It’s Gonna be Biblical || James O’Brien

Thursday, January 7, 2021

It's Gonna be Biblical || James O'Brien


It’s Gonna be Biblical || James O’Brien

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer January 7, 2021 Well, there you have it. It’s been certified and made… On the Wings of Victory || James O’BrienLiberty and Justice Under God || James O’Brien

Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

January 7, 2021

Well, there you have it. It’s been certified and made officially official.

The DC Swamp agrees. The Corporate Media agrees. Hollywood agrees. The Vatican even agrees.

Joe [B]iden is certifiably the next President of the United States.

Nothing could possibly stop this now. It’s locked and loaded.

Why it would take an absolute miracle to change this outcome, and the Swamp doesn’t believe in miracles, unless they come from their own designs.

Guess President Donald J. Trump will now get sent packing back to Mar-a-Lago to await his impending jail sentence from the [B]iden administration.

Oh, boo-hoo, I could just cry now, knowing it has all been for naught and that Trump has finally been defeated. Oh, what a terrible thing for America. It’s over. The criminals won.

Trump lost. God lost. What a Victory for that other guy. I guess it is true, he really does rule this world.

What were we thinking? That we could actually change the system from within? We must have been crazy. Trump was just a reality TV game show host. And a wanna-be dictator, too.

Guess it’s time to pack it in. Was a good fight, but we lost. We lost Bigly.



We are going to kick their asses.

They had every chance to do the right thing. To do the correct and legal thing. Or to even hear a single case in court. But they did what they did. They made their choices and sealed their fates.

And it sure is clear now who is who in the light of day.

Even the friggin’ Pope is complicit in the fraud, the cheap Luciferian agent that he is.

And the best thing is, they all think they got away with it. Scot-free.

Nobody is getting away with anything. All they did was certify their crimes. With the whole world watching. Of course, they had to throw in some stage managed agit prop to move it along. I’d expect nothing less than at least that.

So, let’s just see now, shall we? How this all works out. Let’s see if they can get their boy [B]iden all the way to his hand on the Bible come Jan. 20th. It’s only a mere 13 more days away. What could possibly happen in such a short period of time?

Let’s have a little look see. Because we have to. No one is sitting this one out. All of the bets have been made and are on the table.

We can all now agree that it will take a miracle, yes? That this is bigger than simply the plans of mice and men and only something beyond mere politics could alter the outcome?

That is exactly the playing field I have been waiting for this entire time. George Washington’s flag during the American Revolution was called Appeal to Heaven. He knew that he had no chance whatsoever against the Crown without Divine Providence coming to his aid and the aid of the Continental Army.

Team [B]iden said that this was a Battle for the Soul of a Nation. Joe and his controllers have made all of their moves. They have certified him in and declared the battle over.

But it isn’t Jan. 20th today, is it? His hand is not on that Bible at this very moment is it?

They had their plan. They enacted it. Bravo. Well played.

Now it is time for our Plan. For the Trump Alliance Plan. And for God’s Plan.

Who do you think gets the last move in this game?

I know who does and I look forward to the winner’s inauguration.

“There will be an orderly transition on January 20th. While this represents the end of the greatest FIRST term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!” – President Donald J. Trump

“It will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”
– Secretary of State Mike Pompeo #Godwins

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