Full Moon October 31st! 5 Things You Need to Know 🌕🎃✨ & WATCH the FULL MOON LIVE VIDEO ! BE AT PEACE !

103,572 views•Oct 27, 2020

Full Moon October 31st! 5 Things You Need to Know 🌕🎃✨

103,572 views•Oct 27, 20207.5K81ShareSaveAsk Angels with Melanie Beckler 222K subscribers The October 31st Full Moon in Taurus happens at a time when the veil is thin during Halloween/ Samhain… It’s also a Blue Moon, and a Micromoon! Learn what this means and more here now! Then, check out the Ancestral Healing with Angels meditation here: http://www.AngelActivation.com This is also a good Full Moon to do a Full Moon Ritual for release… Learn how to do that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAqFd… Or get a message from your angels you most need to hear now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bmv8…


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Jovita Tanveer

Jovita Tanveer 3 days ago Awaken; join with like-minded people to heal yourself and the world. We are one.Angelic forces are everywhere, healing and supporting your growth. 80

lc Lucky

lc Lucky 4 days ago Vedio duration 11.11💚 292

Cosmic Shrimp

Cosmic Shrimp 2 days ago The war in the spiritual realms is intense,,very,,at this time,,those who are awake to spiritual positivity,,love,,have a choice,,choose wisely,there are implications for humanity,,,choose wisely 23

The Spirit of the Cosmos

The Spirit of the Cosmos 4 days ago Melanie for Spiritual President 2020!!!!!!!! 😍 259

Gan Ju

Gan Ju 4 days ago Your Power is so magnifizient!! Wow, Juergen from Germany In the moment you are entering in the upper dimensions the 9th Dimension of your concsiosness during this lifetime. To do spiritual work during the ascension process of this world is in my oppinion the perfect way, we can ever do!!! Everything is in the now!!! These developments you’re doing now – is for every time in the now!! So please continue your work to upgrade more and more. Until the 12-13 Dimension there is no light enymore – there is the will, there is (I can only speak german – Klang) and beyond this only peace. I anckored in peace – as a former buddhist monk – and that’s it. To become peace!!! Melanie – you are doing a great great job – in reaching so much people around the globe. Thank you for your beeing!!! I love you!!! 29

Martha Dobbs

Martha Dobbs 3 days ago Tonite is the 28th October..im sitting outside vibrating the full moon 🌝 such positive energy 18


helloxmikey 2 days ago I’m the only one who’s just been staring at the background and just forgot I was watching the video 80

Maria Kuna DIY

Maria Kuna DIY 22 hours ago When you began talking about the relationship with mother earth the tree behind you started nodding💞 6

Lisa - Soul Level Healing

Lisa – Soul Level Healing 4 days ago The energy needs to be divisive and chaotic to assist with the polarization and ascension. Some of us are called to assist with this in the streets. Some like myself are spiritual warriors who are called to keep the high vibration. Its important to know your role right now and ask your higher power. 131

Kirti Sharma Energy Alchemist

Kirti Sharma Energy Alchemist 4 days ago This is powerful. Already started healing childhood wounds as past life wounds are already healed. Thank you for affirming that it’s the Moon’s love that’s helping in heal. Thanks again 74

AquaWarrior Samah

AquaWarrior Samah 4 days ago Here at 111 comments!! Beautiful synchronicity omg❤️ 20

Epie Tabios

Epie Tabios 3 days ago When there’s a Tander I see some thing white is that an angel 8

Saski KR

Saski KR 3 days ago Anniversary of my Dad’s death on 31st- All Saints Day. 31

Jupiter Labeyn

Jupiter Labeyn 3 days ago I ve understand..🙏whatever you dont like..go the opposite way as feeling and thinking..LOVE and calm..at mind..👍🙏thank you..love you..😘Selamet,ge.. 8

Mirror Luv

Mirror Luv 4 days ago That’s my birthday October 31st thanks for the reading 31


williamkazak 19 hours ago I could feel this happening on Friday evening. Very intense energy. Required much patience and a lot of thank you to all the people out and about while shopping. Wind was very nasty, added to the energy. 4

Suzanne Nichols

Suzanne Nichols 2 days ago This is going to seem random I guess..but I’ve just noticed that your t-shirts are really nice and they seem like they’re the lowest prices I’ve seen anywhere. Can you tell me how you manage to do that because I would like to sell t-shirts online. 2

Lee Luu Spiritual

Lee Luu Spiritual 3 days ago I felt a change today. Could only find one article about sensing the moon before its full. Anyone else having emotional outbursts or other findings? 17

The Garden Muse

The Garden Muse 4 days ago Full Moon craziness. I remember watching kittens play on Animal planet when Hillary lost. Really needed that lol. Gonna just watch Melanie for the rest of the year and hope for the best ❤ 30

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