UPDATE: Notes from Simon Parkes January 12, 2021

UPDATE: Notes from Simon Parkes January 12, 2021

Posted by amparo alvarez on January 13, 2021 at 9:47pm

UPDATE: Notes from Simon Parkes January 12, 2021

January 13, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca


by Catherine Viel, January 12, 2021

Note ~ This is by no means a complete transcript and if you have time, it’s recommended to listen to it (below).

  • Not long to go, just a few days before it’s resolved one way or the other.
  • He notes that many people have asked him about his reference to the phone call he was on yesterday for an hour and a half with an individual that he calls the real Q.
  • There is a real Q, and there are real Anons. But to his knowledge, there is no “QAnon.” Originally, Q was four guys and a quantum computer starting in 2016. Purely military originally. Remember, the quantum computer can see into the future.
  • What this group produced in 2016 and 2017 and projected is what is playing out now. He gives details about the various individuals and groups that were organized and grew organically.
  • One of the groups consisted of paid individuals who cataloged the affidavits over a period of 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, these individuals decided as a group to continue voluntarily to maintain the database of affidavits.
  • “But there has to be somebody who oversees the paperwork, that’s the best term I can use.” The vast majority of people in the Q group do not know who Q is. That’s as it should be.
  • The “real Q“ (that Simon spoke to for an hour and a half yesterday) told him that they were chosen by “the administration” which Simon says is Trump.
  • This person does the front facing work or the paperwork as Simon refers to it. This person has incredibly interesting and accurate intel and this person is embedded and very closely associated with the President.
  • There had to be this physical person because we are in a 3D world. This person, Q, relates to the President and then passes along what “the boss“ wants the others to know. Q always calls him “the boss” (or POTUS) as in, this is what the boss wants us to do or would like us to do. The boss would like us to bring this forward.


  • Regarding Italy. YouTube has already taken down the video and the text of the affidavit. Simon has screenshots and will post if nobody’s able to access anything.
  • The affidavit is from the Italian government, and regards the company that operates the Leonardi satellites. It was deliberately delivered to the Congress immediately before the certification of Biden, and the timing was on purpose. It’s very important because by doing the delivery of the affidavit at that time, “they’ve put themselves all into treason.“
  • Any honest Parliament, lawmakers etc. would have said, “Wait a minute, this is coming from the Italian government, it’s not from some guy at the hardware store, we need to pay attention.”
  • But they absolutely knew it was a bombshell, so they chose to bury it and go ahead and put Biden in. It’s shocking that a large number of Republicans joined in because most governments have what appears to be a less corrupt or uncorrupt party, and the other party or parties are corrupt. Nope, it’s almost all of them.
  • In 2016, Trump wanted to go in and clean it out immediately, and that’s what he told the group of generals. But the report he got back was that something like 70% (at that time) of all lawmakers would be arrested, and that would bring government to a grinding halt.
  • Simon learned last night on the phone call that they’ve been getting people in line, ready. So if 85% of the Senate and/or Congress is arrested, they have people already lined up to be sworn in in an emergency session and go straight in and take over the running of the houses.


  • The person Simon spoke to yesterday specifically said that the administration said that they wanted Robert David Steele, Charlie Ward, Simon, and another individual Simon hasn’t met from America, to do a roundtable discussion describing how we got to this position, and what’s happened. This group is best able and best knowledgeable to get the information out. That is coming directly from the administration. The American person that Simon doesn’t know will be offered a position as a senator.
  • The idea is to clear everybody out who’s corrupted and bring in this whole slate of people who aren’t corrupted, and who are committed to the Republic, and we hit the ground running.


  • Back to Italy… it’s clear that some members, not all, of the Italian government were moving the money around, which we knew about, but also moving the votes. They did it by satellite in order to avoid being traceable.
  • Given that Italy is NATO, the Italian Government wants to run the story that the satellites were hacked by a person or persons unknown and took the information without the Italian government knowing, which gets them off the hook. The Trump administration agreed to use this story but wanted some arrests. That’s why we’ve got all these stories about the Italian Prime Minister and the Pope possibly being arrested etc.
  • The Italian government wants to save itself and not face the accusation that it conspired to remove the head of the world’s most powerful country.


  • He goes into detail about why the Vatican is so involved. It has to do with massive amounts of funds from key people like the Clintons, Obama and many more, storing money at various banks including the Vatican.
  • Simon has intel that he’s been asked not to show us, but he can say that somebody has added up all the money from all these various people and documented it so there’s a list with the dollar totals next to each name.
  • He’s not allowed to show it but he feels he can say to us that of the 12 or 15 names he was given, 10 of them have money in the Vatican bank. “There’s your connection. And I’m talking staggering amounts of money… I’m not talking millions, I’m talking more.” He now understands why this is happening with Italy and the Vatican.
  • Also, in the dying days of the Obama administration, $400 million was moved into that area specifically as a fighting fund to attack President Trump. Obama is deliberately responsible for all of the attacks because that requires money and the $400 million was used.


  • The Italian government is desperate to extricate themselves because they absolutely know the bad side is coming down and they don’t want to be brought down with it, that’s why the Italian thing is so important.
  • The proof of this is because YouTube has taken down both the video and the text of the affidavit. “That is a badge of honor, really.“
  • He mentions that the other video he put up showing the military movement is absolutely true, and that’s in Texas.
  • “The President is incredibly upbeat.” Simon talks about the 200 generals that started in 1963.  It’s not the same 200 generals, but they are determined to bring down the bad guys and that’s what we’re seeing. That’s why Trump said, I have 200 generals behind me.
  • “Don’t for one minute think that the good guys are going to lose.”
  • There’s something else he was asked not to show, so he’s going to describe it for us. On January 6th when the action was taking place at the capital, Simon was sent a private video of the President and his team and core individuals, and they’re all very calm, watching from a secure location everything playing out. It’s apparent that it’s very serious, but it’s very positive.
  • He comments on the President apparently being betrayed by individuals in his inner circle. Some people are playing a role, but essentially none of it is a surprise to Trump.
  • He talks about going back to the beginning: 1962 – 1963 and Kennedy, the origin of this plan and why it was launched. How Kennedy was about to put America back on the gold standard and that’s why he was murdered.
  • He notes that you can’t be in positions of power in America and not notice that there are the two sides, and not know which side you are on. The good people, coming right up to President Trump, decided they wanted to complete the work that Kennedy had got almost into place, which would’ve meant removing the CIA from action.
  • What should happen is America should go back to the gold standard now.  Then it wouldn’t be possible to have the corruption if we have the gold standard. It relates to everything with banking, how interest is charged, how individuals can take your money, our money, and invest in blood diamonds, arms, etc.
  • We’re moving back to a financial system that does actually set humanity free. So it’s not just when will the MSM be taken down, when will the power go out, etc. It’s about saving humanity and moving things forward, because you can’t just have a revolution without making it secure against it ever happening again.
  • He talks about the French revolution and asks us to look at what happened there… They deposed the bad people and then ran out of money…Nothing changed, the bad people came back into power.


  • So we’ve learned. “You have to set in place a system that changes the world, not just America. That’s what this is all about.”
  • Simon talks about Q again and notes that it’s no coincidence that he’s been offered a position to go to America, specifically to Scottsdale…which is “the home of the Q movement.“
  • He also notes that he has a big vested interest, because if Joe Biden becomes president, Simon can’t come here. And he really wants to come to the US. “So I want Trump to get in for all the reasons I’ve just given you, and then after that for the personal reason because then I can go to the US…” Simon talks about the healing centers with med beds he wants to build. Talks about the children that have been held in the deep underground bases and he wants to help them.



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