January 23, 2021: The Uncertainty of War is Taking Its Toll & Firing Up the Patriots [videos]

January 23, 2021: The Uncertainty of War is Taking Its Toll & Firing Up the Patriots [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture January 23, 2021

It’s not difficult to see who the real warriors are. Many of us who graduated from the Q Intelligence Bootcamp are finding this an exhilarating ride and a movie that leaves us breathless.

For those who allowed doubt and fear to creep in, it’s not as much fun. Many messengers in the independent news community are getting hit with negative feedback since the script didn’t go as we expected and it’s surprising to hear how easily some people jump ship. We’ve come through almost unscathed so we have mostly steadfast, enlightened readers here along with an inspiring crew.

The greatest frustration is images that won’t populate the page like they used to do.

As we watch this movie play out, there is something that few mention and that is the costumes. I have noted before that POTUS nearly always wears his “uniform”. There are few images of him in anything but his dark blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. Sometimes the tie reflects other things going on and sends covert messages to the patriots when he wears, gold, tiffany blue, green, etc. Some note that even his hair colour changes slightly from gold to silver.

Melania has a relatively small wardrobe (for a model) and I’m sure she’d rather have more variety, but whatever she wears, it’s always tasteful and meaningful to those paying attention.

They have always let us know the military are in control. She frequently sports military influence whether inspired by dress uniforms with rows of metal buttons or infantry greens and khakis.

When she wears dresses, 90 per cent of them are cut from the identical pattern; sleeveless with a full skirt, usually belted, and accompanied by 6″ pumps. We also frequently see 17 flags; Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet. Coincidence?

What—reptile shoes? Yikes. (My favourite.)

Colder weather gives her more latitude and she can add heeled boots but colours are of supreme importance. Let’s not forget the Princess Diana dress for their first trip to have tea with Queen Lizzie. Ouch!

As Q said, “Everything has meaning.” The Patriots keep their cards close to their chest and they give as many clues to the super sleuths as possible.

Joker Playing Card Images, Joker Playing Card Transparent PNG, Free download

People were paying heed with FLOTUS’ latest wardrobe choice on leaving the White House of the unusual geometric shift they say the colours represent the joker in a deck of cards; a wild card. And they do.

I would ask how is it that Melania could always have the perfect messaging in her clothing for the occasion unless they were all designed and assembled well in advance—according to a schedule—a Plan. Is it the wardrobe for a superb actress for memorable photo ops in a mesmerizing movie?

Let’s not forget Q’s “Red October” and “rig for red”. Why is this relevant?

How many more ways could they link the President to the Q Team? If you believe in President Trump how can you believe Q is a psyop to trick us into apathy? They’re inextricably linked.

Smile for the camera, folks. We’re making history. It’s like being on Candid Camera. First it’s weird, then it’s insane, then it’s funny.

Following is LT’s update from And We Know. Isn’t it wonderful to have these gifted patriots telling the story of The Great Awakening with their videos and audios? Every day we get to watch movies or listen to fascinating discussions about what’s happening—much of it details we may have missed about what’s going on behind the scenes or pertinent historical points.

1.22.21: The MOVIE…the FINAL ACT! Satanic STRONGHOLDS are being DEMOLISHED! PRAY!

I thought my relocation to the city would reduce the air traffic but no. There are still a few helicopters and Apaches flying over, quite low, at all hours of the day and night. You’d think there’s a war going on. The Valley of the Sun hasn’t been as sunny as usual and the dark clouds seem fitting somehow for the storm brewing. Talk about pathetic fallacy. We’ve had a few sprinkles and then the sun comes out and the clouds are quite beautiful to behold. Clear, blue skies get tiresome after long periods of no cloudy breaks.

I believe we shared the following video a couple of years ago but it’s excellent and apropos for the current situation in America so more people will be interested at this point—and it’s coming from the military—which lends credibility.

Americans should have been given an education about such things but perhaps the new curriculums will reflect the tragic omission. It’s not solely the responsibility of the military to protect the nation; it is the duty of every citizen—regardless of what country. If you don’t honour, respect and protect what you have—you could lose it.

