Pompeo on Fire, @NesaraGesara on Tap and Twitterings || Kat – Jan 12 2021

Pompeo on Fire, @NesaraGesara on Tap and Twitterings || Kat


Pompeo on Fire, @NesaraGesara on Tap and Twitterings || Kat

Monday, January 11, 2021

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat Holy Kats what day! I can hardly tear myself away from Twitter to post but I wanted to catch everyone up … General Flynn’s Last Tweet: The Storm is Coming, Now Comes the Pain || KatPresident Trump’s Twitter Account Deleted || Sierra (NZ)Twitter Snippets: January 8, 2021 || Sierra (NZ)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Holy Kats what day!

I can hardly tear myself away from Twitter to post but I wanted to catch everyone up on some of what’s been happening. AMAZING day!

#NesaraGesara on Tap!!!! OMG! So exciting.

As you know, POTUS has to “step down” in order for “us” to form a NESARA government in 120 days.

Here is the official POTUS step down:

That tells us that NESARA elections might be May 11th? Don’t know. Just thinking out loud. It’s ALLLLLLLL new. NESARA has never been done before. Going with the flow.

For those who might not know what NESARA / GESARA is, don’t feel bad. We’re all learning. Here’s a link:

NESARA | IntoTheLight.news

And while we’re on the subject of the wondrous NESARA world POTUS is manifesting right this minute, let’s take another moment to praise Med-Beds that are coming THIS YEAR!!! OMG!

NO MORE CANCER!!! No more Alzheimers. No more schizophrenia. No more missing limbs. No more wheelchairs. No more old age. No more death/rebirth!! It’s so awesome.

Allllllllll the technology that is going to be unleashed… as soon as POTUS and the White Hats rid us of all de*ep state de_mons which is WHAT they are doing right now. God bless them. Godspeed.

Plasma & Tachyon Energy Holographic Med Beds / Secret Space Programs

I’m making it a habit of snapping Tweets because peeps come and go so fast. I’m up 100 Followers then down 300 Followers then up… you get the drift. While I’m still on Twitter I’ll Tweet the TRUTH!!

Alrighty. They silenced Lin Wood who named many of the tr/ai/tors we’ll be hearing about, so today Secretary Pompeo was BOOMING right left and center, outlining our war with the C/CP. As well as Cub/a.

Our Secretary of State, along with POTUS, is being blocked by Me/dia outlets (but they’re gonna be gone soon.) Pompeo gave a brief speech today. Enclose a link. It was marvelous.

Lest you worry about the Global war—don’t. The White Hats have so got this. Remember what Gene Decode said: We have weapons everyone prays we never have to use.


Then there’s the ongoing Ele/ction Fr/aud and all the evidence coming out about it. Juan O’Savin told us we’d be hearing a lot about Italy and we are.

I thought you’d want to see what Twitter censorship looks like. Read the blue inked text underneath the Italian vid. Oh yeah. They’re tr/ai/tors and se/di/tion/ists.

I had a conversation with a friend last night explaining the difference between Se/dition and Tr/eason. Just so we’re all on the same page:

Like the rats they are from a sinking de*ep state ship. This resignation validates that the “old” government is gone and the “new” NESARA government is forming. Maybe has formed. Dunno.

I must reiterate for ALL OF US that we cannot pay attention to ANYTHING other than a few trusted sources. Of course, I don’t watch or read MSM but all the other stuff that’s flying around. Wolves posing as Patriots, etc.

This was a great Tweet about it:

POTUS is playing 12D+ Chess. He’s so moved up from 5D+ Chess.

The dazzling Q-plan and the genius with which it is being played is Galactically mind boggling.

I was speaking with a Patriot the other night and both she and I agreed we couldn’t BELIEVE the PATIENCE that POTUS, Juan O’Savin, Gen. Flynn and the Military-Q have. They are too cool for school.

Juan O’Savin said it perfectly: We played it all the way out to the end—we showed Congressional and Judicial failure—and now it’s the Military’s turn, which was the ONLY option there ever was going to be to get our country back.

In case you were wondering what Sacha Stone was up to, he Tweeted this poem the other day and I thought it was great:

Yes indeed. We are going home to Dazzling Divine Light from whence we came. Thank God.

Today as I was walking my pup I saw a pod of dolphins. I see them often here in California but today for the first time in my life, the dolphins put on a display the likes of which I have NEVER seen. The splashes, the quick as a bullet wave surfing and swimming, the leaping so high high high in the air. OMG it was awesome.

Whenever I see dolphins it’s a blessing straight from Heaven. Often they bring showers of blessings into my life. But today they seemed to be saying/celebrating showers of blessings for all Creation.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2-Dolphins%2BEarth.gif

Just wanted to share a little Divine verification that all is well. The best is yet to be. Patriots so in control. These are amazing amazing times we are truly privileged to be living in.

On a personal note: NW, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I was so touched to read them and honored you took the time to post them. Thank you so much. It’s the privilege of my life to do the transcriptions and blogs for us all. Thank you with all my heart. It makes the trudge much lighter and much more fun knowing there are people out there receiving my little messages.

“Thank you, Kat and to all Light Warriors/Patriots!” by NW – 1.10.21

That’s all for now. Will keep posting INTEL as soon as I get it.

This is Kat, over and out.


P.S. Was just sent this vid. It’s great. Haven’t seen the whole thing. But the history is what I believe is true.

NYrainman – Patriots unite. The uncensored Truth

Military Intelligence Operations Have Exposed The Cabal’s Plan To Takeover The USA.


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