Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn – NOV 25 2020 = NESARA was SIGNED into LAW – NOV 02 2020 = AMAZING MR. TRUMP!

Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn

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Sam Mugzzi 19K subscribers Updates!

Here are some topics to research-

Sydney Powell,

Military Tribunal

Judge Paul A. LaViolette,

PhD Dr. Brooks Agnew Thomas Townsend Brown Tesla Elon Musk Propulsion Engine Sub-Quantum Kinetic Theory Classical Quantum Theories Newton and Maxwell NESARA 14th Amendment: Insurrection Act Logan Act 1799 Espionage Act 1917 Sedition Act 1918 Military vs. Criminal Law United States vs. Throckmorton 1878 Signed into Law, Declaration of War: 5/20/2020 Emergency Constitution Suspension Claus https://www.ebh.clubhttps://www.quantumhealing.club More information is put up regularly. Check back soon.

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