Benjamin Fulford [Full Report]: West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese – Dec 16 2020

PARTS of CANADA are FULL of Chinese, especially BC and parts of Alberta and Ontario as I used to have a JOB entering BUILDING PERMITS info [Years ago] And this is what I remember as it “quite shocking” how most of the rich homes in BC were owned by Chinese. I was entering Last names as well and the Chinese names stood out because there was so many. This has nothing to do with racism, just plain statistics @ 2002 to 2004 [?] was when I did that job, I can’t remember the exact years I did this job.

[p.s. Now you know WHY I made ALL THOSE COMMENTS OF GETTING rid OF paying BUILDING PERMITS for HUMANITY = WHY SHOULD WE PAY TWICE?] AND ANY TYPE OF PERMIT THAT Is NEEDED that has ANYTHING to do with DEFENSE should HAVE PERMITS through the ARMIES to make SURE NO MORE UNDERGROUND BASES are being built and or NO MORE CERN or HARRP MACHINES are being built, UNLESS they BENEFIT HUMANITY instead or HURT HUMANITY and NATURE etc. This should be done AFTER when all the MILITARY has been “OFFICIALLY CLEANED-OUT” of any leakers, bad-guys and rogue A.I. etc. {MAKES MORE SENSE NOW, DOESN’T IT}

Anyhow on a positive note, SAY I own a new home and I want to expand my home with an underground GARDEN growing facilities and a above ground GREENHOUSE and a shed. There is NO permit needed for the shed or the greenhouse but I might need one for my underground HYDRO FOOD experiment. SO I head over to the NEW PERMIT website to find out that I can only build 2 stories down and that there is a list that says these are buildings no one is allowed to build unless they have a SPECIAL permit by the MILITARY FOR BUILDING UNDERGROUND. OR IT MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO BUILD 2 STORIES UNDERGROUND UNLESS IT IS BUILDING UNDERGROUND PARKING or something like that. When I lived in the West end near the airport, a friend of mine told me and pointed to me a certain building that went 7 stories beneath the ground that had something to do with BANKING. Anyway I have a MEMORY like an ELEPHANT [which pisses off some family members at times but it comes in REAL handy when you are “DOING your mission” on Earth.] This was around the same time that I saw my first triangle like space ship over my home that I rented when I was about 21 years old.

This way the BENEVOLENT EARTH MILITARY will know what is going on. TUNNELS may not be allowed unless the GOOD EARTH MILITARY allow it coinciding with HEAVEN’S and MOTHER NATURE’S wishes etc. This way is probably the best way as I’m sure the Galactics will have some kind of super-natural type underground imaging etc. that will keep HUMANITY safe from being DRAGGED DOWN into underground bases by Hostile forces etc. Like an alarm will go off so the Military can inspect it and see if you are doing something considered ILLEGAL or HARMFUL to HUMANITY. JUST LIKE all those people working with CLONING, GENETICS etc. will NEED a PERMIT in the future as this CLONING bullshit has to STOP period. Unless the GALACTICS or HEAVEN gives the Ok to certain CLONING EXPERIMENTS or HUMAN GENETIC experiments will NOT be allowed for this reason or that etc. This will give the BENEVOLENT EARTH MILITARY the POWER to shut that crazy shit down that will cause ANY HARM to anyone etc. I wonder IF we have an UNDERGROUND TUNNEL system – HOLLYWOOD type of thing going on in Vancouver or somewhere in BC mountains or something in Canada.

Of course WE KNOW the EARTHLINGS have to stand on their own, but remember that NONE of us personally own this planet [except for those that do – who built it and Mother Nature etc.] But it doesn’t hurt to ASK other planets how they handle this

11-13 minutes

Benjamin Fulford [Full Report]: West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese – Dec 16 2020

The Western world is facing its greatest crisis, possibly ever, as its ruling elite has surrendered to China.  Either the West removes this elite from power and creates a united front or Westerners will become Chinese slaves working under Khazarian Mafia sub-contractors.  It is this battle involving the Chinese and the West that is the real reason why the U.S. Presidential election result remains in limbo.

