RedPill78 News: CANADIAN EPSTEIN PETER NYGARD & PRINCE ANDREW CONNECTION, BIDEN SELLING INFLUENCE & Monkey Business – Ep. One Six – With Revolution Radio Scott McKay – DEC 18 2020

PETER NYGARD had a crappy reputation when I went to college for FASHION DESIGN at around 21. I heard his name and heard he had a “CASTING COUCH” like the movie business does, it’s the same for FASHION. And many of these designer’s on SATAN’S side had those sewing “SWEAT SHOPS” where people are paid 75 % less to sew tonnes of clothes. Research fashion sweat shops, especially in 3rd world coutries. Finally some JUSTICE for the children and Canadians, one down and about 40,000 to go for Canada. [?] My memory like an elephant comes in handy.

Monkey Buiness – Ep. One Six – With Revolution Radio Scott McKay

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Date: Friday, 18-Dec-2020 13:29:20

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Peter Nygard Arrested! What is Happening to JPM? Fed? || Santa Surfing (Beach Broadcast)


Peter Nygard Arrested! What is Happening to JPM? Fed? || Santa Surfing (Beach Broadcast)

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing December 16, 2020 Pedo Peter Nygard arrested! What is happening to JPM? Fed? NYGARD NEWS Februar… Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Dec. 9, 2020Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 9, 2020Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Dec. 8, 2020

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

December 16, 2020

Pedo Peter Nygard arrested! What is happening to JPM? Fed?


February 2020 Nygard homes are raided by the FBI

December 15, 2020 Nygard charged with sex trafficking!!!

Trump Cards

Official President Trump Donation Site

Yesterday, I said yesterday that we probably will not see an arrest and moments later, Nygard is arrested and charged. Well, this is a good wrong! While some Trump Supporters remarked about my statement about not seeing arrests, remember, we already have seen arrests. It may not be the arrests you want to see, but they are big enough to expose big names.

Epstein, Weinstein and Nygard have all been publicly arrested. What do all three have in common…pedo|philia and se|x traffic|king related crimes. Who does this expose…BIG NAMES! Names so big that even Lin Wood tweeted out:

In my opinion, arrests of big names has no impact in our daily living. It doesn’t pay our bills, it doesn’t pay us money. In my opinion, those that are only in this movement to see an arrest, are missing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is this world changing for the best it could ever be. Knowing the big players / deep state have been already arrested, dealt with, taken down, GITMOED should give peace.


What is going on with JPM?

JPM Kept Epstein as Client

Berkshire Hathaway Dumps JP Morgan Stock

JPM deep ties with the CCP

So Li “resigns” from both the Exchanges and Clearing LTD and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Did he get caught?

Many “resignations” with bank executives around the world

Jamie Dimon on List of [B]iden Cabinet members to have a slot in the Treasury Dept. [B]iden is a crook, pedo, sell out, treasonous person…of course he would pick people like him!

Warren is named in this April 2020 List.

Jay Inslee is named in this list.

JPM met with China earlier this month – Trump sent them home packing. Banksters skipped out of meeting thinking they have a back up deal to do business with China and hold a majority stake in it…but what just happened…President Trump saw their playbook! When criminal money laundering funds are not funneled through these banksters’ balance sheets any longer, how will this banksters get ahead legally? They can’t! They are out looking for opportunities! Jamie Dimon has sat at the helm of JPM for 15 years and in the past 5 years, the bank has been under criminal investigations and even pled guilty to charges. He has not ever been this assertive in deal making in many years! Makes me wonder, why is he pushing hard and what is he trying to avoid?

Why did Berkshire Hathaway sell off the majority of their holdings in JPM? What do they know that we don’t? Under NESARA corrupt companies would not exist.

Let’s not forget the secret meeting Jamie Dimon, HRC had and HRC transferred $1.8B to the Qatar. Wouldn’t one think that if this were a legal business transaction, Jamie Dimon wouldn’t have to meet at HRC’s residence to make the transfer? He’s a bankster and that is how he operates!


One of the beautiful things to happen under NESARA / GESARA is that these dirty secret deals and hidden crimes will no longer exist at this scale. JPM hasn’t done squat during this crisis! He only cared to find PPP Loan culprits…oh that is the pot calling the kettle black! JPM admits to their fraud and gets fined $920M. Don’t you think President Trump is aware of all these banksters’ fraud, dirty deals, manipulating the value of precious metals and currency and has taken/is taking steps to get rid of this corruption?

Since HSBC and Wells Fargo are the two banks operating under NESARA (in the USA), I wonder what will happen with these dirty banksters?


Federal Reserve Bubble is about to burst. Think of it as filing for bankruptcy (just an example) and the person filing extends all of its spending until they file.


Research and Journalism isn’t as easy as it looks. Thousands that support this show have truly been the reason I wake up each morning. My intent to do this is voluntarily and not charging a dime for anyone to access any video or article online is what this movement is all about. This is more of a public service to the world. Having been mocked and ridiculed even down to the joy and laughter we all share (from Trump supporters), is telling me, the end is getting near for the low level bad guys. It is also telling me that there are people out there that are looking for any kind of attention and find it easy to mock and ridicule someone that is doing her best to deliver information. We can expect those remarks coming from far leaning liberal left, but Trump Supporters truly need to stick together.

If you are a viewer that has one mission, that is to mock my personality and good intentions…which is God’s creation, then I simply ask to not watch this show any more. Yes, I have a quirky style to delivering news and may be one of the very few podcasters that actively engages with viewers on Twitter. But the % of viewers to subscribers still exceeds cable news. Another example of Beach Broadcast having more viewers than CNN and CNN has over 11M subscribers!


After the constant mocking, ridiculing, scathing DM’s, I need to keep my energy free from negativity and unnecessary drama. I have prayed a lot about moving forward with this show and will continue to do so, but I too am human and truly care about how everything that happens today can affect and benefit you tomorrow. Sharing about current events, the news, EIDL loans and trying to help others in getting access to help during these times, makes me very happy to do so! It is truly my pleasure.

I simply want to thank you that support this show by watching it, you’re the ones that have touched the millions of lives around the world to help them get closer to the knowing the truth. You too have been mocked and doors shut and this is my closing message to you…together we are a Strong Team to stand and build each other up! I may not reply to your post, but I quietly pray for those posts that I sense are dealing with pain. Even down to packaging your envelopes to mail out, I say a lil prayer every time I seal it! It’s a part I so enjoy the most.

We are entering the Christmas Season and it is much different for most. COVID RELIEF UPDATE still in the works but getting closer.

I am very grateful for the prayers many have given me, it has helped and it seems that when I am weak, you all give me strength. You are truly God’s beautiful children that care about perfect strangers to pray for them. To me, this Great Awakening has brought most of us closer to God and each other.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your family for you are definitely a part of mine! You bring me blessings!


Then this message came to me last night from @bradocon:

Based on these FB posts, something very big just happened in the Oval Office…this could very well be the NESARA roll out. That will be my next show!


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