Ashian: Focus on the Light – Jan 24 2021

Ashian: Focus on the Light

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Dear hearts, focus on the light.

Your light is your gift to the Divine.  Your light is your gift from the Divine.

Regardless of what is happening around you, know that you have won.  You have reclaimed your light.  It is yours regardless of anything you or any one else may do or say.

For millennia you had forgotten that you were of the light, that you were the light.  You know now that you are the light.

It is not a wager, a bet, a debate or even a negotiation.  You and the light are one.  Nothing can change that or stop it.

The light has a trajectory and that trajectory is expansion and self-knowing.  You are always within the light and you are always the expression of that expansion.

Don’t look to the horizon to know where you are: look to the light within.  It is the truest compass; it will guide you in times of light and in times of darkness.  The light is always true to you.

Focus on the light, focus on your essence.  You are of the light. You are the light.

The Light will always return to the Light.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert

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