Before we dig further into this it’s important to point out that given the current circumstances it’s looking like a mathematical certainty Donald Trump will be the last President of the United States Corporation in its present form, multiple sources agree.  They also indicate he may have a plan up his sleeve to resolve the situation favorably, only time will tell.

To better understand the current situation let’s take a look at the numbers published by the U.S. Treasury Department on December 10th

They show the U.S. spent $6.5 trillion in the fiscal year ending on September 30th, but could only do this by borrowing $3.1 trillion.  The deficit for October, the first month of fiscal 2021, was up 111% year on year to $284 billion.

Overall, counting decades of fiscal and trade deficits as well as un-financed pension obligations, the U.S. has debt well over $200 trillion or well over 20 times GDP if you do not count debt-financed GDP.  So if you earn $10,000 a year, but spend $20,000 a year thanks to your credit card, and have over $200,000 in debt, you would have to spend your entire real income for over 20 years (and starve to death in the meantime) in order to pay your debt.

Neither Donald Trump nor anyone else can fix that using conventional means, which supports the concept of a reset to resolve the financial problems of numerous nations whose debt burden was created under the central bank fiat currency system.

That is why the current owners of the U.S. Corporation (mostly European aristocrats based in Switzerland) offered a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris slave presidency to the Chinese in exchange for a roll-over of their debt.  Even that was not enough, so they offered Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and ASEAN to the Chinese as well.

If you don’t think the mostly Swiss-based owners of the U.S. Corporation have surrendered to the Chinese, take a look at this news item (and please support the Guardian while you are at it) that reads in part:

“a secret deal between Switzerland and China that allowed Chinese security officials access to the country at Swiss taxpayers’ expense has been revealed.”

Basically, it says the Swiss have given Chinese agents a carte blanche to do whatever they want in Switzerland.  This means they can kill any of the Davos elite there who do not do their bidding.  Remember, these are the elite who control 90% of the transnational corporations.

Now you can understand why the current owners of the bankrupt United States Corporation have sold the American people down the river.  They have offered Chinese troops the right to occupy Canada and Mexico to help break the U.S. into a small rump with Canadian and Mexican vassal states each getting a huge chunk of the former United States.

The Chinese are now furious because the American people and the U.S. and Canadian militaries are rejecting this deal.  That is why, for example, the Canadian military told Justin Castro to go take a hike (and maybe never come back like his brother) when he ordered them to let the Chinese military in and train them in winter warfare tactics.

In response, I would like to invoke the spirit of Chief Pontiac.

My grandfather was the Member of Parliament representing Pontiac County, Canada, so by doing so I am also invoking the spirit of my ancestors.  The Canadians split from the USA because we favored friendship and integration with the First Nations, not subjugation and extermination.  That is why there are now more First Nations’ people in Canada than when the first Europeans arrived, whereas in the U.S. there is less than a quarter.

We are calling for the creation of a New United States of America ranging from Argentina to Alaska.  By declaring such an independent state, we can declare the debts of the bankrupt U.S. Corporation null and void and tell the Chinese where to shove it.  Such a country would also have access to the resources of Canada and Brazil and so could use them to finance the rebuilding of the hollowed-out North American industrial base.

A Biden presidency involves the break-up of the current United States into three or more rump, Chinese slave states.  China Joe is a proven Deep State criminal.  As far as we can tell, including testimony from friends who tried to go to actual Biden campaign events, the “President-elect Biden,” is a CG composite reading speeches created by corporate PR departments.

We won’t go too deeply into it because neither the American people nor the US military will accept a Biden presidency.

The fact thatHunter Biden is facing a subpoena for multiple felonies should alert you to theReality that there can be no Biden Presidency.

We support much of what Donald Trump has done and fully endorse the idea of making America great again.

The problem lies in thegegenwärtig structure of U.S. corporations, their debts are called in, and U.S. troops around the world will run out of money, while Americans will suffer a catastrophic loss of income.

The situation is already so dire that over 50 million Americans do not have adequate access to food.

