ECETI News: December 16, 2020 || James Gilliland

ECETI News: December 16, 2020 || James Gilliland


ECETI News: December 16, 2020 || James Gilliland

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

THE LATEST FROM ECETI ECETI.ORG ECETI News While meditating I asked several questions concerning what is unfolding on Earth. I was told ther… James Gilliland — ECETI News: Halloween News 10-30-19ECETI News: James Gilliland — The Division Game and the Spiritual Paradox(Reader Post) Bonni B: The Story of Earth




While meditating I asked several questions concerning what is unfolding on Earth. I was told there are events coming natural, social and economic. The sun is going to become very active eventually taking down the grid and most satellites. It is also creating changes in consciousness. Expect severe weather and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, the Earth is expanding.

Unfortunately, many of the satellites are not aligned with Universal Law and neither serve man or beast. The old power grid needs to be changed out in place of new technologies that are safer and not subject to emp pulses or solar flares. The communication grid also needs to be changed using frequencies that are more healing then harmful. I asked concerning the elections, the extreme polarities and psychotic agendas being played out. I was told not to worry Creator wins, Universal Law will press hard and those not aligned with Universal Law will fall. It is what some call the last waltz of the tyrants. Their political puppets will not be successful.

Freedom is the foundation of America it is in the DNA of the people. So many people have come to America fleeing socialist dictators and communism, they will not be fooled, the people will rise and those doing the will of the people will be victorious. Freedom is contagious it will be global.

I know it looks bleak at time as if the dark hearts are winning but they have some big surprises in the very near future. Very big surprises. Truth is a powerful weapon and it is not on their side. Their empires are built on lies, deceptions and hidden agendas contrary to Universal Law. They believe they are untouchable, they are not their kingdoms will be dismantled. It is written in the prophesies, the beast has its reign. It wants to dominate and consume everything.

Just when you believe there is no hope and the beast has ravaged the land the beast consumes itself. Then comes the thousand years of peace and reunification with the Star Nations. The healing, restoration energies and knowledge will surface and move across the land resetting the Earth to fulfill its original plan to be the jewel of the galaxy. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All will be the guiding forces for humanity and the Earth. However, knowing this does not relieve one of their personal responsibility. We all have to find our unique soul purpose and play our part.

Creator has given its best, powerful souls have incarnated for these times. They are being awakened, initiated and reconnecting with their star families, advanced civilizations from which they incarnated. They came to Earth as part of a multidimensional plan to liberate humanity and restore Earth to her pristine beauty. The Earth is ascending, going through changes from the atom on up to more complex structures. Your DNA and the DNA of all life forms are changing. This is not always a fun ticket as the body goes through multiple challenges and cleanses. Do what you can to help the process. Meditate, get out in nature, eat close to nature, drink plenty of clean water, utilize whatever cleansing methods available to you. It is extremely important to master your mental and emotional bodies.

Criticizing and blaming others for one’s emotional or mental state of mind is avoidance of dealing with ones own unfinished business. Worry is a form of prayer, fear cripples, find the lion within and let your heart be your guide. The greatest of all challenges is not exterior it is interior. We can meet each situation with a calm clear mind with the focus on solutions.

Ride the wave it will amplify and accelerate everything, it is here. Do not get caught up in reactionary mind, shift into creationary mind. Focus on and create the world you want. Do not participate in anything that goes against the heart and Universal Law. Find your center and help others who have lost theirs bring them back to balance by example. These are auspicious times, people and events will come and go, release the past and know this too shall pass. Yet in order for it to pass we need to let it go.

Be well,

James Gilliland

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