“We the People” are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty Alliance, Trump, and God! || Mark Baughman

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"We the People" are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty Alliance, Trump, and God! || Mark Baughman


“We the People” are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty Alliance, Trump, and God! || Mark Baughman

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer 1/19/2021 “We the People” are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty… Boom and Clarity from POTUS’ Men || Humble Human Angel (Reader)What to Expect || Sabre (Reader)Sphere Being Alliance — Corey Goode and Dr. Michael Salla: Top 10 UFO Disclosures in the News of 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer


“We the People” are the Winners by the Hands of the Mighty Alliance, Trump, and God!

Freedom has been won for all people, all countries. The [d]eep state players are cornered. The remainder out there, will be totally rounded up in the next few months. The top [D]eep State person has surrendered, and his name is Lord Matria who was the right hand of lucifer. The [D]eep State players hierarchy has been taken down in a little over four years. The plans have been developed over ten years. The Alliance goes back to Howard Hughes and Nicola Tesla, in the 1920’s. The Q team was formed my JFK in the 1960’s and after his assassination, 200 U.S. Generals & Admirals aligned with the Alliance and started the plan to take down the [d]eep state cabal. It has been six decades in the making, and the current plan has been created and modified with the help of the military and using quantum computers for future timeline scenarios.

For all the awake people in the world and all patriots, they have all been through great emotional ups and downs with real and fake intelligence. Thank you for your patience’s. The time for the Great Awakening is here and to be revealed this week. This is history in the making for all of people to record as one of the greatest times on this planet Earth. President Trump will use the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) with, what we believed will be seven messages Also, the Fake Main Stream Media will be taken down. We really need now to start allowing the proof and the truth to be revealed to the mostly sleeping public. Please know all is be well at the highest levels and have faith. The mighty Alliance is full control and, in this article, I will reveal why.

First and foremost, the fake elected and fake certified Biden will be arrested in the middle of his inauguration ceremony by the Alliance troops or Federal Marshals on Wednesday. This is the latest intelligence I received. Biden has really already been arrested, and wears an electronic bracelet for GPS tracking. From my intelligence, he is a clone and is really a White Hat playing a role. Yes, he was executed at GITMO last year, along with his son Hunter. That is one reason why the White Hats and the Alliance is in total control. Here is a quote from intelligence received today: “As Biden comes out onto the stage the secret service will detain and issue the arrest warrants on approximately 50-100 members of the audience (including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, and Clinton). Many of the indictments including treason charges”. The Alliance have all the evidence, and they will be going on trial in military courts.

I will release other reasons, and why many of the higher [D]eep State players are already arrested or executed. Let me tell you about the first major action taken by the Alliance and it was multi-raids at the same time on December 24th, 2016. Understand President Trump was first elected on November 8th, 2016. Trump met with the military Generals and Admirals, on November 9th, 2016 to discuss the take down of the top thirteen families of the world most powerful mafia called the illuminati. Know that President Trump was selected by our great military and Admiral Rogers met with him in 2014 to convince him to run. Since Admiral Rogers was head of the NSA, he knew that Trump was clean and without corruption. Back to the first raid that determined the direction of the planet; to the light (Good) or the dark (evil). They all lived in Venice, Italy. Why this was the perfect time to take-down the top families? This was the last day of the sat*anic festival of three days, and the Alliance knew they would all be at their homes. The military knew that the climax of the static ritual was to sac*rifice a chi*ld. The criminals were vulnerable then. The Alliance assembled the best Special Operations and Navy Seal teams, and were assigned one family’s home each. All top criminal families had to be taken down that night and not one operation could fail. The fate of the world was hanging on these operations that night. All operations succeeded is wonderous fashion. Much gratitude to the military who was a part of that wonderful operation. I hope you will be honored and have a movie made of this major part of history for humanity!

