Lightworker Roles during a Planetary Tipping Point – December 3, 2020 by Tiara Kumara

Lightworker Roles during a Planetary Tipping Point

Posted by amparo alvarez on December 4, 2020 at 4:59am

Lightworker Roles during a Planetary Tipping Point

December 3, 2020 by Tiara Kumara

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Three Broadcast Times:
8 am, 3 pm, 8 pm ~ ET
(same time as New York)


If you cannot make these time, you can Request Replay

 Dear Ones,

I cordially invite you to join me this Sunday in a very important Lightworker Broadcast. This addresses some very serious aspects of world outplay and how we can and are assisting to insure humanity’s liberation.

I have been receiving a lot of emails and questions on many levels. There seems to be much confusion about the unfolding drama on world stage, understandably so. One of the big recurring questions coming in relates to… how to hold the awareness and what is required of us now?

We know that all that is happening on the outer world stage is one grand orchestration to assist in the mass awakening of humankind. Everything in the physical dimension is an appearance, an illusion being played out in a holographic reality. It’s a false reality because it is created by the belief in separation. This belief creates the game of duality.

This game, however, has brought us to a very critical moment. It’s a planetary tipping point to the likes that we have never experienced. The implications of what is currently playing out potentially affects every man, woman and child on the planet, now and for generations to come.

It’s definitely not a time to close the door and wait until it’s over, thinking that there nothing we can do. Our light work is extremely important. It’s everything we have been preparing for to happen. Right now, it is all hands are on deck.

There are many elements coming together creating a sort of ‘perfect storm’ of outplay. At this very moment, the matrix of the “mass consciousness”, is going through a crucible of fire. This passage will determine how reality will outpicture itself in the many years and decades to come.

If you said yes to service, if you have done your inner work, then you are definitely being used to assist in what is playing out right now. This is in addition to what you are already doing. Our roles are expanding to assist in extraordinary ways. No, you are not going crazy. Yes, you are being used to transmute a LOT of energy.

Our determination and attunement to the higher realms is what creates the magnetizing energy field that attracts others into the upliftment. We are helping to shift the timeline. We are helping to shift mass consensus reality away from the fear driven, dominion driven agenda that is right now attempting to thwart human evolution in a big, big way.

This is what I am inspired to share about. I hope to be with you this Sunday. Our unity has never been more important than now.

With love,



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