us about, that 5G is a k[i]ller. The fact that the 5G rollout was paused in most of the world has saved countless lives and the executives of the telecommunications firms involved are being systematically hunted down and k[i]lled.

Of course, the purpose of this entire operation is to protect the “[R]othschild family’s FIAT Currency and Country Debt Money Laundering and Stealth State Capture operations of the Khazarian Mafia,” MI6 confirms.

We note that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will be among those executed because he is trying to pass a law protecting pharmacidical companies from liability if their planned vaxxines cause injury. Since there is no need for a vaccine against what is an electromagnetic attack, Suga has publicly admitted guilt.

Pentagon sources say they have already k[i]lled Samsung Chairman Lee Kunhee “who appears to run South Korea.” This may have been revenge for the m[u]rder of Kim Jong Un, the Pentagon sources say.

The sources also say Israeli Prime Minister and mass-m[u]rderer Benjamin Netanyahu has been executed. They add “the death toll in Israel has now exceeded 2300.” We have been unable to independently confirm this but, we did note an attempt to anoint Netanyahu’s son Yair as his heir designate.

There is also major trouble brewing in the Israeli colony of Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s oil revenue and non-oil revenue fell by over 70% in the first half of this year. This means the 2016 prediction by Saudi deputy economy minister Mohamed Al Tuwaijri is coming true:

“If we [Saudi Arabia] don’t take any reform measures, and if the global economy stays the same, then we’re doomed to bankruptcy in three to four years.”

Low oil prices are a boon for China and India but spell trouble for the big oil families like the [R]ockefellers. That is why we are certain to see increased attempts to raise the price of oil by fomenting war in the Middle East. Already, we note fires and explosions at an Iranian petrochemical plant, a typical [R]ockefeller strategy.

In South America meanwhile, the attempt by Elon Musk to steal Bolivia’s lithium resources has failed miserably. What these people are fighting to avoid is hydrogen fuel with its exponentially greater driving range per kilogram of fuel versus battery onboard weight.

Getting back to the U.S., we note increasing signs of the civil war there is intensifying. For example, a reader in Texas sent us a report that Walmarts in Texas, Arizona, and California had been closed and not because they were fixing “plumbing issues.” Instead, a “friend connected to construction,” reported they were building underground facilities.

She said, “the Chinese arrived Aug 1 and are housed in these sites.” In the case of a Walmart in Midland, Texas, after the local sheriff “died unexpectedly in his sleep, we have had dozens of brothels popping up. The Chinese opened a nail salon where the money is laundered.”

Pentagon sources say they are on the case noting that “After 2 weeks ‘quarantine’ because of C0VID, the Joint Chiefs of Staff returned to work at pentagon with a bang, a 7.5 quake off Alaska.” The sources note:

“Many deep underground bases from down under to Europe, Asia, and North America have been emptied of children, gold, diamonds, precious metals, treasures, documents and then destroyed, as military forces mop up defeated cabal minions who don’t even realize the war is over.”

There are many publicly available signs a secret war really is being waged. For example, there have been 911 outages all across the United States, presumably meant to prevent local police from showing up during special operations.

We also note power is being cut off to over a million people in areas of California where big tech companies like Google are located. These cut-offs of electricity happened after the Justice Department formally sued Google over monopolistic practices.

We further note increasing public signs the Khazarian mafia is trying to negotiate a surrender. This can be seen by the increasing calls on corporate media outlets for a South African style “truth and reconciliation.”

The increasing violence at the very tip of world power is also distracting us from increasing amounts of good news. For example, a cure for Alzheimer’s has apparently been found.

If the WDS and its allies win this war (and we will), premature aging and childhood illnesses will become treatable.

On a final note, we hear from esoteric sources the blue full moon on Halloween will actually be pumpkin-colored. If this turns out to be true, it will be a clear sign from the heavens. If it doesn’t turn out to be true, it means we are on our own. Either way, humanity will emerge victorious.

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