Please know that this is a real coup d’état from paid off, threatened, blackmailed politicians, and other government officials at all levels of our government. Biden and his [d]eep state players would have turned this country into a totalitarian communist dictatorship, all would be lost. The battle lines are draw for HERE and NOW. The final straw was Vice-President Pence NOT exposing the massive voter fraud January 6th, 2021. This was really the greatest sting operation in history to bring all to justice by President Trump and the Alliance. There has been arrests and executions since President Trump took office too. Now, we are under Martial Law under the threat of a military coup, which means that there are going to be many more people arrested, approximately 500,000, and tried by military court. These tribunals are for enemy combatants, sedition and treason. Once you have foreign interference in American affairs and elections, those Americans who helped them, are enemy combatants, and will forgo their positions in Congress or any position in our government. That is why up to 40,000 American Troops surround the Capitol in Washington D.C. with three sets of chain link fence to NOT allow any traitors leave this area. I have intelligence that hired fake troops dressed up in real look-alike uniforms in the thousands were paid and there to protect these [d]eep state players. I have learned they are CIA paid players or agents. This is why Trump had the fence built and around the capitol to not let these hired fake troops leave and be arrested. From my Navy intelligence guy, all underground tunnels have been cleared and sealed off from any to escape months ago, and all will be arrested, even congress people. Please note, I have listened to an interview that happened on 1/18/2021 of Major William Walker head of the National Guard troops in Washington D.C. that a quote from him stating that: “I am here to ensure the Peaceful Transition to Military Power”. This means the New Republic will be announced where the military takes control for 120 days, until fair and safe elections can be made by the QVS (Quantum Voting System) for a new government including a new President.

Also, from my recent news, the marines raided the CIA headquarters and came away with even more evidence to convict many traitors. The Pentagon has formally cut-off the FBI and the CIA as rouge organization within our government. The CIA was known to be an illuminati-controlled entity that President Trump has cut-off funding for the CIA in the last few weeks. Please, know that the military, Space Force, the Alliance is totally committed and loyal to take the [D]eep State players and structures down, they have harmed humanity is so many ways, more than you can imagine. Military leaders understand this fully.

Know that the insurrection act has been signed by President Trump, in secret, therefore once made public, the military can act to stop any riots and acts against our great country. This looks like the announcement would take place January 20th, 2021 once Fake Biden inauguration was stopped. But Trump could wait for hours or days to enact it, we will just have to wait and see exactly what the military and Trump has up their sleeve. Know if they wait after the 20th of January it will be to stop the riots and save lives. But they will NOT let Biden take real command of anything. Most people in the know, do not think Trump will wait after the 20th. It is because of our infiltration in Antifa and BLM groups across the country with secret agents to know exactly what is going to take place and I will go over the advanced weapons our military have to stop any major action against the American people. Also, know that executive orders have been issued by President Trump in the last few days for a “State of Emergency” in many states have declared GA, PA, CT, UT, and LA to move the military into place to prevent these riots of getting out of hand. Trump has troops within an hour of 400 American cities that are a possible list of riots.

Trump has asked for spiritual guidance to minimize the loss of life in the decisions he has to make this week. The Alliance has acted that way and has the same policy. The Alliance and American troops have used weapons to freeze people in their tracks during battles and conflicts, without harming them. They have weapons to “put people to sleep” instead of running too. You have to understand, there is even a gun that can “cause a heart-attack” if pointed meters away at the right spot of a person. This is directly from my source that was in U.S. Navy military intelligence. These sci-fi technologies are as real as heart-attack, pun intended. One just has to realize that many of the high-tech movies or science-fact, instead of so-called sci-fi movies revealed real space-warfare type weapons and technology. Many movie makers consulted with the military that were allowed to show “soft disclosure” of technology so the public would not be “shocked to the bones”, once released. Why do you think there are so many alien movies?

I will reveal advanced weapons here that has been used and will be used to help people understand American and the Alliance extreme military advantage. This will prove that the enemy now has NO chance of success. The American people need to know this, instead of the constant fear tactics fake stream media uses, and the blatant lies the spew out in the 24-hour news cycle. Just look at the C19 lies are constant and the fake numbers they use to the unawaken public ears to keep these people in a non-thinking coma of submission to wear masks and take the vaccine shot. Please remember, this is not a conventional war, it is a war of information (digital or mass media) and infiltration.