In addition, according to last week’s fourth quarter revenue survey of 9,201small business owners, 48% could close permanently before the end of the year.

Even with Trump’s remarkable successes in his first three years in office, the WHO and Fauci-led 2020 Covid shutdown, most damaging in Democrat-ruled states, has created a situation where 50 million Americans are on the brink of starvation and nearly 50%of American small businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy.Trump had recently tweeted: Vaccines are shipped and on their way, FIVE YEARS ON SCHEDULE.

Get well soon USA.

Get well soon WORLD.

We love you all!

This comes after the White House ordered the head of the FDA to approve the Pfizer vaccine by Friday or resign.

this is the same vaccine that Pfizer’s own chief scientist and others say renders women infertile by causing their immune systems to attack their own placentas?Well, we don’t want to go to Deep Space Nine with our readers, but we have to consider the possibility that we are dealing with several different,converging timelines.

In my reality, the Covid-19 pandemic is a gigantic scam designed to scare the public into taking DNA-altering vaccines withRFID nanochips designed to permanently enslave people. For example, here is a member of the Austrian Parliament demonstrating to hisColleagues how a can of Coca-Cola tests positive for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the corporate media world is screaming about a deadly pandemic where vaccines are the only hope for salvation. This is clearly a massive propaganda lie, and the reality is that the Covid numbers are fabricated by various means to create the impression of a real pandemic.

In a lesson in how far and wide the Khazarian Mafia’s bribery and extortion network extends, Pentagon sources tell us that Veterans Today’s GordonDuff spewed Covid fear porn and anti-Trump venom because of war crimes he committed in El Salvador.We asked Duff twice point-blank if this was true, and he refused to answer.

Instead, he said, “I have two daughters who work in intensive care units; all you get is deep state propaganda; all anti-vaccine material comes from Russian intelligence; this is confirmed; we are experiencing massive deaths here; hospitals are overcrowded.

So here is something that every reader of this newsletter can do: Go to aHospital and see for yourself if it is overcrowded with Covid patients.

If you see them, please post your findings with photos on the reader blog. I have visited several hospitals and talked to many doctors who say it is all fake.Other examples of possible disinformation or timing bias areReports that all members of the British Royal Family have been executed.

Since this is an age of hyper-realistic CG, we use handwritten letters andask for analog photos to confirm that the royals are still with us. Again, we’re dealing with either big lies or an alternate timeline in which they were executed.

Confirmation will take time, but we will let our readers know when we get it.In any case, in these days when the Western leadership has clearly lost the plot, it is important to focus on the tangible things that are closest to you,your family, your home, your pets, your food supply, yoursecurity, etc.

When they are in order, don’t worry about the hysteria you see on your digital screens.

This couldjust be the death throes of a rogue digital AI community with a customized YouTwitFace bot assigned to your individual profile data. If we can confirm that Covid-19 is only real in the minds of brainwashed MSM, then we have a clear path to victory in this battle for planet Earth.

If they are really trying to inoculate us with an ID tattoo containing luciferase and an RFID chip to connect to adigital money system, then there really is a representative anti-Christ among us, AI in nature or not.

We must accept that this Anti-Christ has manifested itself as an imminent threat to humanity and can be identified by arresting the people who administer vaccines based on a manufactured pandemic.The trail may well lead to Jared Kushner.

Remember, he was theowner of 666 Fifth Avenue, where Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies developed microchips that could be implanted in people. From there, the path will almost certainly lead to Switzerland.

Therefore, the Swiss must be given the choice to hand over their leadership group or suffer the consequences.Remember, under their dysfunctional leadership, by 2020, “93% ofglobal economies are shrinking…. And markets are at an all-time high.

This means that the parasitic ruling class is getting richer and richer while everyone else is getting poorer and poorer.As for the Chinese, their real Dragon Family leadership (as opposed to the Communist front with the fake CGping) says they are already cancelling all debts and making a fresh start when the genocidal Khazarian leadership is removed.





Benjamin Fulford Full Report: West faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese

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