How is Your Focus? = FOCUS on WHAT YOU WANT and STAY POSITIVE, as WE are ALL almost there – JAN 21 2021

Like WE have told YOU for years, DO something CREATIVE with your time as WE wait for the POSITIVE CHANGES to take place = CREATE. And for GOD sakes “GET OUT of your HEADS” and “INTO YOUR HEARTS!” It’s VERY SIMPLE PEOPLE, POSITIVE and LOVING THOUGHTS comes from WITHIN YOUR HEARTSPACES = NEGATIVE THOUGHTS come from OTHERS and those “OUTSIDE of YOURSELVES!”

Everyone gets upset and dissappointed in LIFE, WE are not robotic like and have FEELINGS. The old saying well you’re only HUMAN, YES ! I would be lying IF I said that I never felt negative in my life, I too have had my so-called CRAPPY days and I have had some HAPPY days. But now that the 5D ENERGIES [and up] are here. It should be a daily PRIORITY to TRY your very best to try NOT TO DWELL on past issues and hurts etc. Many of US awakened ones have done most of our EMOTIONAL HEALING. But sometimes WE do get TRIGGERED by a WORD or an “OPINION”, from others. Usually these OPINIONS are NOT always correct are they? Some souls are STILL battling THE EGO WARS and others are more passed it.

To be honest I have WITNESSED more RELATIONSHIPS split by someone always needing to be RIGHT. Some also like to have the LAST SAY, if you will. HOWEVER is it really that important to BE RIGHT or is it more important just to “LET it BE”. It is an intense emotional time for some and sometimes you have to know and realize what battles are worth fighting and when they are not by learning the art of FORGIVENESS. How many people got triggered over WHO is “Q” ?. Now that was interesting, anyway does it really matter if “Q” is 10 people or 500 at this point ? WHAT matters is that “Q” and the “Q”‘s are ALL LOVED and so appreciated, just like all THE ANONS are ALL LOVED and appreciated and credit will come in due time. Obviously sometimes we have to cry and mourn etc as we purge etc. JUST try not to stay there for hours and hours and days and weeks, it’s just NOT healthy.

EVERY time you are unhappy, that boomerangs right back to you, by UNIVERSAL LAW. TRY saying the word “LOVE” repeatedly instead of GOSSIPING. SEND LOVE OUT to EACH OTHER and YOU GET LOVE BACK by UNIVERSAL LAW. It’s not rocket science ! Every 60 seconds you are upset you loose 1 minute of happiness.

If you are gossipping, that’s 3D. 3D was dog eat dog, every man out for himself etc. TOO much COMPETITION for POWER and CONTROL is the 3D way. BREATHE !

The 5D way, is breathing in and out 3 times slowly counting to 3. Meditation or a meditative state of BEing. CO-OPERATION is the 5D way through LOVE and through the HEARTSPACE – your GODNESS inside YOU. THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS COOPERATE and rarely ever compete unless it’s something creative like.

Namaste’ LOVE you all !!

How is Your Focus?

Posted on by EraOfLight

full moon eraoflightdotcom

Whew! A lot of ups and downs with the energy flow. So much purging going on. I’ve been noticing it deeply in the jaw, upper shoulders/back, and a new grounding happening.

The new grounding has been foreshadowing for awhile, but it is changing a lot now. Some

of you may be noticing a lot of 2nd chakra shifting (or those resonate energies like how you relate to others or relate out into life), hips or legs.

Also the throat chakra is continuing to go through a big purge and opening. And given the energy in the US in early January, I’ve been hearing “release the poison” from the 2021 vision. Don’t let the energies stay within you, let it move through as best you can.

Staying focused may feel a little harder with such collective challenge, so use some of your go to’s like getting out in nature, music, supportive friends & family, laughter, movement, meditation, creativity, taking a bath, journaling. It is still intense times of change, so work that Focus energy to keep you in creative mode rather than reactive mode.

I hope you have a loving week!

Much Love,


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