People may scoff when we use phrases like, “Nothing is what it seems” but that is the understatement of the century and the world is about to find out just how magnanimous it is to let them off the hook with those five little words because most people don’t want their paradigms shattered. That is why the Q Team went to work to shatter them in an intriguing, compassionate way. Even then, it took four years.

The unsuspecting public believe they have a democracy; a republic. Mob rule is going the way of the dodo bird and a restored Republic has been established on behalf of The People. It’s all done but the mopping up—and bringing the masses up to speed.

Donald Trump is still the legitimate Commander-in-Chief of the republic and still writing executive orders, Simon Parkes tells us.

The Complete History of The United States of America Service Corporation – USA Inc. – 1871-2021

The pedophiles are dying off, like old dinosaurs. They’re allowing them to say they died of COVID—the most convenient illness in the world. If we listed all the things this plandemic has allowed both sides to do without the masses cluing in it would be a long list indeed.

King died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where he had been receiving treatment for COVID-19 since last month. An official cause of death was not provided.

Here’s the “public story”. When it’s COVID, there’s usually an “official” COD undisclosed, and “justice” may be involved.

Interview Legend Larry King Has Died At 87 After Contracting COVID

I found my notes and the COVID Key for how the White Hats are dealing with pedophiles, treason, and crimes against Humanity:

If reports state a Hollywood type or politician/prominent person self-quarantined, it actually meant they were under house arrest with an ankle monitor.If they said they were exposed to CV-19 by contact with someone it meant they were detained and questioned by the authorities.

*If they tested negative it actually meant they gave no confession and were going to trial. (like Oprah)

*If they tested positive it meant they confessed to take a deal; execution out of the public eye in exchange for valuable information. (like John McCain, George H.W. Bush, Tom Hanks, and many others. Larry King???)

Q said, “No deals.” The above is the only “deal” the White Hats made, and it was to protect the innocent and enable them to complete the Plan. Capital punishment was restored for a reason.

I don’t believe it’s happened, but the alternative to that last one would mean they refused to talk or implicate anyone, wouldn’t do a video-taped confession (to be shown to the public at the designated time) and the authorities would schedule a public execution.

As far as I know, there haven’t been any public hangings, firing squads, etc., so I suspect they wanted to save face for their families and cooperated. Or—maybe there will be public executions at some point. I doubt these swamp creatures cared about throwing each other under the bus. They were probably singing like a canary.

The general public don’t know they’re seeing doubles, clones, and masked imposters in many cases now. We understand we were seeing Tom Hanks’ brother for a time.

Jim Hanks sounds just like his brother Tom.

When the truth is told to the world, we will see the video taped confessions of these monsters and there will be no denying the truth. No more slumber parties. It’s long past time for Humanity to wake up and start living in the real world.

It’s easy to pose as a celebrity if you have control of their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, etc., but we’re told that if you haven’t seen or heard from someone in awhile, it could be because they were “dealt with”. They might very well have a room without a view at Guantanamo Bay, if they’re still on the planet.

Life and death are fleeting in the real world, apparently. People who have the means and want to disappear and begin anew or wish to play a role in the saving of Humanity can fake their death (Elvis, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, JFK Jr., Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps Isaac Kappy…) and lead a private life. There are no doubt others and we will see some interesting resurrections. Easter might be a good time.

Speaking of “rebirth”, for some reason recently I was recalling the news about the “sleeping giants” the true giants who knew there would be a “great awakening” and the eventual Golden Age and chose to go into stasis until they would be safe and could avoid the nastiness.

Unfortunately for them, the process has been delayed and unfolded later than expected so they began to awaken over the past ten years or more. We heard some were protected by the positive forces and others may have been incarcerated by the dark ones. We heard some of the giants are positive and some are not. It’s all just hearsay, but we are in for some interesting times ahead when unbelievably shocking news will flood the planet and we will learn the true history of Earth and Humanity. We’ll find out why much of the old architecture is on such a grand scale and who built it. We’ll learn that we’ve been lied to about pretty much everything.

In the interim, we have a circus to watch under the big top in DC. The actors are giving it everything they’ve got and America is on pins and needles to see how the final act unfolds. Two presidents. I never saw that one coming, did you? And historically speaking it’s not the first time. We learn things every day.

