that SNAKEY FAKE = SNAKE NEWS has gots to GO !!!! Bigtime !

Take a GOOD LOOK at this LOGO. WHAT do you SEE ? TWO RED SNAKES, snakes speak with FORKED TONGUES = SNAKE NEWS [Known as “HIDDEN in PLAIN SITE”

Image result for cnn red smake images

GREETINGS LOVE BEINGS ! Are you hanging in there ? Almost there. It should become VERY CLEAR to you , especially LATELY WHOM in your families are “STILL BRAIN-WASHED and SLEEPING” through BELIEVING REPETITIVE LIES through the LYING SNAKE-FAKE NEWS by what they say, post and feel about TRUMP. ASLEEP because THEY believe the LIES and will SOON “KNOW” the REAL TRUTHS and that will be a RUDE AWAKENING for those that “GOSSIPED & TRASHED” = our GOOD NAMES & GREAT WORKS that WE have done TOGETHER for true FREEDOM of HUMANITY. P.S. MONKEY WERX is still covering planes to GITMO information. So check there daily. LOVE YOU ALL !

YES, that SNAKEY FAKE = SNAKE NEWS has gots to GO !!!! Bigtime !


What is Real?

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NOW IF WE could get a CANADIAN MILITARY GUY/GAL to give us some INFO for all THE CANADIAN CANUK PATRIOTS what is happening in our own Country of CANADA – that would be great. Obviously things are time/sensitive etc. BUT what can you tell us other than clone # 6 SCUMBAG TRUDEAU CLONE is still YACKING AWAY his orders on a CIA greenscreen ?

No one wants this babylonian REPTILE a-hole [CUBAN SATAN’S PAWN – ruining this country anymore, am I right ?

WHO pray tell will you get from the Canadian MILITARY to give Canada some hope and INTEL. Perhaps AGENT MARGARITAVILE can come on video or someone else just to keep CANADIANS calm until our nightmare psycho child-killing/sex-trafficking/pedo and TREASONOUS from hell fake CIA Vatican/London controlled government INC goes down. Thank-you for the update gentleman

WE CANADIANS will be very grateful, thank-you and GOD-BLESS YOU !

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