January 8, 2021 TRUMPSARA IS HAPPENING! POTUS Worldwide role!

TRUMPSARA is Happening, POTUS Worldwide Role || Santa Surfing (Beach Broadcast)


TRUMPSARA is Happening, POTUS Worldwide Role || Santa Surfing (Beach Broadcast)

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing January 8, 2021 TRUMPSARA IS HAPPENING! POTUS Worldwide role! TRUMP CARDS EIDL APPLICATION SANTA… The Hammer || Anonymous (Reader)Simon Parkes and the Option Left || RTAmerica’s Day of Reckoning Arrives… Trump Must Now Play his Hand

Source: Beach Broadcast | By Santa Surfing

January 8, 2021







All pieces are in place! Things have already happened, so all I ask is to ignore the garbage on the news and social media.

The beauty of the world in truly unveiling now!

But do know, when this rolls out, there will be some resistance that could happen and possibly some civil unrest. The movie has to play out this way to truly get the hateful masses, the ones that have been shaming us, to fully wake up. It has to happen. Then the beautiful world unveils.

God always wins!!!


NATIONAL Economic Reformation and Securitization Act

GLOBAL Economic Reformation and Securitization Act

TRUMPSARA President Trump’s version of this law

A law that was passed in the year 2000 but not ever enacted. The law began nationally and has branched out globally. Efforts to enact this law were stifled and stopped by the evil dirty cabal. In short…it’s a law that will change the World and our Lives!!

This beautiful law is AWE-INSPIRING! Beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

HUMANITY IN EVERY WAY!! End of Poverty, Homelessness, Seniors struggling, People struggling, debt forgiveness, no more corrupt governments, power back to the people, Constitutional Judges / Attorney’s. Federal Reserve is controlled by the Treasury department. Cures and Therapeutics that are beyond imagination! Patents and technologies that are life changing! There is so much more and I will share an updated version of NESARA.

TRUMPSARA has been modified a bit from the original law because President Trump does want people that us to work to keep this beautiful prosperity flowing. If you are a Senior dreaming of traveling to a place you have always wanted to imagine; or a person that has had to take medicine to help you get through the day; or a child or family that dreams of having heat in your home or a pillow and bed with warm blankets to sleep in / a home with all the important essentials; or a Veteran of your country that got left out when you returned back from duty and hoped for a better civilian way of living; or a country that will no longer have a dictator; or a community that would love to live off the land; or a country that needs resources to make your country thrive. One fruit or vegetable can change your world. How? Plant one fruit or vegetable plant and sell them, then you plant more and sell more and so on and so on… and it can change your whole world! And most of all…PEACE AROUND THE WORLD! And Equality!

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, imagine having the cost of most products so affordable.

Abundance in so many different ways!

Certain debts forgiven will help so many millions of people around the world.

So when is this happening. NOW! My next show will go over this. My primary focus for this broadcast is to share about President Trump’s role.


America has been so blessed to have President Trump spear heading the strength of our country. Our White Hats, Military, Q teams are the silent hidden warriors behind the scenes making our world a better place. Military action happening all over the world to give our children and people of the world a safer place to live. President Trump had peace agreements with world leaders because he is fighting for the people of the world.

Yes, he is the President of the United States, but when did America actually become a Constitutional Country again? When President Trump was inaugurated!

President Trump tweeted this today:

So what does this mean? President Trump’s role under GESARA / TRUMPSARA becomes a global role. He will work with the leaders of the countries to make sure the terms under GESARA is rolling out and that the funds are properly managed. He and his team will make sure all Humanity projects are rolling out successfully!

Now what will happen? Will there even be an inauguration? Remember, under NESARA, we have a completely different type of government, we the People will have a world that will change EVERYTHING! No one knows this process because it is a completely different type of world and GESARA has not ever rolled out!

His role becomes incredibly significant worldwide!

For our International viewers, President Trump will soon be working with your country leaders to insure Humanity is rolling out! For those countries that are in agreement with GESARA. This is so incredible, because I receive so many messages of the cries around the world that want President Trump to be their President! President Trump and the White Hats have not ever forgotten about you, they just had to take care of things in America first and bring back our Constitution and rid all the corrupt players globally and they did just that!

Remember, President Trump knew what he was facing when he was President Elect Trump. (Tweet provided by Xanon)

So what happens here in America? Who will run America? America will need someone to run this country. I do not know who this person will be and will not speculate. While we may hope for a certain person, I will wait until that person is revealed.

What is most important is the change for the world….the change is only for the better! The change will benefit the world! No more cabal! No more elites that control the world or your country! The whole world is watching President Trump and have heard him hoping and praying for something to happen in their own country! My worldwide friends, it is now happening for you! GESARA is unveiling at this moment and the “movie” we are watching is just that! Remember, President Trump has always focused on Peace is the Prize!

Peace is the ultimate Prize and its beyond imagination! Even if you are unemployed and thinking about what you can do under TRUMPSARA, keep your ideas and thoughts together! There will be incredible opportunities for the world to partake in! Imagine, helping a young child that has been homeless; or being around a Senior Citizen that has lived in a nursing home and feels so isolated and the love and compassion you can give; or to provide so much abundance for those in need. You may even think, I am in need…then do know…you will be so free from the shackles of mediocrity! Your life will change dramatically!

Why am I sharing this, because I have been asked to share only GESARA / NESARA / TRUMPSARA talking points going forward. People are asking about timeframes and more and I will get more information and will share more information when I am given that information or opportunity!

Our Lord heard your prayers! He is now making all of this happen for a reason! He had to make us go through a rough road last year and for some, years prior to that, only to help build our FAITH in Him. You are God’s Child and He has not overlooked you EVER!


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