Pssst what are YOU doing right now? ME = LMAO = “GOTTOSEE” some ARE FUNNY some are just SAD with a twist of HUMOUR !


Bad Company

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Pepe Will Rock You

Some Heads are gonna Roll

Stayin Alive Different Music

26:22 Now playing

Bad Company

1.1K views3 hours ago 39:31 Now playing

Pepe Will Rock You

1.3K views4 hours ago 1:02:22 Now playing

Some Heads are gonna Roll

1.7K views5 hours ago 49:37 Now playing

Stayin Alive Different Music

1.6K views7 hours ago 59:46 Now playing

Stayin Alive

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3.1K views12 hours ago 44:23 Now playing

Finish Them

3.3K views15 hours ago 20:52 Now playing

Save Our Children With Q17 KeK FrQglsy

3.2K views1 day ago 14:55 Now playing

Dont Tread on Memes

2.9K views1 day ago 19:06 Now playing

What is Draconian Law

2.1K views1 day ago 30:13 Now playing

Prediction Pain

3.8K views1 day ago 45:20 Now playing

Finish Them!

1K views1 day ago 54:27 Now playing

B1d3n L^pt0p Dr0p

6.7K views1 day ago 35:34 Now playing

Vlog#10 Calm Before The Storm

1K views1 day ago 27:10 Now playing

Night of the 4 Wheeler

248 views1 day ago 38:37 Now playing

Dont Give up Patriots in Control

5.8K views2 days ago 29:27 Now playing

But Wait There’s More!

5.8K views2 days ago 40:34 Now playing

Laptop Diaries Vol 1

4.1K views2 days ago 47:52 Now playing

If only you knew How BAD things really are

9K views3 days ago 31:11 Now playing

The more you know about the laptop

5.7K views3 days ago

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