Commander Ashtar Healing of Abuse – NOV 12 2020

Commander Ashtar Healing of Abuse

Posted by MaryB on November 12, 2020 at 6:52pm in Channeling and Channeled Messages

This came through today:  Dear One, We are ready to begin our investigaiton into planet earth’s history of abuse to children and animals.  This investigation involves you in many ways.  We seek your services of healing and empathy for both the victim and the perpetrator.  This is an energy few can hold and this will be very necessary in the coming months as things unfold upon your planet.    Your service will involve contacting others to initiate healing energies being sent to plan and animal as well as children and adults both male and female. 

This contact will involve your soul tribe, your friends, and any other acquaintances who are capable of holding non-judgement energies for all.    This will be a crucial step in the healing you so desire to see and be a part of.    Once upon a time in a far away land you volunteered for this mission.  It is now time to implement the action.     This action must begin asap.  You began it yesterday in your meditation.    Connect with Louise who will help you do do this work.  This vigil holding will involve a ritual to combat the ritual abuse.  It will replace the destructive ritual with the loving ritual of lighting a candle for all who have been both victim and perpetrator for they are the same.  This has been Commander Ashtar at your service.

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