Let us start with telling you about technology back in the 1980’s that many people do not believe still exist today is Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” project. This was satellites that housed powerful laser’s that could knock down ICBM (Inter-Centennial Ballistic Missiles) that carried nuclear payload and blow them up or disable them once they reached a certain height in the atmosphere. Many thought this was sci-fi with Reagan’s threats to the Communist Russian and Communist China at that time. Early on that was true, but our military had it functioning by 1987, why do think that the Communist Russia fall was in 1991, it was not just because of American was out spending them on military, I assure you of that. This rendered their nuclear arsenal obsolete. For China, they really started to open up their system to foreign interest and free trade in the 1980’s but it was in 1992, Chinese families were not dependent on allocated food stuffs per month and had money and free markets to decide on their own to what to eat on their dinner tables. Communist governments knew that a closed system could not survive without free trade and somewhat open markets. But China continued to allow certain freedoms but kept most of the real power in their government. Russia went totally to a democracy. Russia is a major player of the Alliance, were we have the CCP that is really an illuminati arm [d]eep state, and we have President Xi that is supposed to be Alliance from my latest intelligence with a group of Chinese declared the new “Federation of China” government in New York City this past year. First, they have to rid the CCP from their country. More on this later.

From my intelligence, the Galactics have disabled all nuclear weapons, all countries all weapons. This happened many years ago, and was confirmed by multi-source, even a U.S. Navy officer seeing the ICBM’s off-loaded from a nuclear submarine and stored in underground base. Know that the [D]eep State sociopaths would have tried this if they were not disabled, they do not care for life. This brings us to today and we have learned that Antifa or BLM have rouge agents assembling a dirty-bomb for six U.S. cities. Do not worry, any nuclear signature is easily trackable by technology in the Space Force today. We have secret agents infiltrated inside these rouge organizations too. I was told that Special Operations have this well in hand, along with any conventional bombs to be used to retaliate that Biden will NOT be president. It is expected that any riots in the streets of even democrat cities will be stopped within six or seven days.

The next level is the Alliance use of Project Oden satellites, Rods of God. These are tungsten metal rods, non-radiation weapons that the different sizes, and one size will penetrate 10 kilo-meters underground and destroy everything within a mile, or miles, without explosion or radiation. This is a kinetic energy weapon. They are released from satellites at extreme speeds, that is why they can do so much damage. These Project Zeus satellites called in the Second G.I. Joe Movie called Retaliation was a soft disclosure of this technology. This is the United States Air Force Project Thor is another name, we have many names attached to this weapon. I have intelligence on the CCP troops was in an underground bunker, and a small Rod was used to destroy it from outer space, with 25,000 CCP troops inside, all were taken out. This was different from another operation where it was confirmed by Gene Decode that the 50,000 Chinese troops that came in the State of Maine through underground tunnels from Canada and into underground base where a 50,000-pound yield bunker-buster bomb was used to destroy that location dropped from a F-16. Now, we still have reports of Chinese ships and submarines 100 miles of the coast of Florida that even where some Chinese troops made it to land and were transported by white van with heavily tinted windows to Chinese bought land in Oklahoma. Please know that the military is watching this very closely, and the Chinese troops on the Mexican border ready to cross over into America once Biden is president. It will never happen and the Chinese troops will end up being captured by American troops, please remember with advanced technology, we can just put them to sleep, from Solar Warden Space Ships or anti-gravity TR3B or TR3C scout ships. Know that the Space force is monitoring every inch of America now, and all military is on high alert. Know that the military can use a small “Rod of God” to destroy the Chinese ships of the coast of Florida and the submarines within minutes. Do not think American military technology is weak as portrayed in the news media and that the Chinese is not a real threat.