I had lots of interesting notes stuck under my monitor that have surfaced as I unpacked from a move. The volume of information flooding my memory banks every day precludes total recall so I’m glad I have them.

There were the symbols Gene Decode used in his DUMB updates which would denote whether the facility was under White Hat or Black Hat control at the time of the update, whether children were rescued at that location, if the battle was currently underway, and if it was destroyed by a tactical nuke, filled with lava and sealed, flooded with water or burned out.

The degree of intelligence we’ve been provided in this liberation process is extraordinary and wise to share in hind sight. To pull this off as peacefully as they did, they needed to have the People apprised and on their side.

I know I’m speaking in past tense like it’s over and it’s not, but the heavy lifting seems to be over. Now we’re watching the “movie”. We were told to “enjoy the show”. Some can’t separate reality from the movie, but that’s their Everest.

We were told that millions would take their own lives, but I believe they might mitigate that by having the millions of Q followers understand that help is at hand, that all is not lost, the New World Order will NOT be taking over the world, and a marvelous new life is ahead for us all. We’ll see what happens.

I also found the remuneration schedule allocated to hospitals for “COVID patients” from Medicaid. Here in the US, we understand they bribed hospitals to report patients had COVID when they didn’t. It no doubt happened elsewhere, as well.

The standard was $5,000 for admitting with a diagnosis of “pneumonia”.

However, they paid $13,000 for admitting a patient with a diagnosis of COV-ID-19.

They got $39,000 for putting them on a respirator.

We later learned from several doctors that respirators were causing serious complications and even death and in many cases were uncalled for as prophylaxis for what was actually ailing the patient. Gross malpractice ensued and many people died unnecessarily, for many reasons—including avoiding hospitals out of fear when they truly needed medical attention.

I don’t know what medical examiners were paid for certifying that people died of COV-19 when they did not but this was a massive money-making scheme for untold numbers of people and corporations sympathetic to the global New World Order agenda.

The ultimate goal, of course, is mass vaccinations.

Mike Adams did a lengthy update yesterday with a lot of great information in it, particularly if you’re just recently getting up to speed on what’s really happening. Listen to his video at the link below. It’s actually very upbeat for Mike.

Situation Update, Jan 22, 2021 – It’s already too late for the controllers

Meanwhile the strong leadership we will no doubt find in the illegitimate president is already evident. https://platform.twitter.com/embed/index.html?dnt=true&embedId=twitter-widget-0&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1352712446901936129&lang=en&origin=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.starshipearththebigpicture.com%2F2021%2F01%2F23%2Fjanuary-23-2021-the-uncertainty-of-war-is-taking-its-toll-firing-up-the-patriots-videos%2F&theme=light&widgetsVersion=ed20a2b%3A1601588405575&width=550px

President Biden urges Congress to pass more COVID relief:

“There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” pic.twitter.com/BmogfKwwSg

— The Recount (@therecount) January 22, 2021

Our chains are going to be yanked until this BS about a fake pandemic is over and brainwashed, fearful people are willing to let their immune systems protect them as they always have.

The fact that we are still at this stage of Coronavirus hoax after a year is testament to the degree of brainwashing and conditioning to mindlessly accept authority. I’m really hoping that the Earth Alliance found a way to make the vaccines safe and that the people we hear are getting sick or dying from vaccines is just White Hat propaganda. They would have to hold me down to give me the jab.

Dave’s expert update on the war effort follows.

Ep. 2385b – Memo Is Just The Beginning, How Do You Set The Stage, Public Opinion

We’re still pushing the unwitting masses to the precipice. After the time spent educating Americans as to the number of innocents slaughtered by illegal aliens —er… “noncitizens”—this is a scary move when we consider the “elite” are all safe in their mansions behind gates and have security details financed by taxpayers.

Executive Order: “Release Them All, Immediately”

Door-to-door coronavirus vaccines from the government? It has begun

To close, this is your “in case you missed it” piece. THIS is who Donald Trump has always been and still is. He leads by example and has always been a kind and benevolent man according to many grateful souls who crossed his path over the years. Video at the link.

WATCH: Donald Trump Opens Up His DC Hotel For Men and Women In Uniform

Ciao for now, folks. Enjoy the show, and don’t let your popcorn supply get low.   ~ BP


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