The U.S. Navy has command of the Solar Warden program that appears it has been around since the 1950’s. Know that this was a race to get out there in the cosmos, and William Tompkins was used to design the original Solar Warden Space Crafts, as you can see looked like submarines because they were sealed and built in sections, so people that built them just thought they were submarines. They had to finally use anti-gravity devices for the structure and at first used nuclear power just like our aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. Over time, they developed zero-point-energy power generators as is used today in the scout-ships the TR3C. The few power outages in Pakistan, Vatican and other cities that experienced was the Alliance has the technology to take down the power grid in sections or the whole city. So, they can do their arrests or get evidence. They can do that with the internet or cell phones too. Therefore, if President Trump wanted to use this system for the EBS to tell the world of the corruption, he can. Know that in a military situation, this Space Ships have technology to transfer up people to the ships to save innocent lives. They can transfer up, the bad people to, to arrest them. These ships can be cloaked and cannot be seen by the naked eye, only if they want you to see them. Most operations are done at night too. This ships phase in and out of our dimension, not to be seen. Know that there are what is called Direct Energy Weapons that can be used by these space ships or satellites. That is what set Notre Dame on fire on April 15, 2019 to tell the Catholic church “no more chi*ld sac*rifices”. This was a major warning, or else the Vatican would be next. You understand the higher-ups in the Catholic church worship Satan or Moloch and require human sac*rifices. If you do not know this, please research it. The Galactics use Direct Energy Weapons technology too. Know that they have weapons to dematerialize an object or person too. Hard to believe, just wait a few more months, this information will be released. The Alliance objectives is the to save as much life as possible.

Now we will discuss the possible humanitarian issues we may have this coming year in China. China has bought the most amount of corn ever from American and other countries. Why? Possible severe food shortages. Because of Three Gorges Dam has been stressed to almost collapse. What happened to the massive rains this past summer, they had to flood their land down river in rice and crop fields, this is the center part of China. This was to prevent the dam from collapse from severe rains. The Yangtze river is very long downstream and could affect 400 million lives. For the crop damage, they had five super typhoons and hail storms in the north with many that severely hurt their crops in the northern and eastern area too. The Chinese have taken steps to keep from the Three Gorges Dam from breaking. But it has been damaged severely. This is the largest dam in the world. On the left side facing, the dam has a 2-meter-wide crack eight meter long. Also, the right-hand side of the dam is almost totally gone. They decided to use extremely large sand bags as big as a car but could be major projectiles if the dam totally burst. It can be fixed with fast drying cement or fast drying epoxy, but they chose the cheap way, a disaster waiting to happen. There was extreme mud that filled the electric turbine area, so it cannot be used to generate electricity. The dam was not anchored to the bedrock when built, so with this severe pressure, the bottom of the dam moved downstream six feet and the top of the dam moved upstream. The CCP will not admit to this because it was the pride of the CCP.

The Alliance knows that the CCP is doing underground experiments on human underground near or at Three Gorges Dam or part of its structure and will have to be dealt with by the new Federation of China government, but do not know when that will be. From my Navy intelligence source, he says that China did not sign up for the GESARA, and my information was that they did, and President Xi was a part of the Alliance. We will have to see what plays out, it looks like the CCP is still in control, and they did not want to be a GESARA country. But that would isolate them in the new QFS (Quantum Financial System) that 209 countries did sign up for. It would bankrupt them and send their economy crashing because we know that NESARA/ GESARA will be implemented within a week or sooner, worldwide. They sold most of their gold before and cannot back their currency with gold not unless they join. I do know there where Alliance troops on the ground in China taking out underground bases many weeks ago, from reports. Also, know that the military officers have paid to get their higher rank and are in it for the money. This is not patriotism, and more likely will fold once the battles get intense. Most of their equipment is far inferior than that of the U.S. too.

Conclusions, President Trump is not going away anytime soon and has sworn to uphold the constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. Inside his 2017 inauguration speech, he did state very clearly that he was going to “Give the Government Back to The People”, just many people thought it was just another politician’s rhetoric but he is doing just that; making history that will be recorded and remembered forever! This time Earth will go from evil hidden leaders to a real “We the People Governments Worldwide and Leaders for the People”. Americans will lead to freedom for everyone, and will transpire over the next year. This will convert all countries all over the planet and even the solar system. With NESARA/GESARA laws implemented this month that 209 countries agreed to in 2015, our future looks extremely bright. There will be over 6,000 classified patents released once NESARA is announced. For me personally, it is my honor and privilege to be able to build a team to develop several of these high-technologies. Humanity will advance into a peaceful, free people to learn and grow, have high-technology, and to have human cosmos explorers that is where we are meant to be! Beam me up Scotty!!


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